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  1. With all the NPC towns in the game on islands why not allow them to act as freeports for buying crew or cosmetic stuff. Also though it may be lag inducing it would be nice if there were actual NPCs in the towns instead of sounds only.
  2. Getting the same crash seems to be land based and not sea based.
  3. Frigate and more accurate sails please....
  4. I'm getting the same issue today and a restart doesn't fix it for me.
  5. You sir are a god damned life saver Note for those that try this it won't snap next to walls that already exist...least it didn't for me. I have to take them out then do what he said and it worked.
  6. That's a monster pain in the ass. I have fresh water where I am but will need to run 10 miles of water pipe just to make this happen..... So no one has gotten this to work with just reservoirs? Edited to add, don't care about the clean piping only getting the grill to work with reservoirs and not the intake pipe BS.
  7. Nothing is snapping to the foundations....Still missing something I think neither straight pipes or inside seem to snap.
  8. Hey guys. Anyone get these internal water pipes to actually snap? The fact that you have to drop the cistern first and perfectly is driving me nuts. I feel like I'm missing something stupid.
  9. Same issue on NA PVE. Can't interact with anything and get the join server instead of rejoin. Last time I think this was a Battle Eye issue....who knows.
  10. Yes but they said in Freeport, where PVP get's to have them in their 1 claim per island settlements. It's pretty stupid really. I have seen nothing about changing decay in freeport to accommodate this also.
  11. That is exactly what we wanted to do, create a town have other people like allies be a part of it and have player shops that would give others reasons to visit. Now that PVP get's the claim flags and non freeport player shops not sure about doing that. I don't want to play PVP because of the by any means necessary buildings and ship construction. Would much rather have a town that looked like a town.
  12. We set up a tavern in our Company town using a resource box and larder for this exact reason. It would be great if there was a way to reduce the cost similar to ships.
  13. Instead of adding NPC shops in Freeport why not add Seller NPCs as a placeable item in Player towns and ports. This would give reasons for people to build towns and for others to visit them. You can still have a global system to see what is available for sale and maybe even have a system to generate a quest for people that want to be transport captains to pick up and deliver cargo after you buy it in the global system. It would give meaning to player towns and avoid the horror that is Freeport lag and ship decay.
  14. I think the devs are missing a grand opportunity. The NPC shops shouldn't be in freeports but in player towns. This would give people a reason to not only build but visit other players ports/towns. Also it might give rise to players that want to be transport captains. You might have a global list of what is for sale and where/who has it then you buy it and go to that port to pick it up. Maybe even set a quest for another player to transport it to you. Also you could go to the port yourself and buy it directly. In my view that is what this game needs.
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