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  1. Targetone hit the correct answer. Toggle Light Bloom to off Turning down your gamma and stuff is treating the symptom rather than the cause, the hyper-aggressive glare from bright snow, and especially sheet ice is a product of light bloom and will stop completely when toggled off. You won't need to touch the gamma if you do that. Source: I live in polar
  2. RyuujinZERO

    destroying player ship PvE

    Ship despawn times seem kind've weird and finicky. I don't think there is a "timer" persay in the same way as structures, rather the server does a mass cleanup script of ships that are unused on a perhaps monthly basis. I had 2 old ships I'd abandoned near my harbour that were collecting dust for a whole month and another ship i hadn't used in several days. Then one day I logged in and all 3 ships had vanished simultaneously, while the two other ships that saw regular use were fine. If the player is still logging in every now and then that will also stop the cleanup
  3. RyuujinZERO

    Character/Gold preservation

    Yup, someone stuck a bunch of boxes like that on my island and can confirm they have an insane 40 day timer, just log in once every 40 days and the timer refreshes. Obviously this only applies to PvE. In PvP you'd have to hide the box really well lest someone find and smash it
  4. I need to get myself a giant pile of bunny ear skins (And the breeding bonus wouldn't hurt either) =:3 (For those out of the loop, the 'Hoppening' was the Easter event starting April 19th last year, which had a breeding bonus for the duration, and dropped special 'funky egg' tokens from treasure and chickens that could be traded in for cosmetic bunny ears and some other stuff)
  5. RyuujinZERO

    All the one non lawless lands are horded

    We just claimed another island today in Western temperate of all places on NA PvE, in middle of prime time on a weekend. If people spent as much time finding an island as they do lamenting how hard it is to find one, out they'd have one by now
  6. RyuujinZERO

    Where have the whales gone?

    Probably just RNG. I've encountered a few mean whales and several passive ones in the last few days just by accident
  7. RyuujinZERO

    Food Decay's to fast! Please slow it down.

    Cooked food like pies and stuff last for 2 weeks in a preserving bag per item - A full stack 30 will last just over a year before it spoils completely. Even if your issue is keeping animals fed, fresh vegetables like potatoes, placed in a feed trough last a week or more per stack and are trivial to farm in bulk. Meat is the only nuisance case, for keeping carnivores fed, even then, you can cook or salt the meat to make it last much longer if you know you'll have to be away for long periods. Living hand-to-mouth, with wild vegetables and berries from the bushes is, like in real life, not ideal for sustaining a society on your island - Think less like a scurvy pirate and more like a colonial governor if you want to maintain a colony.
  8. RyuujinZERO

    My AI crew will not fire...ever - Xbox

    I don't know which button corresponds to which on XBox, but here's a breakdown of the process and what you might be missing. It sounds like you have it all set up right and gunports open so that's good. At the bottom of the screen are your weapon groupings. You will need to make sure the groups you want to use are actually selected, when a grouping is selected it will have a purple hue instead of just being black, and will be ready to receive commands. There are 3 main firing modes of interest, Fire at Will, Attack Target and Manual Fire: Fire at will, (V on PC) will change the icon on the weapon group to a cannon firing. The AI will open fire automatically at hostile targets if they have a clear shot in this mode. Remember your cannons only have a ~15 degree arc of fire, and large cannons can't swivel sideways at all! Manual Fire (LMB on PC) will give you a targeting reticle as long as you hold the button and hold the reticle in a position they can actually hit. If you are doing this correctly, it will draw the grey/yellow tracer lines to help you aim the shot. They will fire once you release the button. Attack target (RMB on PC), will also give you a targeting reticle as long as you hold the button, however instead of drawing any line, you instead drop the reticle on the target you wish to attack. If you do it right the weapon group icon will change to a crosshair, and a large red reticle will ping the target you selected to confirm it worked, and your gunners will focus fire on that target as long as they can get a clear shot. I suspect the mistake you might be making is releasing the button too soon. Most attack commands aim while you hold the button, and activate when you release it in the correct location.
  9. RyuujinZERO

    Sail-less ships

    I saw a sailless schooner today too and wondered what was up. I've encountered some bugs in Singleplayer where NPC ships would rendered without their sails, but still be able to move, but have never encountered it in Multiplayer or affecting a player owned and built ship before now. There's nothing in the patch notes about there being a new 'motor' style sail component. Was this on an official server?
  10. RyuujinZERO

