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  1. yes please, remove every shitty mini game water mini game reload mini game feeding / taming mini game repair mini game (can stay maybe, still is annoying if you are in a pressure situation) just remove EVERY single mini game which was super lazy implemented
  2. what ever they give you its an ETA which means they move it if they want (99% likely to happen) asking for a date just shows you don´t know the devs behind this. don´t bother even if they give one it happens when it happens. just check out how frequently they delay content updates etc. its nothing unusual for WC/grapeshot to do and they also don´t really seem to bother holding certain dates. if you take holiday to play on the wipe day, don´t do it. if you wait for something from them don´t do it. just spend your time somewhere else until its done and return. just saying, but I told that guys in ARK for over 3 to 4y and still people were asking for precise release dates. so.. what ever tbh
  3. 1) Change claims to one per person period. And structures to personally owned only. Incentivizing smaller structures and smaller bases. they can´t. people would lose all their claims, their claim ranking would not work, the game is not intended to be "one claim per person" 2) incentivise trading and ship movement by making resources spread out and raise the value and usefulness of gold. they did that already with sap for example. people complained they need to travel to far to get sap, they changed it based on player feedback to be more available 3) Making anchoring in your one personal claim give ship immunity to prevent Offlining. you only have 1 claim and then it has to be a water claim 4) This in turn will better server performance as it will reduce structural size of bases. it won´t. people will work around this and just build on multiple claims etc. 5) Limit spawns to one land based bed and one boat based bed that players have to set similar to hearth stones in world of Warcraft. works good with 100+ people company and 1 min. bed CD
  4. this can´t be fixed. their hitbox/collision box is in their body. they would need to change it fully which wasn´t done in ARK in 3-4y, so this is not going to happen here as well, sorry. move on to the next topic
  5. since day 3 of release I have an elephant standing on top of a "small gate" high complex. not a single animal has ever touched him ever. additionally. tames are the biggest time saver you can get, so even if you lose a couple taming them again is worth the time. if you do not like bugs and stuff you might want to wait until the game is out of EA (so never)
  6. why comment in THIS thread? its one of a million. need attention?
  7. tax bank solution is so bad to start with..
  8. 2 week break? everything should be gone by now. time to start over on a freeport
  9. I played ARK PvE for thousands of hours. Only taming kept me bussy yet alone all the bosses and the dangers etc.
  10. Well I guess you play PvP right? Cause if you play PvE then I don´t get your comment. PvE is mostly dead. What do you actually do there? You build, you visit islands and you farm some EXP and SOTD. There are no challenges or enemies that are actually worth fighting except maybe kraken. PvE is utterly boring and I often wish that we had at least 1 PvP server in our PvE grid to sink some ships while fighting people to have a reason to build new stuff. In PvE you never lose ships or anything, nothing attacks your base so you never need to build defenses etc. Taming and breeding is boring as hell and the variation on stuff you can actually tame and use in a useful way is very limited. PvP has actually the biggest content right now because people can fight each other and then rebuild etc. (like they have a reason to build and farm) For PvE what reason do you have except you think "I must have a big base that looks like a city. It has 0 use and I will never need it for anything except good looks) My neightbors have a fucking fleet of ships and it just gets more and more because they build and build and build. That´s the only thing they can literally do at the moment. What do you do with gold from treasure maps? Nothing in PvE .. you buy a bit of crew and maintain them for ages.
  11. this is most likely your issue right? I could solve it but I get into the following situation. When ever I explain to people how they solve it the chances of it being fixed by the devs are lowered cause a) .. no one upvotes my bug report regarding this cause your problem is solved and b) devs think if we fix it on our own there is no need to fix it right away I feel your pain. My bad. This happens relatively frequently but as I said.. My thread 0 upvotes ... I feel horrible for leaving you with your issue despite knowing how to fix it sorry for that.
  12. - you do a little jump when you leave water (ARK has that for years so I guess that is intended?) which is hilarious strange and annoying at times - crew member can´t wander but have wander option - crew member can´t harvest but have harvest option - tames vanishes/is killed when you port them on your ship if a npc crew member is on the same spot - tames phase in / phase out - giraffe still does lower thatch harvest than by hand - FoY entrance is spammed by abandoned ships (hundrets) causing powerstone islands to be a lag fest - fire elemental on powerstone islands are literal gods compared to hydra and other stuff - crossing server grids deletes sometimes shoulder pets - crossing server grids sometimes moves tames from the ship leaving them at server boarders to die - not all discovery points are working which is annoying as fuck if you go there and don´t get it after a long travel (solutions is: put a chair down, sit and stand up in the discovery. take a tame with you, get up and down. place a bed and die and spawn there) - treasure hunts are in stones or mountains unable to receive gold - killing damned monsters of treasure hunts don´t count as killed if you kill them to far away (annoying! ) - claim system bugged beyond believe. in pve a company with 223 claims has an claim timer of 3d 18h (hilarious if you consider you only need to be online once to refresh all timer as it seems) - traveling makes almost no sense, just farm gold and trade resources in your freeport for what you need - ship level cap is to low and you get it to easy making SoTD useless in PvE after you leveled up. blueprints in PvE are useless you don´t have anything to fight that would be worth the investment (kraken just go there with 2 more ships instead of mythic ships etc.) - we have dozent of dead ships on our beach reducing FPS and we can´t remove them ourselfs (PvE) - NPC Crew sit on the wrong place when mounted to sails - NPC crew following is really bad - Cow following you is fast as lightning (could be lag) - Server has 20 FPS on our island (while i get 90 FPS if I´m away from islands or in polar regions) cause of all the structures and stuff spawned. Game is 0 optimized and will never be (ARK still has huge FPS issues to this day if you encounter bigger bases) there is so much stuff broken and annoying and I could bear with it if the game wouldn´t be so damn empty. you think the amount of islands would make it a huge exploration game but in the end you have 5 mirrored copies of each island in each different climate zone and that´s it. since you only have the limited base building elements every damn building looks the same, ever island looks the same and every harbour looks the same. i really don´t know what I should do in this game except farming gold for nothing.. the dream of creating my own one piece to let others hunt for it maybe
  13. I would kill them for exp for my ship.. if it wouldn´t level within one day to 41 and then cap out there. I really wish you had unlimited levels for your ship (and yeeeees, I know balance etc.) but for PvE that shouldn´t matter. At least we got something to do.. create a legendary brig with 100k weight
  14. EU PvE .. claimed yesterday 2 pieces of land in tundra region. server had 2 people online at that time not sure why people have issues finding stuff.
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