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  1. I was against the new system as soon as they announced but I did wait to get a feel for it. Unfortunately, it breaks the game for me. If I play pure PvE I want to have absolute control over with whom, when and if I decide to interact with others. If I don't get that, might as well play PvP in which case EvE is a better game imo. Anyway I got my money's worth in the couple of hundred hours played so I uninstalled the game completely. I do hope they revert back to a tweaked (as in no overlap and limited flags) old claim system but even if they don't, it's all good.
  2. So following your proposals, a 3 man company would have 3 flags. Each flag us owned by one of the player's in the company. Now assume one player leaves or us kicked out for valid reasons, say the one having the middle claim leaving the other 2 separated. Not as simple as you might think. Limit the flags but it has to be by company using company man count thresholds.
  3. I am pro limited claim flags and yes, the overlap needed to be fixed. It happened on both sea and land claims so the issue was pretty major.
  4. I do not mind the wipes per se but I do not like being forced into a landowner or tenant situation. If I want that situation, I am better off going back to nullsec EvE. Until that changes, if ever, I am not returning.
  5. I had hoped for some sense from the devs but I see they don't get it. Sorry but I neither want to be an overlord nor do I want have an overlord. I want my 3-5 flags for my 3 man company where I can live and game in peace with the choice to interact or not interact with other players being firmly in my hands and in my hands alone.
  6. We are a 3 man company with 3 flags and doing fine with enough space for resources and to build both base and shipyards. For a few weeks we only had 1 flag and that was a bit tight especially with tames. However, I'm guessing solo/small companies with an ambition to build big would object - I am also guessing that is a rather common wish on PvE servers.
  7. Make it too high and you have just screwed your casual small company and solo players. Upkeep cannot solve the pillar spam without causing much larger issues.
  8. I am old fashioned I like to play a main whenever I want. Also, games adjust to my life style not the other way round. I will consider the alternative if I am paid for it.
  9. While players might have their preferred times, many still find time to play in off hours. I mean I play mostly in the late evenings during the week but early morning in the weekends. There are better ways to solve this issue rather than restricting playing time choice for players.
  10. I think this was done to remove sleeping players from contesting claims.
  11. In a PvE server and in theory, there should be no player vs player actions. It requires a player action to kite the SotD and to make them aim their cannons hence .... There are PvP servers for this kind of play.
  12. yeah happened to me. I kept sailing right through the island as well.
  13. There should be no more than 2 bow chasers and another 2 stern chasers. Chase guns typically threw smaller shot but at greater velocity and with longer range than the port/starboard cannons. The object was mostly to dismast the enemy albeit history records RN frigates holing adversaries underneath the waterline with chasers. In short chasers were used to primarily slow down an enemy and not to sink it. The current builds in Atals are truly monstrosities. The determining factor in a sailship fight should be the type of ships in the fight and the ability of the captain to use the wind to his advantage. Having said that Atlas is still far away from being able to mimic real sail conditions so for now it's a glorified cannon platform game. I guess it will not change anyway which is a pity as it would add another layer of skill. I'm a purist - sue me
  14. You can add another Chinese company (verified) that are pulling SotDs into harbours - Dream Travelers N6 EU PvE. They never pulled any shenanigans and were even helpful at times. Suddenly they started pulling SoTDs targeting ships and bases. Tickets with videos and images opened albeit I doubt anything will happen. @Jatheish Please fix the cannons so as not to waste ammo on fish. Give us a means to defend ourselves when offline.
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