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  1. Tindalen

    Ship speed calculations based on weight

    You are definitely my huckleberry!
  2. Tindalen

    Ship speed calculations based on weight

    So your complaint about my work is that "you should not carry that much weight"? Really?
  3. Tindalen

    Ship speed calculations based on weight

    here is the issue, and the part you seem unable to comprehend. According to the math, at certain weights, you will move faster with a weight sail or two than you would with all speed sails. So depending on what your normal configuration and weight is, you may be faster with a cargo crate or a weight sail. I would suggest you actually attempt to read the data I provided instead of shouting something that you heard someone else say.
  4. Tindalen

    Ship speed calculations based on weight

    So this seems fairly popular, I am considering tossing together a website with some ship calculations. Thank you! I will add in settings for percentage or knots speed and ship base weight. I will see if I can get decent displays. Awesome! I am glad you find this useful. I will see what I can do. Not entirely sure what the weight sail BP bonus does.
  5. Tindalen

    Ship speed calculations based on weight

    I think you missed a point. If you look at all the data, 6 speed sails is always faster. But if you are above 50% weight, you are faster if you add a cargo crate.
  6. Did some calculations based on these assumptions: Fresh made galleon with a carry weight of 30,000 Common speed sails, weight sails, and cargo crates Weight sails give 60% of the speed that weight sails give weight sails and cargo crate penalties are not additive. Given those assumptions and taking the average speed percentage of weights between 9k and 27k carried weight, the best configuration is 6 speed sails with 1-3 cargo crates. the percentage calculations I am using is = (1-(#WeightSails)*6.7%)* (1-(#CargoCrates)*6.7%)*(1-CurrentWgt/MaxWgt)^0.5 Brigantine Schooner (assuming 1 large speed sail)
  7. They have heard our concerns and are looking into ways to eliminate griefing as well as the claim system on PvE. Here is the unedited conversation. It appears they care, and as I have hoped, are simply very busy. From Atlas channel in the atlas discord: From private messages: The link provided:
  8. Tindalen

    where to find each type of metal

    I have seen cobalt in polar, iron in tundra, silver in temperate, copper in tropical, tin in desert.
  9. Tindalen

    Wolves - MUCH BETTER!

    "He that shall live this day, and see old age, Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours, And say "To-morrow is Saint Crispian." Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars, And say "These wounds I had on Crispin's day." My friends... we have survived our Crispin's day!
  10. Tindalen

    Farming, cooking, & preservation.

    Keeping proper vitamins also gives you a decent buff, but I would suggest that if you enjoy cooking then you should keep doing it and tell your company to sod off if they keep destroying your equipment. I'm also a little concerned about them dying every 10-15 minutes, after the wolves were tampered a bit, we pretty much just stopped dying. This allows us to wander our large island exploring and not worrying about having to find our corpse to get our gear. I will absolutely agree that cooking needs to be improved and have no doubt that cooking will be given a good work over.
  11. Tindalen

    Farming, cooking, & preservation.

    All of these are well articulated and reasonable requests, I love it. The addition I would add is, unique storage units. Give me a book shelf that only holds blue prints, maps, and music sheets and has 100(+) slots! An armory that stores only armor, another for only weapons?
  12. Tindalen

    Monstrous Sperm Whale

    5-6 blubber per whale? What the actual... I get the meat.. was hoping that would be prime That is all very disappointing. Well we still need to kill at least one for the discovery points.
  13. Tindalen

    Monstrous Sperm Whale

    Very cool! Did you record? I would love to see a whale hunt. We were thinking about rigging out our schooner for gathering blubber.
  14. Tindalen

    Monstrous Sperm Whale

    M3 to D2 is all tundra, I have only seen the gentle whales in the tundra and they do not attack unless provoked. I also live in the tundra. As to the OP: Yes, they agro from a very long distance, if you see a health bar... run. What sails were you running on your sloop? I had a single medium speed on an empty sloop and the whale I saw never had a chance to get near me. On my way back I saw another one, same medium sail but at 75% weight capacity, I was barely out pacing it, but it did eventually give up. I have also seen and out run them easily in my brig running 3 large speed sails.
  15. Tindalen

    Poll: How do you lose your ships (PvE)?

    1st raft: lost to gators 2nd raft: still own 1st sloop: still own 2nd sloop: lost to a pack of ghost ships camping a server wall 1st schooner: stuck on a sand bar before we knew about reverse, then a storm hit 2nd schooner: still own 1st brig: still own