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  1. Call that foundation spamming - pfft thats not spamming THIS iS: Some guy called Su showed up in a galleon this morning on this tiny Isle that me and another guy lives on its not a claimable isle and its not in lawless but it was a nice little place and now its just coverered completely in thatch foundations right up to all my buildings including shipyards, lighthouse etc. Tried to talk to him he just walked up to my face then walked away doesnt say a word, maybe not english, no idea.
  2. Get this everytime without fail please fix it.
  3. Title says it all had normal parts on my brig for a few weeks then suddenly today they changed into the textures for a house and lost all the paint. Even had one tringle piece flip around. PVE EU The Whale's Solitude - G4 - doesn't seem to be isolated to any grid.
  4. Maybe same problem I had, have a look at this.
  5. Recieved a windows update last night KB4495667, logged into Atlas today to find my stable game suddenly crashes to desktop with no error every 10 mins. After a little troubleshooting, uninstalled this update and game is once again stable. Something for devs to look at maybe? Asus Sabertooth Z87 Socket 1150 HDMI DisplayPort 8-Channel HD Audio ATX Motherboard Cooler Master HAF X Hgh Airflow Full Tower Intel Core i7 4770K 3.50GHz Socket 1150 8MB Cache Retail Boxed Processor Asus Sabertooth Z87 Socket 1150 HDMI DisplayPort 8-Channel HD Audio ATX Motherboard Corsair Vengeance 16GB (4x 4GB) 2133MHz DDR3 Red Heatspreader Memory Kit EVGA GTX 780 3GB GDDR5 6008MHz Dual-DVI HDMI DisplayPort PCI-E Graphics Card OCZ 240GB Vertex 3.20 SATA III 2.5 SSD ADATA Premier SP550 240GB SATA III 2.5inch SSD 2x Seagate 3TB 3.5" SATA Desktop Hard Drive (Raid 0) Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 850W Semi Modular 80+ Gold Power Supply Pioneer BDR-S07XLT 12x Internal Blu Ray Writer Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 4 Heatpipes/1x120mm Fan CPU Air Cooler
  6. So I bought a figurehead and placed it on a brig, unfortunately my water barrel was placed in the prow of the ship and can now no longer be interacted with from any angle.
  7. I totally agree with this, SotD should drop more gold dependant on there level of course.
  8. My copy of Atlas is installed on a 500Gb SSD drive I do have 2 x 3Tb sata drives and one other SSD but SSD tend to be smaller and a lot more expensive. I was only asking because this game is twice the size of even GTAv which has a lot more "game" in it, so I thought it was some kind of error.
  9. ...check the size of Atlas on your hard disk, for me it is taking up 112GB which seems more than a little excessive. Would just like to know if it is actually this size or if I have some doubled up data or something and I need to reinstall, thanks!
  10. We have lots of posts about griefers and Wildcard /Grapeshot Games / Instinct Games is not banning them. OK, how about just give us the same ORP System you used in Ark you already have the code. We log off 15 mins later all our stuff is invulnerable and the griefers are stymied. Please consider this. You as a Developer realised it was the way to go in Ark, why did you come to that decision?
  11. The Island on the left is a mirage. After a relog its gone, just a graphical glitch of some kind but sometimes they look quite real and can be confusing.
  12. Its a graphical glitch I get it often after sailing into a new grid fixed always by a relog, they really do look like islands often with a glow around them.
  13. This patch downloads 4.3Gb then deletes the game and starts a full game install.
  14. Hoping a dev will let us know what this actually means. Does building on a ship count as activitity, does it need to be moved, does crew being alive fed and paid count? etc?
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