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  1. Geminia_Sierra

    Single player mods

    Can you recommend any?
  2. Geminia_Sierra

    Invisible waterand treasure beacons

    a lot of the normal stuff in Multi player doesn't work in single player
  3. Geminia_Sierra

    Losing pet on crossing grid SP

    yup, had this issue. even seen it happen on a youtubers video. must remember to throw it in the hold before crossing zones
  4. Geminia_Sierra

    is there a map of the single player mode?

    probably because the land isn't claimable Perhaps, because even though it is single player, we'd like to have the same functionality as in MP? I mean, they based this off of ARK, even some of the same devs if I remember, and ARK single player is just the same as MP
  5. Geminia_Sierra

    singleplayer Singleplayer Feedback

    which ini setting? for the vendor or the company? I also agree with this. Single Player should be basically the same as MP, except without all the pillar spamming.
  6. Geminia_Sierra

    Foundation & Pillar spamming

    You are the reason why I have abandoned the NA PvE server. Well, not you specifically, but all the people that do this.
  7. Geminia_Sierra

    Single Player Bug Thread

    I've seen this issue twice. lost a monkey to this... yeah seen this one too I've seen this... But also when I went into N6 that in MP is not a lawless zone, those islands didn't discover
  8. Geminia_Sierra

    Single Player Bug Thread

    Have seen this problem as well.
  9. Geminia_Sierra

    Treasure Map Bug

    Well that's just messed up... Why can't we shoot them with arrows or throw spears... ugh... dumb
  10. Geminia_Sierra

    is there a map of the single player mode?

    from what I can tell, the map is the same as Offical, however all sectors seem to be lawless. For example, I started in M7, a freeport, according to the wiki map, the sectors M6, M8, L7 and N7 are lawless and N6 is open. I sailed there and tried to claim... and it indicated the region was lawless. So, I'm assuming that the whole map is lawless for Single Player.
  11. Geminia_Sierra

    is there a map of the single player mode?

    I noticed this as well. After talking to folks in Discord, the opinion was that it's single player. No need to claim land. Just go build anywhere. I would like more details. I thought you needed to place a flag to feed and pay crew in the base. I like the idea of claiming in single player so I can see where I've been
  12. Geminia_Sierra

    Single Player very Good !!!

    Isn't the Claim Flag needed for feeding crew in a base? I actually haven't played the PvE side of things. Just bought the game because I see the single player option and it was on sale. LOL. Still... roaming NPC's ships and humans in either might be a nice touch.
  13. Geminia_Sierra

    Single Player very Good !!!

    Is the no way to claim land? I like the idea even though it's not necessary in SP. as for wind, I haven't had an issue. I wouldn't mind seeing NPC ships wandering around... besides the "The Damned" ships.