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  1. Knivet

    Leveling up and Number of Discoveries

    Love it, if the game wipe, i dont know if i will come back because i will lose it.
  2. Knivet

    Leveling up and Number of Discoveries

    Did all the powerstones and quests solo, max lvl for me is 115 right now. Easy way to get all the powerstones, find the one that has the easiest hydra to the shore or bring a good bow, kill it and sail to all the other powerstone islands with the artifact key, you have a good 2h sailing each trip, did it in one weekend.
  3. Looking to buy good large planks / gunports above masterwork quality. Mythical is prefered
  4. Knivet

    Tames in Freeport last one week

    Thanks, didnt think of it that way, will bring a couple of tames over later today
  5. Knivet

    IDK if you noticed devs...

    If its less grindy people will get everything easier, then when they have everything they will get faster bored and leave the game. Some people always want to be nigger and better than others, if everyone is equall all the time, whats there to fight for? Leave it as it
  6. Knivet

    Double gold gone?

    Read the patch notes, No double gold this weekend
  7. Knivet

    Upgraded speed sails... a dud?

    I did test two galleys with sails on 200% sail velocity and one with regular side by side on the test server i have. No diffrence at all, its broken atm Yeah, if something dont happen with that group soon, Im done with this game. I
  8. Knivet

    Weekend 2x XP kind of unfair...

    If they put up any event it would be unfair to someone, you cant please everyone at all times, i find it unfair the updates comes out every time im at work as well, but i aint demanding them to postepone them.
  9. Knivet

    Game Crashes on placing Gates

    Same problem with me
  10. Knivet

    An up to date map??

  11. Knivet

    Skill points per level

    34 points for each lvl
  12. Knivet

    Skill points per level

    The calculator is outdated
  13. Please take actions to the groups supporting them as well. They give them everything they need when creating new accounts
  14. And you dont get any dps, because you need 9 power stone first, then fight the kraken for the dp
  15. Could you guys please fix the exploit with using 3 cannons in one gunnport? I know people dont want to use exploit and get hit pretty hard, and looses the interest of playing this game.