    Loss of Gear

    Have you left the freeport? Freeports you don't drop bags and stuff to avoid issues with clutter. You're not supposed to stay on the freeport longer than it takes to grab some starter gear, a raft and some supplies.
  11. RyuujinZERO

    Mob difficulty

    Much like ark, enemies feel like they were tuned to be fought on mounts, and once mounted most combat becomes entirely trivial. Still with proper weapons and armor like a pike and stuff, you can reasonably kill most enemies on foot in melee. But still, i just recommend pursuing taming early
  12. RyuujinZERO

    All the one non lawless lands are horded

    NA PvE most the claimed islands are like 75% wilderness, space for miles. Especially in less popular biomes like tundra and polar. Hell those biomes often have entire unclaimed islands
  13. RyuujinZERO

    Game items that make you go WTF?

    I live in polar, no berries at all. But i only have to go 1 zone to hit tundra, fill a crate up with berries, and bam. Crew fed for weeks. It's only an issue if you are trying to play atlas without a boat
  14. RyuujinZERO

    Base Defenses VS Bees

    WTB Bee grenades to throw at enemy defences
  15. RyuujinZERO

    Cargo harness on a floating bear

    The box is functionally a structure, aim at it, hold the use key and choose demolish If that isnt viable, like maybe the box didn't flip ownership properly, try getting an sotd to shoot at it, or let an elephant smack it about a bit, it'll eventually break
  16. Careful; the devs are going to hear that as "More ships of the damned please" and the regular zones will be back to being a sea of SotDs that are a slog to cross.
  17. RyuujinZERO

    Maps difficulty been increased

    The problem is that it's creating a very specific meta. Basically 'Crabs or bust'. We have a whole arsenal of weapons and potential strategies we COULD employ, but the devs seem hell bent on making sure we don't use them; any of the other myriad tames, besides crabs, firearms, crude ballistics like bows, melee weapons, incendiaries, artillery, mounted guns etc. I don't know why a developer would try and straightjacket the player's playstyle and options to such an extreme degree. Yeah, it's always been this way, if you take a really long time to pop open the chest, ALL the enemies respawn. Had this happen the first time we did a map as dumb newbies - just the 3 of us with bows and spears foolishly tried open a low end map xD - we got them down eventually, but just as I went to stick the shovel in the ground a new wave of them popped up xD
  18. RyuujinZERO

    Whats that X Shaped Sail Called?

    X-shape?- do you mean the one with a tall triangle sail in the centre, and 2 fin-like protrusions from the sides near the base? That's the "Large junk sail" skin, as Enki said, the freeport cosmetics vendor (Or travelling merchant ship) can sell you them; I think they're 1,000 gold each?. Obviously they can only be applied to large-size sails (Sub-type doesn't matter)
  19. So, we've had an outpost on an island owned by another company for over a month. We've been content to pay our taxes, we've even traded with them. For them our presence has been quite profitable since we're active daily with gathering animals and we've never had or caused any trouble. Even going so far as to set up a mailbox for offline inter-company communication. This week, we upgraded our base from wood/thatch to stone, and again no trouble. A few days later we added a garden space with crop plots, and tore up and renovated most of the interior as well as part of the doorway. Then, a few days ago, we logged in to find all the structures replaced in the last 24 hours had vanished, and left a gap in the wall where we'd replaced the door. At first we thought it was a buggy rollback, but then the evidence mounted that the owners of the island had pulled a smash-and-grab on us while the structures were fresh and still had the 24 hour owner-veto timer. This pissed us off, but we had chosen this island because it was ideal for our needs and weren't going to up-sticks and leave just because of a few jerks, and we knew the landowners only log in every few days (They don't appear to actually play or do anything with their island, just log in every few days and do maintenance to their slum of wooden box-huts). So, we repaired the exterior/garden and as predicted, the owners didn't log in for a few days and the repairs became permanent. Having now sealed the exterior of the structure, we replaced the sacked interior structures; beds, storage, smithies etc. confident the owners would not be able to access them to demolish. Then, this morning, we logged in to find the owners had returned, and somehow torn down all the interior renovations of a locked and sealed building. tl;dr My question is how did they do that? - Is there an island-owner function we don't know about that let's them mass-delete any structures built in the last 24 hours, or are they hacking/exploiting in order to clip inside the structure and we should be reporting them? Update: We're now on day 7 of the build/smash cycle. The owners seem to be logging in more frequently for the explicit purpose of trying ensuring we don't lock in any new structures and even parked their galleon adjacent to the base possibly trying to limit sea-access. There's pretty good evidence now that they don't have a guy logged out inside the base, they're phasing through the wall somehow. As stressed earlier, they're not actually degrading our operations in the region so we have no reason to leave, it's just some quality of life stuff they keep smashing up like food, beds, gear and blueprint storage. At this point is this even within the constraints of acceptable behavior or does this count as misconduct? - They're being asses for the sake of being asses. Update: A suitable island in the region adjacent to this one opened up and I managed to claim it - no more abusive landlords.. We've left this island.
  20. RyuujinZERO

