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  1. Geminia_Sierra

    why cant we use the fun stuff AOD? especially with this being pve

    Silly... no... stupid... yes. ship based cannons should be an option, to bad people exploit it
  2. OMG... so much this... I know off the original post topic.. but... yeah cyclones are so f'd up. As for the SOTD by the border. I've had similar issues. Thankfully there were only four and I managed to plow through them and thankfully the wind was in my favor and I escaped.
  3. Geminia_Sierra

    Single Player Bug Thread

    has anyone found a work around for when you die and try to respawn in your bed (only one available being on your ship) and the game hangs? starting to become an annoyance
  4. Geminia_Sierra

    rear ship lanterns / Bowsprit

    I agree, the ships need bowsprits and even jib sails. Please make them a buildable part speaking of more realism... having the stern gallery windows would make a nice addition and realism. Then we can have nicer cabins.
  5. Geminia_Sierra

    Grill and the water

    I wish the grill and pipes worked better together. Like being able to attach a pipe to the grill and the work towards water source. Also, flexible pipes please
  6. Geminia_Sierra

    Tameable Creatures

    I like the tamable creatures in order use them for farming of wood, stone, metal etc. Until they come up with some kind of machinery to do the same.
  7. Geminia_Sierra

    Total Structures

    My apologies, I missed what you saying
  8. Geminia_Sierra

    Are you old?

    I'm old (52). I don't use Twitter. I strongly dislike that platform. I like Discord. It's a decent platform for chat and voice. I follow the Pathfinder General Channel, Atlas Channel and the pve-general channel. I do this mostly while playing because if I suddenly have a question, I can alt-tab to it and ask in the channels. Sometimes I get a decent and helpful response. I follow the forums because I find this place to be best source of information because most of the time someone has already had a similar issue and already gotten a response. The forums IMO should be the primary place for putting out information. There is no way to archive the Discord chat and as mentioned before, it's just so discombobulated. No threads to follow. At least the forums have topics to follow and keep track. The unfortunate part of the forums, they don't seem to be moderated well and you end up getting lots of same topics over and over. This makes for difficulty in finding real information.
  9. Geminia_Sierra

    Phase 2 Sailing changes - Cannon Placement

    It is amusing to see the "ironclad" style ships running around. some look really cool. They're just not right though... I agree on the "wall of guns" being ridiculous. I disagree on the gun ports only mounting, unless they make more types of gun ports. For example, sailing ships of the time could have forward and aft gun ports depending on the size of the ship. Some guns would just fire over the side rails of the ships. Building on a schooner, I liked that I could build a deck almost flush with the stern taff rail (the part with the fancy scrollwork). This would allow for a couple of cannons to be placed there as stern chasers (something often done on RL ships of the time). However, as I built on a Brigantine, The lay out of the decking and the angle of the back planks made building a flush deck difficult. I agree that ship battles with the "wall of guns" is terrible. It is, however, seemingly needed because SotD don't care about the wind. So, the tactical thing to do is build all the guns aft and forward, drive at an SotD shoot, pass, and kite them along shooting while keeping with the wind. Until the SotD are forced to maneuver with the wind like a player has to, this will probably never change how ships are built.
  10. Geminia_Sierra

    My Fantasy

    @LIATNI - yeah you've got a point. Although they could make the area unbuildable like some places.
  11. Geminia_Sierra

    My Fantasy

    I like the idea of one large island in the freeports. Currently there are 4 islands that are all identical (maybe some different resources) with one port on each island that is identical. The thing I'd like to see is or maybe two islands somewhat centered in the map. Maybe rotate it some in each freeport. Then there could be two ports on each. Each port could then have different vendors to buy/sell basic clothes, food, building items etc. I agree with this. Some of the maps with a lot of small, tiny islands or archipelagos are just useless for any kind of building. I like the islands in A4 and A12 . One big island and a few smaller ones. also, I'd like to see the islands be more... i don't know, island like? I know there are islands that are rough and ragged, but there are others that are lush and nice, even some with wild formations. There are some ruins on some islands, I like that, but there are some islands that have small ports or towns. I'd like to see these be more lively. Perhaps a food vendor and maybe a general store kind of thing. I like the exploration aspect of the game, so sailing around to islands and finding the ruins are fun. Perhaps a quest giver type could be in some of the ports... saying something like, "Hey have you seen <such-and-such> on <such-and-such> island." Then you get a quest. There could be x number of quests in this chain which when completed you get some kind of reward. --- I don't agree on the limiting crafting and building unless you are in claimed territory. ---- vitamins/food/spoilage - I don't mind the need to take care of these needs. I just wish the spoilage timers of food were less intrusive. having items spoil in hours seems to be to much. especially if you keep them in things like the larder or preserving bags. speaking of which, the preserving salts should be able to put into the larder to help preserve food. ----
  12. Geminia_Sierra

    Total Structures

    There are half walls, it's one of the option for any wall piece.
  13. Geminia_Sierra

    Large cannons in a sloop

    I've always laughed at the arse blasters I've seen on youtube. If they would make the SotD have to deal with the wind and sea the same as players have to do. Battles with them would be better. As noted above, some historical ships did carry bow guns and stern chasers. These guns were not the big guns of the ship but usually ones that were easily moved by the crew if they needed. Probably nothing more than nine pounders. Most of the time they were already installed. If they were going to worry about weight, then they would have given us more dynamics and more to micro manage. I don't mind putting one or two guns at the bow and stern.
  14. Geminia_Sierra

    How Long Is It Supposed To Take To Respawn in Single Player?

    I've had this happen a few times and just last night. when you go to respawn, watch where your ship is, if it doesn't display where it should be (like if you parked next to an island you're exploring), don't respawn there. I had this issue when I did this last night. Picked my ship hit go but as I did realized my ship was not where I left it. The respawn hung and I had to quit the game and restart. Respawned at my base and then checked fast travel. The boat was where it was supposed to be and I fast traveled to it.
  15. Geminia_Sierra

    Bug: Can't change tame to "Attack my target"

    I hadn't noticed this until mentioned... now it makes more sense why they didn't attack when I whistled. Thankfully they were on neutral and finally attacked. Went back and checked. Went to each one and used the wheel - behavior - stance - attack, then checked their status and they were still in neutral. turned and tried to whistle them attack a neerby turtle... nothing changed