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  1. Network: Single Player/Non-Dedicaed Host Grid: All with Wild Pirate Camps Description of issue: The pirates that are "mounted" on the cannons and other turret guns (pukkel, balista, etc.) don't take damage from ranged weapons. If shot by a gun or bow or hit by thrown spear it shows blood to register a hit but doesn't show damage numbers, nor does their life go down. Only when hit with a melee attack (by sword, spear slash, etc.) do they get off their spot and you can kill them. Repro steps if available/applicable: Just go to a wild pirate camp with turrets. CCC (if location specific, please include the CCC with your report): Doesn't work on single player, but just go to any wild pirate camp, I haven't found exceptions yet.
  2. Network: Single Player Seesion Grid: K4 Description of issue: At Long. 41.56, Lat. 56,68 there is a water fall with a river that animation wise flows in the wrong direction. The river runs away from the edge where the waterfall is placed, like there's some invisible fountain bubbling up water right between the river and waterfall to create it. Repro steps if available/applicable: I haven't been able to check this on official servers because I can't get to that location. CCC (if location specific, please include the CCC with your report): Apparently CCC doesn't work in Single Player, maybe a player on one of the servers who is at that grid can check it out there.
  3. Don't know if the issue ever was fixed for you, but my wife who started playing last week has the same issue of being unable to connect. However, it has to be an issue client side for her since I CAN connect. We're on the same internet connection, using the same router. Heck she can't even connect to a session I start and host (non dedicated). But I can join a session she hosts.... Ehm, explain to me how that can happen.
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