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  1. Ctrl-Alt-Rage

    No Building Allowed Trolls

    That's great and all on the topic of asking nicely - which I did. Multiple times over a day or so. The thing you're forgetting - is that the company in question literally owned 75% of the island in question. Also - every claim flag of theirs is just a flag with a bed next to it so they can just teleport to it if it were ever contested (another very, very dumb mechanic). And the area I was building on was an area they were never at or go to. I know this because for a week I was building there and never once saw anyone from the company - or even a chat message. I'm sure we'll agree to disagree - but that's irrelevant. I've not even logged on since it happened and probably won't again. I'll consider renting my own server and playing on that if I can get a following to join it so the server has "life". But right now with how things are going - I'm not going to invest anything until the faults get ironed out - if ever. And in a weird way of sympathy toward the company in question - they can't demolish my building either. So the mechanic screwed over both of us. Which I guess is a subtle form of delicious irony.
  2. Ctrl-Alt-Rage

    No Building Allowed Trolls

    And to touch on that comment too - I actually did send out a global message to the cell asking if anyone from that particular company was on. But no one replied after multiple attempts. They also own/claimed most of the island in question so it wasn't like I was doing anything that could hurt their current layout. This whole land claim thing is really silly. It should be limited to the amount of people in the company. (1-5 people = 1 claim, 6-10 people 2 claims, etc.)
  3. Ctrl-Alt-Rage

    No Building Allowed Trolls

    That was really the only appeal I had with an official PVE server - just sailing around and seeing "other life". It was neat for me to travel to distant islands and see other boats pass by - giving me a wave.
  4. Ctrl-Alt-Rage

    No Building Allowed Trolls

    It's ultimately a mechanic that after my company told me what happened - I've logged in once in the last 3 days as opposed to me logging in every day for a minimum of 2-4 hours throughout a 24 hour period. While I may not match the primary demographic (I'm 36 and don't have the option to play 6-10+ hours a day because I run a couple companies) I'm still a dedicated player hoping the game's faults get hashed out. Where it stands right now - I'm confused on why the Devs thought this mechanic was a good one.
  5. Ctrl-Alt-Rage

    No Building Allowed Trolls

    Our company found a nice little bay area on a PVE server that was currently claimed - but no one had built on it. I built up the base - perfectly fine with the 30% tax. I invested hours and hours into building a pier and base for the bay area - only to have the land owners change the flag to "no one can build here" - leaving my base useless. I can't even add a door to a missing doorway. This is a terrible mechanic. If I claim land and let people build there - all I need to do is change the setting for them being unable to build and all of that work those players put into their base is for nothing. It really put a bad taste in my mouth for the game for the first time. Not because I "got rekt" by another company - but because of a poorly designed mechanic that can easily be exploited by A**holes.