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  1. This is a great point, kinda what killed this season a bit for me everything I find a map go to the location and massive wall and puckels everywhere. You ask the island owners if they want to buy the map and they shoot you in the face sink you ship and take it anyway PIRATES! So, it brings you to a point of yawn and boredom and when I get bored don't know about you I play other games and won't ever bother. Someone suggested getting rid of the SOTDs and making them have real boardable ships. A maps finding could be the starting of a script that spawns a real ship with Soldiers of the damned you have to fight. No more bear fights to these. Kinda stuck because they made the grid 11x11 and the 15x15 wasn all that bad with walls. Redesign the game! It's a good game but if your even ging to bother having maps there should be a way to do them.
  2. Here is a tell tell for me, I'm on the beach I fast see a lion and it's a mile away I fast look away and I'm fine. But in my experience and experiments I have done that same thing and stared in the direction of the lions and then they aggro finally on me much like the cyclones do if your looking they appear. They do have animals too bunched up though and some predictors should at minimum have a hostility towards other types of predictors. Example: a cobra should attach a tiger/lion but the lion runs from it. There is no way a cobra and a tiger would both come at you as a team it's laughable everything I see this. But, I think this dev crew was left a mess to clean up.
  3. And the compost could also be put into the farmhouses as fuel too.
  4. I smell another SKILL to be added to the skill tree dev's!!! (2) Skills could be added to Esoteric/Building ones you get your first essence or shocked to death by and eel fish. They could fix this easy with things already in the game. First Idea defense building: A farm house and the water pipe. Mod the pipe so "T" also goes into 3 extra modes added to the pipe modes. Extra modes? Connect to farm house 1. Farmhouse Connector, run a electric line from farm house 2. Electric Line (uses same underground radius mechanic as pipe), and finally something to connect to zap a sub place under water and has a large radius 3. Devastator Device (that's what I'm calling it). So it would use what ever mechanic that the Eel fish uses to shock a player but instead of killing the sub it freezes the sub in place (for a short time) so it can be shot. The only things to add would be 3 new markers when pushing "T" to cycle through you would have 3 new markers if you have the skills to make them. My other Ideas could be electrically charged mortar shells for land and electrically charged torpedoes/cannon balls to kill them. Maybe self guided torpedoes that find the sub and damage it really bad instead of electricity it just flat out damages it you could use launchers on the sore or on a ship. All would be another skill set to add to the game. YEAH good ideas? Tweet it to them.
  5. Why not go back to the old system for lawless only? You place a flag where you want it and only in the flag ring area your stuff is safe but you only get one lawless flag and just like the owned islands you can set your online times. For PVP if your Co, owns an island you can't have any lawless flags placed and one 1 flag per lawless island or maybe per grid. Make the flag radius kinda big not to big so others can flag next to you.
  6. Thank you so much for the info greatly appreciated it. The game I played with it was Arma 3 BECTI mod it can be called by a percentage of people in game and a list of everyone comes up and people tick the one they want and most votes win. I thought of this for Atlas because it would (I think ), keep jerks in line it will force likability, someones a good guy/girl they will just let them back. Or give someone else a short I just think it would be a great advantageous tool for the game. I hope more people support this. It would also get mean lower ranks in line too.
  7. Mutiny on the Company owner Suggestion. Vote! I have been in 4 companies now and 4 circumstances have happened beyond the control of the majority playing group (company members), since I have been playing from an hour from the time the game has come out. Yes, I have a founders hat. Mutiny would be a vote calling system that could be called on the company owner to over throw the company owner. Also an owner could be voted back in as well! Circumstances to mutiny: 1. Owner stops playing. 2. Bad leadership skills 3. Owner just wants to give up the role of owner. & 4. Owner puts bad or abusive people in charge that do not contribute anything but a negative sea salty attitude. I have played a game type that has this and it works well BECTI from another game or Military Sim. A vote is called by anyone and everyone selects the new owner. Kinda surprised Atlas does not have anything like this because it is a pirate game.
  8. As the tiles implies! Poop to power farmhouses!
  9. "Increased distance requirement between Farmhouse placement from 120m to 200m" So, you guys did this could you please increase the gather radius?
  10. PvP, been playing since 5 hours after the new map came out to current. I am lvl 57 and there are people 120lvl again and yea this may be a game breaker. Love you posts very valid points
  11. Can Someone your fighting lock you out of your ship?? We have an ally that everything they fight someone they get locked out of there ship, wheel, sails, etc. It this a game buff? Or hack?
