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  1. Sergey

    BLACKWOOD PowerStones locations

    Did anyone find the boss cave with MotherSnake Anacthyon?
  2. Sergey

    BLACKWOOD PowerStones locations

    Thank you so much guys! You have helped me a lot. By the way, after the last update in the underwater city, the lights were completely turned off. Previously, it was a beautiful underwater city, glittering with colorful lights, now - sadly shit.
  3. Sergey

    BLACKWOOD PowerStones locations

    I found only 1 PS underwater cheat setplayerpos -600247 705883 -8532 -80,03 94,12 need find 2 more For the Boss, I think we need get the all PowerStones to summon it
  4. Sergey

    BLACKWOOD PowerStones locations

    cheat setplayerpos -529885 763760 15407 -70,65 101,83 cheat setplayerpos -501701 685634 29015 -66,89 91,42 cheat setplayerpos -534584 619869 15599 -71,28 82,65 cheat setplayerpos -573200 838274 29232 -76,43 111,77 cheat setplayerpos -613600 747576 2047 -81,81 99,68 cheat setplayerpos -600247 705883 -8532 -80,03 94,12 cheat setplayerpos -457589 714561 11040 -61,01 95,27 looking for 2 more powerstones
  5. Sergey

    Blackwood Saps/Sugars

    Where did you find it? can you give coordinates?
  6. Does anyone know the location of the Power Stones and Power essences on the Blackwood map?
  7. Sergey

    Bear speed was nerfed?

    Thanks, but it is unbearable. I use a bear every day, and the current running speed is almost equal to walking steps.
  8. Sergey

    Bear speed was nerfed?

    How did you calculate this? Where are these exact numbers? Teach me please.
  9. Sergey

    Bear speed was nerfed?

    After the last update, the bear has run very slowly. Is this such a secret nerf or a bug that will be fixed?
  10. When can we expect GridEditor updates?
  11. Sergey

    Combat phase too long

    Guys, I thought this game is about the Sea, about sea battles, on ships ... at sea. And now it turns out that the game is about ground pvp. I know a few companies that are very good at ground pvp and do not have any warships at all. With such system these companies will always WIN. With this balance we have: 8 hours at work, 2 hours a day for food, 5 hours of sleep per day, 9 hours ground pvp ... Tell me, when can I set the sail? After all, this is a game about the Sea. Or not? Or is this game = ARK 2.0?
  12. Sergey

    Atlas Unofficial Links - Fansites, Tools & More

    Globy! Thank you so much for a great product. It is very useful and convenient!
  13. Sergey

    Atlas Unofficial Links - Fansites, Tools & More

    I also found missing levels in other animals. For example, the Bull, the cow and the lion have 1,2,4 (missing 3 lvl), and the Chicken and Giraffe have 1,2,3,5 (missing 4 lvl). At the same time, Ostrich and Tigr have the correct sequence of levels. Please check carefully.
  14. Sergey

    Atlas Unofficial Links - Fansites, Tools & More

    I found an error with the calculation of health with click-increase of stat: Levels (PTS) levels increase sequentially excluding 4 after 3 followed 5 Additionally, I found an error in a mathematical calculation of health: instead of 814.06 there should be 813.8
  15. Sergey

    Atlas Unofficial Links - Fansites, Tools & More

    Web-app calculator error https://globy.dev/ Connection timed out. Error 522 Ray ID: 4d9c310b6c8dc29a • 2019-05-20 06:18:39 UTC