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  1. Yes, had this happening to ceilings... on day 1 of build, random ceilings would disappear, but stopped having the problem beyond day 1 of the build.
  2. Didn't realize landlords only had 24 hours to veto your builds... guess that would work.
  3. Because I don't feel like putting the time and effort into building a base where the owner could evict us on a whim... what I learned from my time on earth is that people are assholes, especially when they are hidden behind the curtain of the internet.
  4. Prior to the wipe, our small company was able to find a claim spot... after the wipe, it appears Lawless is our only option due to low point islands are gone, and we don't feel like putting time and effort into establishing a base where the owner could evict us on a whim.
  5. Hopefully that means you will cease posting here as well
  6. I think it's ludicrous to complain about real life fallicies in a fantasy game... you couldn't really ride a tiger or wolf in real life carrying a bunch of gear wearing plate, but we all decided to play along. Having SoTD isn't real life, but we play along... to get all hung up over the torture of animals in a game that has hangings, guillotines, handcuffs and various other crimes of humanity, is a bit weird.
  7. I stripped the guns out of our Galleon and use it for running rare resources... it can carry a lot and remain fast.
  8. I think taming is fine... there is enough challenge to keep it interesting, but very doable. I would hate a game with no challenge, and hope Atlas doesn't continue to listen to the whiners. I found a sweet spot with the Giraffe that seems consistent... belly crawl and put your head against the underside front hoof. I do have sneak maxed out, so not sure if it will work as well otherwise, but found that even if the Giraffe tried to hit me, he couldn't.
  9. @Rita LonglegsLOL it is kind of amusing to be freaking out and your mate has no clue why
  10. As they start popping up, move to behind the Archers and take them out first, I like using the Pike... then keep moving so the big guy doesn't get the big swings on you and take out the Soldiers... I then pull out my pistols, because they don't share the Pike slot, and blast the Warrior... that should put a big dent in him allowing to easily finish up with the Pike. Don't forget your Glider Suit so you don't have to climb back down the mountain.
  11. Oh you got us there.... I feel so foolish to think that working together and having fun in a game could actually work
  12. I guess I am.... sorry, I'm still laughing
  13. @Jean Lafitte LOL, it's your company and you are concerned about you being able to take items with you if you leave LOL
  14. @Jean Lafitte Your company must be feeling real good about recruiting you right now
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