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  1. What tile? I could give you one
  2. It would be great if you get a boolean if you wanted to use the bed when you had something in your inventory Like "Are you sure you want to travel? You have items in your inventory" So i don't keep loosing my mythic gear xD
  3. Since we can only have 40 boats in a grid with a company of 75, would it be possible to atleast give us the option to respec our ships to get mulitple purposes? I dont mind the prices, put 100k gold if needed, just make it a option at the freeport just like ship renaming.
  4. Is there a chance to add that a smithy can take inventory out of a resource chest if placed close enough to eachother? I must say the popcorning to fill a smithy is rather timeconsuming and not that much fun.
  5. I run the masterworks map solo with a single tame, i dont use any specific food or anything, but i do have a good tame. Tips for people with not so powerfull tames, use reduce damage taken food and drinks. Animals can use food as well, but not drinks
  6. After the recent buffs in cannons and planks you can find i think its heavly needed to double the hp on sails, i dont think it should be a meta to shoot the sails of a boat with one shot, the canvas i wouldnt mind, but the time it takes to find a good sail compared with how fast it gets ripped of is just sad.
  7. Damn.. Forgot the RP players that plays this game...
  8. One month each time you reach 90, i dont see any problems with it? Just because your character looks older?
  9. You dont loose anything with not going to the foy? They removed the negative effects a while ago, now you only get a buff if you go..
  10. Might be mounted npc count as server tame limit.. You can have 10 000npc mounted on ships and puckles that dont count towards the 300 cap anymore
  11. Ond of the best changes was reduce the intelligente buffs, i could easy get max craft bonus last season, but it was way to op against smaller tribes.
  12. How long will the bonus rates last? End of sunday?
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