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  1. Could you please give us a crafted food that only our Kittens will eat that has a decay timer same as our grown veggies. Seems I put raw meat in the trough next to my Kittens pen and our guild bears, wolfs, Lions and Tigers in our other pens near by will eat up the raw meat meant for the Kittens Raw Meat & Beans or Rice recipe call it Kibbles and only for Kittens
  2. all we need now is a Compost Collector, a box that we can sit down near our animals to collect poop and increases the decay timer on the poop to 24 or 48 hours
  3. Idea to help ease some of the players frustration about the server wipe if you can't save our Pathfinders lvl's and progression with the March 20th server wipe, maybe give Grandfathered accounts a lvl 50 Pathfinders with skill points that a lvl 50 would have earned. So everyone with a Pathfinder made before March 20th will start with a Level 50 Pathfinder and a Golden Berry that gives a 100% tame exp. players can use this berry on an animal of their choice Maybe something like this would bring in more players knowing if they bought an account now and made their Pathfinder before march 19th, sales will go up and players that have been playing will return after the wipe.
  4. AI Ship Crew blocking land claim Ship and AI don't even belong to the land owner, its someone from a company that has land on the other side of the land I am trying to claim, they dropped anchor in area that does not belong to their Company. I have been here since 4am CT looking for a member from the guild that owns the ship so they can move the ship My Claim flag is in limbo with a repeating hourly timer, because of the AI on their ship My claim flag just says contested and when I ask owner flag who is contesting it shows me the 3 AI on the guys ship Server - Hydra's Den K11 GPS Long : 43.39 / Lat: -39.98 is there a way to get a GM to move this boat out of the area since I have been here over 7 hours waiting on someone? I know the server is going to be whipped but We plan to keep playing and learning even if other players have left the game.
  5. If the submarine is only given to players that defeat the Kraken then the players that don't have a company and play the game solo or a very small company will not have a chance to get one. I would like to see some type of scuba gear or some type of facemask for deep underwater gathering added to the game that diving suit sucks, I cant see anything in that thing Can you please tone down the cobra and rattle snake spawn in the next build, seeing one to 3 very few feet is just getting annoying
  6. I don't mind a server wipe that's coming but why can't you save the progression of our Pathfinders now that they log out of the world completely, it's the releveling of our pathfinders that is the grind, unless you give us a x6 week [7days] after the wipe. is there a way to save the pathfinders progression? or if not then PLEASE give us a week of x6 to give us a chance to get back to where we are now.
  7. We have 3 guild members raising bears, all bears died with in a few seconds apart in different zones I've been in game for 2 1/2 days with maybe 3 hours of sleep keeping an eye on this little guy. I got a little power nap in at 2am CT this morning while a guild mate watched over our bear lastnight, he was never alone so he could not of starved or gotten to cold or hot. mine was at 83% Maturity, he was doing well at 9:30 Am CT, Odd thing is our bear didnt show any signed of being cold or hot when he died. We made a special room that kept him at a good warmth level, it was like he just fell over dead. Our guild mates bear was a few hours older then ours and doing well, his temp was 48 in his area and he said a cold front came through and could not keep his bear warm with 7 camp fires going. our other guild mate lost his twin bears as well, What is odd they all dies within seconds apart in 2 different zones, I wont do any more breeding till they drastically improve the breeding system, all the time we put into these bears to have all 4 of them die at the same time seems really odd.
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