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  1. If you read the Patchnotes the Fountain of youth has a locked position now to one agen ruin ! i wanna know where it is for NA PVE ! so simple
  2. Someone know whats the fixed position on NA PVE for the FOY now ?
  3. I was reading here someone said they would leave if the Devs would Wipe the Servers . I am 100% sure they will, specialy if they would implement something that is a major Game change ! Better be prepared for that cause other EA Games also made server wipes more than ones ! It is a normal process for Games in that stage Most seems to forget that EA also means the Players are the Beta Testers for the Game !You mostly pay to Test a Game that is NOT in a final stage. Many People will leave and some come back. It´s in all Games the same ! But sadly in todays Time the Gamers Community is mostly a Bunch of crying people for every single thing that maybe is not in there favour !I am sure many games did go wrong BECAUSE the Devs did listen to much to the Gamers. It´s there Vision of the Game not the Gamers Vision ! All we can do is wait and see what happens over Time since the Game is 2 more Years in development Status ( EA) And BTW Conan might not have so many players but a constant player Base and many still like it and i know many people that always come back to conan for a while and find new fun in it. so same will be with Atlas i am sure.
  4. Hey isn´t that nice for ALL the PVP players who love a Challenge Change is Good and i am sure since it is early access there will be lots more changes during the 2 years where people cry,or say they quit and so on and so on.....
  5. Age explains a lot ! Because Comments and posts like that mostly come from very young gamers ! This is a pure Kids reaction ! And Hey do you even know they Game is not official released ? This Game is in Early access ,Release Date is in around 2 years .Maybe you should google what Early access means.
  6. Well you guys know the reason for not jumping on other peoples Boat ! strange i did walk over so many rafts just 1 day ago when i was at the agen ruins for the Fountain of youth !i had no problem walking over a Raft ! sloops and higher,yes you hover kind of over them and with lag you mostly get stuck!but than you punch till stamina is empty and you die pretty fast................
  7. Like someone said ! Would be maybe better you would have just ask , before you build and the owner change the status ! EDIT : I just saw a post where u said you did ask !You still just started building without waiting for a reply.......... Oh i know someone will say he is tired of Comments like that but you come much more far if you ask nice! If someone comes and starts building without asking i sure understand the owner of changing the status of the Flag.Specialy since he maybe realise that it is one of the Flags he forgot to change. In our Region peole ask if they can have a peace of land ! And guess what, in 99% they get a peace of land .Since i am in this Region i NEVER saw any negative going on because People are friendly and helpfull . Yes on official pve btw
  8. God how old are you ? Sounds very childish to say something like that ! Probably not the right Game for you i would say You know what makes a Game Bad ? People like you making comments like that !
  9. I am more and more shocked reading all this comments ! I have the feeling it is all written by kids between 4 and 8 Years of age! I can not say it often enough Early access means the Devs kind of can change and do how ever they want! And you all can be sure there will be roll backs and probably even total wipes before the Game finaly gets released in about 2 Years . You dont like this ? theres a simple solution.........................Dont Play it...
  10. As i was saying in a Post yesterday , It dont stay 50 Ingame days like it say in the Patchnotes ! The Age Cycle is way to fast ! And the Cycle of the Fountain as well ! If it stay like this the Game will be more a "Hunting the FOY" instead of a Pirat Game nd whats even more Crazy , once you FINALY get to an Island where it is you almost have no chance to get there cause tons of overpowered mobs are on the Entrance not really fun,specialy when the Server is laggy like Hell from all the Players there
  11. First of all Just because this is the Forum dont means the devs react to your post.And there Job is not to pure Ban people! And to call them cheaters just because maybe asian ,without knowing whats going on and u want them all banned?wow ! Did you check your flaggs lately?maybe you forgot to change them from "anybody can build" to "company only" And sorry the way you react here to all the posts,yes thats crying! first you scream for help than u come and say you will defend it for sure...lol
  12. Theres a simple Thing to this !Take the Aging System out as long it is NOT DONE !! In the Stream the Devs was even talking about how it´s not done and that the Fountain comes in the Patch in February ! And than in the same night after the streamthey allready pump this crazy patch out with the age debuff and the fountain ! Maybe the Devs thought the people will love them for this, but sorry i think that was a BAD Move.
  13. So what is with the Problem that it said the fountain stays 50 ingame days at a spot and now it´s maybe 15 maximum? We sail all the way from c11 to c6 as soon we saw it is there and when we arrived it was allready gone! and than u even hardly get on the island from all the fire elementals,hydras and god knows what else This fountain thing needs a total rethink or people will leave from frustration . And i am sure i am not the only one who think like that
  14. First of all who tells you it was only 1 Person,second quit in front of 750 viewers, ahm they come back i am sure ! Still, THIS Game is in early access ! they can come and say "sorry guys for implementing a new system we wipe all Servers" and thats it ! Early access always means many Bugs and unseen happenings and actions and if you can´t handle that than This kind of Games are maybe not the right thing for you! Btw they said in a Post it was multiple Bans......
  15. What i dont understand, that in the Stream they was talking about the patch comes in February !!!??? And than after the Stream it did not take very long till the Server Message came up like "we change to V15 in 8 Hours" WTF Devs ?? You said yourself the System is not totaly Ready yet !! Better take care of all this chinese Hackers that hack YOUR ADMIN Accounts and spawn in Shit instead of putting in a System that dont works and gonna chase away most of your players! I was defending The Game long enough so you better show finaly that you care about your players
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