  12. To the SDC I am a member of the small group The Sea Dogs asking for an alliance ship. We could offer a great resource on lawless. Please PM me A.S.A.P. thank you
  13. This is GREAT NEW! Sorry to ask for anything more but we or I would like to be able to buy/trade someones ship.
  14. Looking for an island to pay your taxes and fight if needed.
  15. To give an update on tigers: This is how it all worked for me. From birth every minute, it will gain 1 food count. I used bone marrow for the baby it seemed to give the baby better health points than anything else. So, I spent a lot of time stocking up to 500 bone marrow in a preserving bag keeping ice in it. The baby is NOT tied to your character hot/cold stats so, don't go by them to keep your baby alive. After an hour your up to 70 and when it gets to 2 rows of food it gets easier but be vigilant of these times: In-game time(s) are found at the Atlas tab at the top. (everyone knows this?) 12:00 around that time they will ALWAYS need an Icebox to cool down (Hot icon appears) till 14:45. In rare cases, the hot icon will disappear and if you turn off your icebox it will come right back in a few seconds. 21:45 around that time they will ALWAYS need a fire, Grill, works best, (Cold icon appears), all night is ok and you only need one per animal I think but, I only have time to raise 1 baby at a time. I have not worked out that evening time because I go hunting for bone marrow at that time (elephants), and make salted meat for the carnivore troth, I fill it full of the "none prime" meat it's cheap! Salted anything lasts longer and ALL carnivores will eat it just fine. Tons of salt TONS!, to make it but once full it''ll last days. But now because of baby I will get it full for when the baby can feed off the troth. Because I will need real-life sleep. The time when you have 3 food rows it's a little less work to maintain the baby but you should keep about 200 minimum in the baby if you have attention issues keep it full but do check it from time to time just make sure till baby is juvenile you are bound to this for NOTE: If you do not address the hot with an icebox the baby will die and the same if you do not address the cold with some sort of fire. I NEVER had to force feed it! Salted meat lasts 4 hours and unsalted meat lasts 40 minutes. Also, note once the times are up for hot and cold you can call the baby over to the other device. I also like to plan the breeding time for an even clock time like 06:00 or 05:00 so is easier to know what times in real life things need to happen. At first birth tip, you only need to keep it full of bone marrow and once full just keep stacks or five on you and try to add more to determine what inventory count the baby is up to. Plan the first 3 hours managing the food and temps, then when things get easier do things that take a little longer but don't go fare. Mostly I think you can manage the feeding and figure that out (don't run out of food) but the times is gets cold and hot are cracked. It's 6 hours to get it to the troth or juvenile state! 6 HOURS! of fun, yeah it is learning the science of the game is fun as a single player. The Imprinting is 6 times at 8 hour wait times in between, sleep set alarm to take it for a walk touch it, whatever it wants. then repeat ever 8 hours to get all the imprinting. Imprinting is useful for you as the rider and nobody else the stats nearly double when you ride the (ARK like I guess). Someone should add some of this to the Wiki I don't have time I am playing Atlas!
  16. That is a little better than it used to be, it used to be 5 days or more. Wait till you get that baby! your gunna shit!
  17. I have used a lvl 68 bear on a quality 17.9 map and the big guy goes underground before I can kill them it sucks!
  18. Lost my lvl 98 female bear took hours of my life to get that high. Lost by high quality map got killed off the bear and bear got kill shortly after. Looking to buy one female around that high and yes solo play 95% of the time and ki king my own ass for letting that happen. Northa America PvE servers
  19. Lost my lvl 98 female bear took hours of my life to get that high. Lost by high quality map got killed off the bear and bear got kill shortly after. Looking to buy one female around that high and yes solo play 95% of the time and ki king my own ass for letting that happen.
  20. Lost my lvl 98 female bear took hour of my life to get that high. Lost by high quality map got killed off the bear and bear got kill shortly after. Looking to buy one female around that high and yes solo play 95% of the time and ki king my own ass for letting that happen.
  21. What about those 1700 gold the high Q ones solo?
  22. As a single player 90% of the time I use signs to help the Dead come at me slower so the bear can regen a little and the Natures Call regens as well, however I would not recomend doing the C6, it will be a slaughter. 1000 golds are my limit on normal islands that nice people let me build.
  23. It's good to have 4 days off for tigers if you want to do a good imprinting 1 of them every 8 hours 6Xs, and sleep in between that. The one person is wright about meat have a good supply in the troth and keep monitoring it (this is what killed mine 1st juvenile). They ALL will eat salted meat and salted meat lasts longer in the troth however the downside is making it takes tons of salt (live next to freeport?) and I use 5 tigers to fill 2 preserving bags and 3 stacks of 500 preserving salts. This is how I will do the next one when I get days off work.
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