    Bad landowner destroying stuff inside buildings?

    1) We never caught them online, they seemed to always log in shortly after I logged out. I made several attempts to contact them via other methods, like leaving billboard messages, unlocked boxes containing notes etc. but they just demolished them without a response. 2) At the time I posted this, we had one island, in the tropical region adjacent to equatorial, about as far from polar and whales as you can get. The base that the landowners started griefing was in polar and served as a whaling outpost. I have always stressed the base was an outpost and not our home base. (Though I spent more time in polar than tropical so the owner was getting the settler reduced gold costs) Yesterday a 15 point polar island opened up in the zone right next door to the outpost, and I managed to snag it, which made island #2, and is why I now use the past tense, because obviously I've packed up the old contested polar base and moved to the polar island we control. 3) Seems like a reasonable complaint to me. There's a big difference between a settler - someone who pays taxes, and grants the landowner an upkeep subsidy. And a squatter who pillars all the resources and real-estate, to deny other people the use of that island. If anyone wants to settle on our islands they're more than welcome! Living the age of sail colonialism dream - piracy is for suckers who get keelhauled
  21. RyuujinZERO

    How many people play this regularly?

    Single player has some odd quirks (Extreme weather health loss is exponentially more deadly than on official servers, weather lags behind a bit when transitioning zones, bed and ship locations don't update on the map in realtime etc), and it's unsurprisingly a little more crashy. But you can basically 'beat the game' in single player; and I have done so. On NA official, the lawless zones are a fustercluck of structures built on top of each others like slums, but most owned islands are largely empty - due to a mixture of people wary of landowners deciding to evict them without warning (And, I have had bad experiences with hostile landlords so that's a legitimate concern), and a load of misinformation about how taxes work (PvE taxes do NOT decrease your harvest yields!). Actually getting an island for yourself is a hit or miss affair. I hear a lot of people lamenting it's nigh impossible, but our little 2-man company owns and maintains 2 small islands so; YMMV. There's almost always a bunch of mid to large size islands open; but you would need a decent size company to pay the rent.
  22. RyuujinZERO

    Maps difficulty been increased

    Less maps being popped also means less gold taxes for land-owners, so the effective cost-per-day will rise for them, while on the flipside, the largest single faucet of gold (High end maps) are basically off the table entirely. I wouldn't be surprised if a bunch of land claims come back on the market soon if they don't revert this change. Also a bad time to be a whale
  23. RyuujinZERO

    Maps difficulty been increased

    I think it's to stop people cheesing them with ranged weapons. My observation is that they bury themselves if they don't get a hit in within a certain timeframe, similar to how animals will try run away and reposition. This can happen in melee because stuff like bears cause knock-back, which prevents them getting off any successful attacks. If you let them get a hit in now and then they don't seem to retreat
  24. RyuujinZERO

    Bad landowner destroying stuff inside buildings?

    It just occurred to me your username is the name of the island the company in question lives on...
  25. RyuujinZERO

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    I love doing treasure maps, but the stealth buff to AotD has kind've taken that off the table completely for me, so I can't say I like this patch, no. I like the loot table changes though that was a thing we've needed a long time. But literally nobody ever said "I don't think solo players, or non-fully-imprinted animals should be allowed to do treasure maps", and the loot table changes don't mean jack if you can't actually get the loot anymore. It's also slightly insulting that the 3 month long 'content patch' just amounts to some .ini tweaks, regardless of how good or bad the changes are.