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  1. We are Lotus are trying to clear out our bear breeding barn so we are having a massive Clarence sale on all of our bears. These bears will range in level and stats but they are 100% imprinted and range in level from 64 and 94 before any levels are put into them. These bears will be neutered/spayed and will cost 2,000 gold each. Any of our bears that are not fully imprinted or have levels added to them we will sell at a discounted price of 1000 gold each and they are sold as-is and are also neutered/spayed. You can pick-up your purchase from K5 - The Sharktooth Holm. We will sell NON-Neutered/spayed bears as a pair for 250k if you are interested in breeding them. These bears are located on i7 versus K5. For more information and screenshots of average stat bears please join our Discord: https://discord.gg/R7KnMeX
  2. It's a bread bear. I want to say 45 levels
  3. I've changed the buttons and still get the Gamepad_ for the right click and left click for cannons
  4. Barely found any metal nodes as well. Straw was found one of them which not sure is supposed to be there or not as well.
  5. I can vouch that the bear speed was nerfed they are slow as hell now.
  6. Just suggestions I think of or someone from my company bring up that sound like a great idea. Ability to rename structures - Preserving Bag - Forge - Smithy - Mortar & Pestle Imprinting works like Ark.. one person imprint other company can help imprint - Allows for smaller groups to help out with imprints so one person doesn't have to be on for 2-3 days straight Resource Box (Allow these items to be placed into resource box) - Mythos - Gunpowder Ammo Container - Allow all ammo to be put inside container - Pistol / Carbine / Blunderbluss / Arrow / Grenade / etc Unique Storage (Allows more unique texture storage for role playing and just added benefits for each item) - Gear/Armor - Weapons - Tools - Taming Ship Wrecks - Ability to hide the shipwreck icon on map as larger companies it spam all over the map
  7. Is this supposed to be like this or is this a bug?
  8. I'm talking about just the cheating in general that would put an unfair advantage over someone who would come in level 1 for the PVE aspect if they ended up going against someone in a random PvP battle that cheated. I agree cheating occurs on PvE but it doesn't effect other players/companies that much.
  9. They could just keep the PvE server and then maybe add into the PvP server with some PvE areas. Server would need to be wiped due to all the cheating on PvP to make it fair for anyone new coming in
  10. Still seems to be 34 from what I've seen
  11. I didn't just skim over the thread. I've read the whole thing and have been keeping up with it. Getting the sub for defeating the kracken is perfect reward. It takes a little time and effort and even solos and duos can find other groups on the forums / in-game etc to group up and do the kracken. You don't even need all 9 powerstones to get the sub which makes it even easier even tho powerstones can be done solo.
  12. I use a bear and then bola from the bear and never have a problem. I use to face taming problems when I would use traps especially for the bigger mounts
  13. Build on pillars to prevent cobras from eating your animals. Since I've did this I haven't lost a single animal to cobras.
  14. On the old map, we were considered a small group towards the end and ran the kracken with Lotus numerous times. You just have to find people who are like minded and complete the adventure. There is no need to handout everything or the game will boring in a week
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