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  1. Knivet

    Being Tame blocked by tame limit

    Might be mounted npc count as server tame limit.. You can have 10 000npc mounted on ships and puckles that dont count towards the 300 cap anymore
  2. Knivet

    pvp Starting A Discord for Atlas Pvp Na Marketplace

  3. Knivet

    Return Craft bonus

    Ond of the best changes was reduce the intelligente buffs, i could easy get max craft bonus last season, but it was way to op against smaller tribes.
  4. Knivet

    How to compete with the chinese?

    I really dont see the problem here?!? Chinese players is responding to the way NA responds to them, i have been a active player since day one in season one. Even at the verry start NA players was talking trash about them, speaking og how the war tactics where when they fought in the war back in the days and so on, like it was them playing this game.. Its Kids and adults playing this game.. Yes i see some insults from them, but hey, just go to the atlas discord and see what NA players is telling about eachother as well, Its Just as much or even worse, why cant chinese behave the same way as NA players? This game is all about trash talking eachother No mather where you from unfortionaly.. And how many players do you want in this game? Its bearly enough now, and you want to split the playerbase more??? Hell No! Merge NA and EU thankyou.
  5. Knivet

    Extra Life 24 Hour Stream

    How long will the bonus rates last? End of sunday?
  6. Knivet

    Atlas wiki improvements

    And at the same time its a pvp game, every advantage you may find in the game that gives you one step further isnt something many people will share right away.
  7. I left the game due to the devs work towards exploiters and cheaters.
  8. Knivet

    Great player loss!!!

    This game is far away from being capable of land pvp. And yeah, it should perhaps be a land pvp in this game, but at this state it should be disabled, because grapeshot implement new things that is way op at the beginning, and exploits take weeks for them to figure out after it been reported several times. I Understand people leaving when theyre base get raided, who wouldnt when you loose youre base in a exploit or someone cheating. When it gets reported they dont do shit about it anyway. And stop with the chinese are the only one exploiting, ive seen just as many us ppl exploit and cheat.
  9. You have clearly not played against exploiters yet
  10. Knivet

    Bad mecanics to play

    Just take league of legends for example, that game have been surviving a long time now, you say one bad Word and get reported for it youre banned. That how it should be, if youre old enough to play a game with guns, youre old enough to behave, if not, then i couldnt care less if you got banned for it
  11. Knivet

    Bad mecanics to play

    They banned a bunch of racist / toxic people a couple of weeks ago, then the people that was toxic said sorry to the devs, next day they where unbanned and toxic in chat again..
  12. Yeah, we noticed that, but what about structures? We had our whole Island wiped cause a exploiter you guys let back into the game(all hi had to do was say hi was sorry) , hi naded everything down, and since hi had endles of health we couldnt do anything(hi exploited to lvl 150). A advice, start Low on damage when implementing new things to the game, you guys just put ridicules amount of damage to everything thats added and take a couple of weeks to adjust, just look at the torpedoes for a example. Or what about a 350% black jack that insta knock out any player.
  13. Knivet

    Stacking cannons enforcement action

    Agree, i couldnt care less about new patches when the old one had 20 exploits or bugs in them.
  14. Knivet

    Stacking cannons enforcement action

    Well, our group of 75+ active members (we did rotations, more that 5 days inactive you got booted for a more active player), that was two weeks ago, that group is down to two members, most people left because of cheats and exploits that the devs did nothing against.