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  1. I tested playing connected to another ISP, it didn't work. I solved my problem using VPN. I used a VPN that offers several servers in different countries. What I found was the following. I tested 2 VPN (CANADA) = I was unable to connect I tested 7 VPN (USA) = I was unable to connect I tested 4 VPN (Europe/Different countries) = I was able to play normally without LAG would the server host be blocking or limiting traffic from other countries ???
  2. Connection issue here, travelling /crossing grids cause connection timeout for me
  3. Hello Pathfinders i have a problem annoying with ATLAS Servers, it's been a few days that whenever I try to change the grid navigating in the ocean occurs "Server Connection Timeout" and then I can't get back into the game for hours. I have already lost two ships because of this problem. Problem occurs in any GRID, mainly in Lawless regions. Network: PVE Global Grid: Random ( most common in lawless). image: Anyone else with the same problem?
  4. Some crew members and I are trying to join in the NA PVE servers on the F13, O6 and O5 grid and it is not possible. anyone with same problem? some of the servers are not appearing on the map of grid selection menu in game most lawless servers on the "O" grid are apparently off-line. Network: NA PVE Servers with problems: O6, O5, F13 and O4
  5. So I don't like the single player, I get the temptation to unlock everything using commands is too big lol. After losing everything more than once it is frustrating to return to the game.
  6. I had nothing to do since the PVE servers were shut down there out of curiosity I tried to start Non-Dedicated mode and with another Xbox One control hit the Start button on player 2 and to my surprise this came up: Ok I was excited and thought I could play with my brother but unfortunately I couldn't because pressing Start on Controller 2 with Player 1 ingame the crash game:
  7. I am testing WPE and it really makes the game more immersive, but it still needs a lot of tweaking, it was a good decision not to release it yet. In the first camp I visited I already had a pirate NPC trapped under the ground making it impossible to conquer the settlement. If this happens on the official network it must be very frustrating. see screenshot below... WPE Procedural - Procedural needs adjusting, Pirate NPC structures appear buried in the ground and their cannons often point to rocks, it would be nice for each flag to demolish all structures of a WPE conquered within the flag radius. NPC Pirate - If you are low level and play Solo you can forget you will not be able to win without firearms and a lot of patience. NPC Pirate Ship - are too overpower a Brig Pirate lv.20 is more damage resistant than a Galleon SOTD lv 35~40. Despite being fun, for a second you forget that there are no humans there and much more fun than fight with SOTD the ships even repair themselves despite not having NPC aboard.
  8. curious to see how many thousands of new gamers will appear in Atlas coming from Xbots and how many will perish after a few days.
  9. lol if no one wants me on as a company mate i just go to Single Player. Play SOLO on the official network never again.
  10. You can be sure that another wipe will occur after October 8th and all because of these "Wild Pirate Camps". They will first test and fix this system using feedback from single player mode players and then launch it on the official network. In short who starts playing after wipe already has a date to lose everything, we just don't know when. Really dedicate yourself to this game only at the official release and in single player mode.
  11. Yes for single player mode will be great, but the WPC will eventually arrive on the official Network, let's say there is practically a scheduled wipe after what will happen on 08/Oct. Sorry, Just trying to see things a bit further.
  12. With this new "Wild Pirate Camps" if I understand the proposal that seems to make the game more realistic and immersive but at the same time is a great tool to permanently get rid of solo players or small groups. Imagine how much TIME it will take for a solo player to level up, unleash the skills needed to make weapons, and a boat with some cannon pick up some gold and then and until the island kills all NPCs and NPC Boats on an island. . In the race to claim an island time is the most important thing and the solo/ small group will not have that advantage. All of this for a solo can take days already a large group does in hours. and they can even eliminate all ground NPCs with just punches in minutes. What I foresee is to happen what happened in the early days after the launch which was where 6~10 mega companies had all the islands and who played solo was sentenced to lead in LawLess vying for space with those same companies.
  13. Hi everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to transfer my save from Official NA PVE to single player mode ? Since the wipe has been confirmed and I don't want to have to do it all again in single player mode.
  14. I also imagined it would be that but I have been observing it for a few months since first mega update. sometime that something has changed in the game. Several times I found an animal lv.26~29 and was too lazy to tame because it was in an inaccessible location or was without the favorite food or even the servers were out of 2X Week and hours or days later I would return to the same location and the animal was there with the same level, same color pattern and gender. Already at lv.30 if I don't catch him at that moment when I first see him (spawn moment) and lose sight of him he disappears. It is worth mentioning that I know that the game has an anti-stuck script for animals in which if they are stopped blocked by some obstacle the system removes it from the map different from what happened in ARK animals were stuck in almost everything.
  15. Hello. For some time during the Lv.30 animal hunt I have noticed that they simply disappear without any explanation just by looking in the opposite direction or moving away from them a bit after some update I don't know exactly which one. Would you like to know if other people have seen this happen or heard of it at some point? Is this a bug or something intentional? It is worth mentioning that this does not happen with animals Lv.29, 28, 27 .... you can for example let a wild bear lv.29 wander around it does not disappear only if it is stuck or if the server is restarted and please don't come to say that some other animal kills a lv.30 bear in fractions of a second or that someone else or tame it because it was just me and the bear on the spot.
  16. The problem is not the color. Just painting the boat caused Timeout/Lost Connection and I can no longer play.
  17. A few minutes ago I for the first time after 3000 hours of play tried to paint one of my boats. I never tried to paint anything in the game and to my surprise soon after painting some planks of my galleon black the game gave the problem "Host Connection Timeout" I was alone on the O5 grid with the 72ms ping. After that I tried to log in again many times and now I can not without the same error Lost Connection / Timeout Please fix it !!!
  18. A few months ago, I said here that I would only return after a cleaning, but I decided to go back and I hope the cleaning will not occur. I had given up playing and spent two months without playing and right now that I go back to play and recover all that I had lost including finally got an island going to have clean again? !! I even understand that people who want to clean up are part of the share of players who do not have an island and are forced to live without law (believe me, I know very well what it is) but there are currently many islands available on NA PVE , even in tropical or temperate zones, just look a little. but if there's no solution and wipe is unavoidable for technical reasons don't exclude the damn char, get all discovery points for the third time nobody deserves it.
  19. I lost everything my old VGA died and could not play. I'm ready for almost 20 days offline and I sure missed everything already. I played alone after spending ~ 1200 hours pos-wipe. After my VGA died the developers announced that a solo player now had 70 island points ... I am very lucky. (no islands for me again) I'll only play again if another wipe occurs.
  20. Finally single player mode I will lose everything soon because my VGA stopped working but the Single Player mode made me happy.
  21. In update v207.93 they made some cool changes related to large store and resource box however it seems that good things can never come without an NERF.
  22. If it were possible to use prevent salt or ice in Feeding Trough it would be interresting.
  23. Hello @SparcMX the project was abandoned? it is no longer possible to update the ASC to the latest version
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