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  1. Meh, im curious to see how the war token crap works. I like it already a lot because it completely shafts the chinese raid times on NA PvP lol at least now if your gonna get raided, you'll be online for it, so the super cool bases you build can actually be defended and you have a chance of getting a ship out for ship pvp in defense of your place.
  2. Devs need to push what they have so that it has a chance to be tested.
  3. Oh i can say about its a 100% that there will be future wipes. The only time I think the game will stop wiping is when the game is finally released. That means the developers are happy with how the world currently is and it doesn't need anymore changes lol Best way to put it
  4. I'm actually curious about how the PvE content will change. I don't think it'll change much this patch, but in the future, the path to getting to each powerstone could change drastically and in a unique way for each powerstone. So everything regarding power stones I believe will change in the future of the game as currently its kind of bland atm.
  5. EA is not automatically alpha, but EA is definitely not a released game obviously. People are treating Atlas as a released game and not as a game that is still in its development cycle, which it still is. When I'm using Alpha and Beta to describe atlas, I use that because thats what I know. This is the disclaimer you get when buying EA games. Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops. Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development. Learn more
  6. I am comparing it to MMORPGs because people keep saying that MMOs don't wipe. In all honesty, I completely agree with you. I compare atlas to every other clone of the survival genre. But I don't play on PvE servers. If I had to guess the reason that PvE servers are wiping too is that something in the code of the current system would force the wipe anyways. I mean these are pretty big changes to how building will work on PvE since there are no claims in PvE when the changes are made. So the way that your buildings interact with surrounding buildings will probably change. From the peeps that I've talked to out of the major alliances, they are pretty excited about the wipe lol.
  7. Didn't even need to be 20 years ago, I think most people were able to beta test at least one WoW expansion if they wanted to before Steam Early Access was even a thing. People played the shit outta the WoW Beta and knew very well that all the progress was gonna be gone upon launch day. Atlas isn't a finished game, so that mean it can be considered in Beta or Alpha stages of development. Since it is very playable, I'd put it in early beta stages. Wipes are going to happen. I am shocked that people didn't think a wipe would be coming, like wtf dreamland are you guys on lol
  8. People who played the beta for any MMORPG (WoW for example, because thats the only example that works) know that everything you work for in the beta testing knows it going to get wiped, but they still play anyways. What is the different here? Atlas isn't a finished game, its pretty much a beta test. How are you not expecting your shit to get wiped multiple times. BTW it will be wiped multiple times. So go ahead and get a document written up so you can copy and paste how bullshit the devs are.
  9. MMOs get reset all the time in the alpha and beta stages of the game. Early Access games = Alpha/Beta stages of game. If they weren't they'd be released games. This isn't a released game.
  10. What do you think Founders packs are and kickstarters are? You are buying to play an alpha test game. Early Access is just a streamlined formula. If this was 2003, I would and you said you don't sell Alpha games, I would completely agree. But selling "alpha games" has been a thing for what, 7-8 years now? It just goes by different names. Pay $30 on kickstarter to get a digital copy and beta test access. Pay $30 for an Founders Pack and get access to alpha AND beta included with a digital copy upon the games release. and any EA Game that has released.
  11. The current system of raiding is bad. Just a cycle of offline raiding until someone is offline long enough to knock out all the bases. I'm down to give the new system a try at least. At the very least you can actually plan a defense instead of logging in and realize your main has been wiped and have to swap around to your auxiliary bases to drive off the enemy. I have never been raided online and I have a pretty cool base setup, but I never get to defend it with my friends because I always get offlined >_> At the very least, the changes are worth trying IMO. LiF has the same system and let me tell you, that didn't slow the PvP down at ALL lol Also, wipe has to happen. The wipe was coming anyways, sooner or later. Better to do it now, since it directly affects the way we place and manage claims. I can't imagine the chaos that would of ensued if they had done the changes without wiping. Holy fuck that absolute madness that would of been caused.
  12. I think the big reason for the war system changes stem from NA PvP official. Currently the games meta of PVP for that server is just a cycle of offline raiding. The chinese raid you when your offline, you log on when they about to break into one of your last bases and you drive them off, then you spend like 2 or 3 hours reclaiming/rebuilding and then you go offline raid them. Cycle repeats endlessly until someone just gets offline raided completely lol. I'm sure that EU PvP official is getting the shaft with this change because the timezone difference isn't as bad. NA PvP was terrible though.
  13. Why do people not understand Early Access and treat EA games like they are released games. You are buying a game that is in pretty much the in its late Alpha stage, early beta stage of a game. In every MMO, the game wipes several times for testing new things and changes. Like did you gets not believe that there would be a single wipe during Atlas' EA status? Are you fuckin kiddin me? I've been talking about the wipe to my guys before the game even released.
  14. When an MMO is still in its development cycle, they get wiped all the time wtf are you talking about? THIS ISNT A RELEASED GAME YOU REALIZE THIS YES?! You are basically playing an ALPHA test MMO
  15. I haven't really seen a lot of topics about the claim changes, but with that being said, the WIPE has to happen. These changes are fucking huge. And wiping the maps is for the best so that the Dev team can monitor everything and balance. I'm looking forward to it honestly. For the first cycle of wipe, I'm surprised it lasted this long with the major issues the first two months had.
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