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  1. Batshit Krazy

    Maps difficulty been increased

    It's not just bears that were nerfed. It's the entire algorithm of maps that is hosed. A friend and I found it impossible to do a lvl 5.8 common map and kill all the warrior AoD, with a Razor and a high level bear. The warriors would just respawn continuously at 25% health. Last week I could solo any 5.8 map in the game with the same bear. Some update. ...don't hold your breath.
  2. Batshit Krazy

    removing cargo saddle PvE

    ...still tryin to remove a cargo/box from claimed bears on NA/PvE, anyone know how? The game wont allow it
  3. Batshit Krazy

    Disappearing galleon

    I finished a galleon last month and was too lazy to paint it. So it remained in the shipyard for quite awhile. It just vanished today. Is there a timer of sorts that requires a launch in so many days?
  4. Batshit Krazy

    pve Cheap lions for sales

    I will buy all ya have at 50g. Msg me at our discord https://discord.gg/jfEt6NN Batshit Krazy
  5. Batshit Krazy

    xbox not see sail graphics

    I created several flags, cavassas and sails and some not all xbox players only see a blank. Whats up with this.?
  6. Batshit Krazy

    Xbox with PC chat

    Xbox Beta is broken. Just use the Xbox console that comes with Windows10 Works perfectly
  7. Batshit Krazy

    Xbox with PC chat

    is there a way that a pc player can chat directly with an xbox player? xboxers cant use discord and the atlas chatbox is limiting
  8. Batshit Krazy

    Base is crumbling before my eyes

    I just finished another large house a short distance from the taming barn . All seems well. So far
  9. Batshit Krazy

    Base is crumbling before my eyes

    This has happened twice before and 2 weeks apart. An entire corner of my 5 lvl tame barn disappeared. Yesterday part of my dock vanished too. Have I over built, or is it a dbase glitch? Enquiring minds need to know
  10. Batshit Krazy

    feeding tamed bears

    I appreciate the info on wiggle room. Makes me breath easier since I cant find veggies like potatoes. Only berries and meat, and some rice that I grow
  11. Batshit Krazy

    feeding tamed bears

    I can easily get berries and I will place a second trough and fill both to the brim with berries. Hopefully that will keep em happy.
  12. Batshit Krazy

    feeding tamed bears

    I need to leave town for 6 days, and I would like to keep my two hi lvl tamed bears alive. How much food and of which type do I need to put in the trough before I leave. How many berries? How much raw meats?
  13. Batshit Krazy

    Abandoned boat decay time

    I logged in this afternoon to find a ramshackle sloop without a bed blocking my harbor passage. It belongs to a guy named Lord Fox on NA/PvE. Probably a rookie. My question is how long before it decays.??? I doubt if this kid will return for it. Can a GM remove it?
  14. Batshit Krazy

    logon glitch

    Since the initial launch I've been plagued with logon problems to the NAPVE server. It would take several attempts and re-starts to finally get into the game. Recently, I can easily join the EUPVE server and then have to quit then quit to the main menu and then join my main server NAPVE. This is a royal pain and should have been fixed long ago. Once I'm in the game , it runs flawlessly. Please advise.
  15. Batshit Krazy

    Captain's Log 26: The Hoppening 🐰

    the delay of the NAPvE server is typical of the devs. Did you actually expect something different?