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  1. Honestly I agree, having to place ladders to climb up the mast is counter-intuitive
  2. Recently I got back into Atlas and I've had an honest look at what is in the game atm and what could be done to the game to improve it for everyone. This includes new ship types and designs that could be added, as of this moment there are like 6-7 types of ships you can build, this is a game about sailing and piracy and adventure and yet there are only 6-7 build able ship designs. Like What!? New designs of ships could vary such as those ships we all know and love, say something influenced say by, the British Man O War or the Dutch Bark's we're so used to seeing in the movies "Looking at you Disney" Another thing you could also add a new type of ship as well, something completely new, one of those early ships crossed with sails and steam engines, this of course could become the next top tier level line of ships instead of factions, these ships might also take more damage as some were made of Iron Hulls and some were crossed breeds between iron and wood hulls. Something like these for example, cause yes whilst needing to stick with the theme of low-tech piracy ages these ships would technically fit the theme, these would need to be a whole new level of unlock-able ships however, but given the teams vigor I'm sure something could be done! (Also as a disclaimer I did just yank these off of Google Images, don't shoot me yet thanks) So Really I've just suggested a few things: TL:DR Having more choice makes things interesting and fun in the long run, add some more choices in ship design and new types of movement. Personally I will admit I would love to see something from Above into Atlas cause I think it would fit the game perfectly. If you like what I've said leave a comment and talk about what you want!
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