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  1. Geminia_Sierra

    how to equip cosmetics

    depending on the cosmetic... ie the eye patch for pirate, drag it and drop it on a hat. to remove it hold shift and drag off the hat. (xbox methods are unknown to me). For things like figureheads, click on it, select use and walk to front of ship and it will snap there
  2. Geminia_Sierra

    Managing canons

    you're kind of close but not really. depending on size of the cannon there would be more crew. 12 lb cannon crew 18-lb gun crew Constitution 24-lb gun crew
  3. Geminia_Sierra

    Ship variation.

    If you look at pictures of real frigates, the body shape of the brigatine in game is very similar to a fifth or sixth rate frigate (based on guns, 12 gun ship), I'd like to see more heavy frigates (28 or 32 guns (14 or 16 per side). A ship of the line would be cool, something like a 64 gun ship. I'd like to see the galleon have all the guns removed and made more of merchant ship with lots of weight
  4. Geminia_Sierra

    Ship Steering.

    I'd guess it's not really possible since there is no force feedback in the game. Why bother making steering realistic when they can't make the sails or the ships realistic.
  5. Geminia_Sierra

    disable WPE after playing single player

    I've had all those issues. It's totally a pain in the arse. Sometimes I CTD or get stuck and have to log out or it just takes to long and I have to log off and go to bed. LOL. I've had up to 8 instances of a camp with the pirates stuck in between the layers. I've had puckles that were doubled up and after knocking the pirate off it, still get shot by it. I dislike that the camps are a whole instance. If it spawns in a hill side, it puts half the camp underground. So even if you manage to kill off half the camp and the flag is not underground, you can't capture because the pirates are underground. Which makes you have to use console commands to ghost in and kill things. Just make sure you don't hit the water layer or you'll get stuck in a falling loop and have to log out I used the "givetome" command until I realized that "kill" demolished the parts and gave me some back. This way I don't have to do two things. It took a long time to go through each piece trying to givetome and demolish so there was only one left. So, I just killed everything demolishing the camp and then rebuild a camp in it's place, unless the area is terribly hilly. I've decided to disable the WPE last night. The camps on the island I was on and had liberated the camps, still had the flags. I haven't had a chance to look at others yet.
  6. I'm in single player, I've been playing with the WPE enabled, but they are so bugged out that I'm probably going to disable them. My question, if/when I disable the WPE, will all islands revert back to lawless? Even the ones that I "control" now?
  7. Geminia_Sierra

    Map and Bed Bug

    The naming of beds might help, certainly if you've got a few in the area and it sounds like a good idea. I think I had a similar issue with your boat disappearing. I've had the died and try to respawn on ship but not work and have to restart game issue. However this weekend I had sailed off to another island in the same map sector to take out the pirates. I have WPE enabled, but will probably disable). Well, I decided I liked the new island so, I fast traveled from the bed on my ship to the bed on the island where my smaller ship was (I was on a brig and had a schooner). I picked up the giraffe I had (gawd they look silly on a schooner) and sailed back. As I neared where my ship was, I noticed it was missing and a wreck there. I looked around didn't see any SotD or Pirate ships. checked the logs and had the same message. I know I was in deep enough water, no rocks near by, just poof. I too tried to recover my stuff from the ship and was able to get some things, but the resource box disappeared as well as other ship parts, I forget which. I was none to happy. I went back to my schooner, sailed around to where I wanted the camp, parked. then went and spawned in another brig, put a bed on it sailed out into bay. swam back to temporary hut I had, fast traveled to the bed on ship, it sunk around me. The next test I'm going to try is spawning a new boat, and fast travel from land based bed to land based bed. if nothing happens to the ship, that'll be my fast travel method. OH, as for the locals? I'm assuming you have WPE enabled, I died in a fight with a WPE camp and respawned at another camp I beat after the game crashed. I'm loving this game /sarcasm - anyway, I ran back to where I was fighting and there was a Pirate Dreadnought (that's what it said - looked like a large size brig but with a dozen guns a side at least) cruising around near my ship. It didn't get interested in my ship until I go on it. I barely survived running away. So the ships don't aggro your ship unless you're on it and they don't aggro you while on land, unless you shoot it with a cannon.
  8. Geminia_Sierra

    Map and Bed Bug

    This among MANY other things are broken in single player. I'm pretty sure the devs have given up on single player... and probably the whole game
  9. Geminia_Sierra

    Jib sails really need to be added

    They kind of have that in the handling sail. It's used for sailing off the wind and helping to turn the ship. They could make a mast with small square sails at the top and the spanker(handling) sail to make it look realistic.
  10. Geminia_Sierra

    Single Player - Treasures Maps Stacked

    Hey Skarvig welcome to the forum. I noticed the problems you've shown as well. Mentioned it on the second linked video In the first video, you had many maps in the hotbar. One of the bugs I found was that every common map in the freeport area was for the exact same location (where you were). So, if you have them all on your hotbar they all spawn at the same time and you get the loot for all four. To get around this, I stand away from those steps (assuming the maps all show same location) and put one map at a time on the hotbar. If they light up, put it in the inventory of your tame (pigs) rinse and repeat for all of them. Don't forget, the freeports are all the same islands. Once you have the ones separated for that island, put all the others in a different pig. Then get on your pig, pull one map and put on hotbar and go for it. Should... maybe... only give you the AotD for one map (like in the second video). I do like the large amounts of gold I'm getting, it is a treasure chest after all, but all the blueprints are crazy The loot tables I think have gotten all messed up. I've gotten hundreds of blueprints from one chest and thousands of gold. I wish they'd give actual items instead of the blueprints or a combination of both.
  11. i wouldn't worry about them yet. They are SOOOOOO bugged
  12. Geminia_Sierra

    WPE encampments

    @SHADOW WOLFE I'm VERY familiar with the WPE glitches. When I first posted, I wasn't real familiar with the WPE. However since then, I've become quite disenchanted with them. The whole WPE is SO glitchy. Somewhere on here I've made lists. Everything from pirates can't be shot off cannons, only melee weapons and sometimes a tame, to the WPE ships are near indestructible. The camps seem to duplicate if you leave the island and come back as well as logout and login. The camps also seem to be a single item spawn. meaning the entire camp (building, flags, chairs etc) spawn at one time. They also don't have a check to see if the camp will be on level(ish) ground. I've seen nearly entire encampments in the side of a hill. I do the same as you. console commands to delete everything. At first I used "givetome" to take all the things and then destroy them. Now I just use "ghost" and "kill" and destroy everything. I'll then rebuild the camp in a similar fashion or something completely new. As for your balista, I believe you have to have them in a separate command group. If they're in the same as the cannons they won't work. Give that a try
  13. Geminia_Sierra

    WPE ships

    yeah, so ran into that problem one time. The WPE ships are just crazy OP. Yeah, keep pressure on them and they'll eventually die. I almost think you have to hit the wheel to score damage. Now that I'm thinking of it I'll have to check that out when I get home. I've blown whole sides off the ship and it doesn't sink and had to disengage to get the wind back, only to turn back (less than a minute) and it had a fixed side.
  14. Geminia_Sierra

    Locked to first person on ship wheel.

    I'm curious, have you tried the equivalent of the scroll wheel on the controller? In PC, (sorry don't play xbox) if i scroll in I can go to first person view and scroll out to third. I have let go of the wheel in first person to say use the telescope. Then took the wheel again and stayed in first person until I scrolled out. Perhaps this is the issue? I'd also check settings
  15. Geminia_Sierra

    Grill connected to water pipes issues

    I've not seen that issue, but I'd love to know how to connect pipes to the grill from where I place the grill