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  1. my bear is better then salty
  2. i have over 20 mystical sy, u can have them for free
  3. the server u are on is prob ideal, and no one will sell u over 100 animals for less then 20k
  4. id be happy if they just put a decay on the storage on the cargo saddle,
  5. Yes it sucks when pick up the bottles and it doesn't register... And u get nothing. Seems to happen more often with good ones
  6. after this update it is trying to make me start a new account, how do i reload mine i had yesterday
  7. So ive been trying to update this last patch for almost 12 hours now... its downlaoded and i am just sitting here with preparing to launch ready to launch in approximately 1 hour 41 mins, problem is its been saying this for 4 or 5 hours now, i have tried to reboot my computer and nothing...
  8. its always been a problem go to where your tame was in the boat and punch
  9. id like this one Bear Female 52 52 0 20 100 774 1050 136 1026 5500 gold
  10. When ever i leave render and come back i am missing floor walls or ceiling, maybe up to 4 at a time, its really annoying,
  11. I also had this problem, I stopped trying to put a gate in that spot... till someone tells me its fixed
  12. I think the devs should get a pr person, they keep shootting themselves in the foot when ever they "decide" to change something, I mean first u dont release pve na "for a couple weeks" for empire pvp, screwing over the pve people, Then randomly on Easter weekend when most people are on vacation u give a 12 hour noticed u changed your mind, probably because there are no empire players.... so if u happened to read and where home not on vacation u got one of the cheap islands that dont take a tribe of 1000 members to buy.... screwing over those that dont read this website every hour. First the point system is stupid, you get 30 points for a company plus 2 per member.. so to claim land most islands are 50 plus, meaning u need 10 plus members to put a claim down, completely ruining this game for solo or small tribes, unless there are ways to get points, they never explain how to do anything in this game, the devs still cant even write basic descriptions of stuff in it. the vit system and food is crazy lame, I swim to one end of my boat and back and i am exhausted and sit and wait to recover and my food drops to 0 so i eat, 1 min maybe 2, rinse and repeat i need to eat another 20 steaks, or 100 berries or what ever,. all my vits are completely maxed before i take damage and now i am hungry again, all in less then 5 mins of playing this is super broken, I dont know what u changed from the first version but u need to fix it, I shouldnt have to eat 500 times a day, a normal human can eat 3 times a day and be good i spend more time eating then i do getting wood, i cant even fill my inventory up from cutting trees before i have to stop and eat its stupid over taxing and its ruining the concept of the game... my boat.... my boat is stuck... i can swim under my boat but my ladder is touching the ground so my whole boat is stuck, tried to back up, tried to circle its just stuck, This is stupid, Every animal collects berries.... Why? I am hitting a tree with a giraffe and i collect 1000 berries on the ground, that i am not even hitting, this is stupid.... please let us turn off berry collection 50,000 berries doesn't do me any good
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