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  1. And you wonder why there are so few players playing this game after 3 months of pure hell!
  2. what changed in latest patch, non players and join server now..
  3. trouble is you can research all day long and not find anything on how to edit atlas redit files .....
  4. Did deleting it work? grapeshot is so vague on any of the redis things,,,,,,
  5. Not looking so good anymore, is it even worth hosting a server? https://steamcharts.com/app/834910
  6. upperking

    loot map quality

    In the map grid editor..
  7. Your asking if you can run two separate Redis data bases on same machine
  8. Try updating it with out the app start /wait /high C:\steamcmd\steamcmd.exe ^ +login anonymous ^ +force_install_dir C:\ATLAS2\ ^ +app_update 1006030 validate ^ +quit
  9. when I added they 11 grids to make the 5x5 to a 6x6 all the clam flag areas were moved from their original place to out in the water in other words they are misaligned now