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  1. So someone parked their schooner at my dock and quit the game. Its been there for weeks. I know about the timer if someone jumps on it, so i built a giant ass box around it to prevent this. Waited 3 weeks and its still there. I know there is zero point in submitting a ticket as griefing is totally ignored according to Jat. Since this isn't a bug and is as intended I am in need of a crafty person to DM me a method to sink this damn thing. Now im not looking for exploits to harass people, I'm just looking for someone to either explain how this can be removed from harassing me or come and knock it out no questions asked.
  2. If you play on PvE-EU, You can deposit it into Krusty's Bait and Bank. Just open up an account and deposit for safe keeping. Located in N8, DM if you need assistance in creating your savings account.
  3. if you had admin rights you could spawn in anything you wanted gaining an unfair advantage
  4. They have a really awesome genre with Atlas. I'm sure they didnt think ark would take like it did, imagine how epic if they merged them a bit more. I always felt like Atlas should have been an prim expansion for Ark. Keeping them apart is cool but there is a lot of coding in Ark that is already done that they could bring over. They need to learn about selling some cosmetics for micro transactions. not just ugly hats but like an entire ship skin for example. Not sure if anyone played Ultima Online but in that game there were some rares that spawned in the world on timers. These decorative items sold for millions when they went extinct. There were also rare resource items from bosses and NPCs for crafting. I used to sell them on ebay and actually bought my first car selling shit from that game. It was loads of fun collecting the items. From a PvE perspective, people are into the RP and base building aspects. They need to enhance this. Its not ALL about t-bagging people. I enjoy a good fist gank like the rest but damn, how hard is it to get an intern to draw some decorative items? I'd also like to see power stones give you more engram points if you consume them. Give them a purpose beyond kraken. Enhance the skill lines. NOT cookie cutter classes. Keep what there is and Think Star Wars Galaxies. It had 31 skill lines you mix matched to create your own unique char. Dont change, just add more. Chef is a skill, Dancer, musician. Doctors for stat buffs. Galaxies had an epic crafting system that created this massive community in game surrounding it. People built player cities just to house malls. I get it will be hell to balance in PvP but what game has perfect balance? There is ALWAYS a meta. For PvE is more about play style and enjoyment. point is there are enough proven ideas. gleen. Crafting for resale could be given some love. Vendor shops should be tied to a server search engine. Even crap Linage 2 has a better auction house. I'm cool with travelling for a pick up but finding things is stupid. If you want to add a courier for a fee, cool, whatever. I can see this staying as it is. Its not funded and there isn't any source of income from it. So i agree, I doubt there will be an official release.
  5. I built a building around a schooner to prevent people from standing on it. seems like its been 3 weeks, so not sure how accurate this info is
  6. My buddy "Norway" and I "US" are constantly getting kicked off N8. log in and 5min later its kicked by battleeye client not responding. wtf Found this "Fix" for the Battleye glitch fix. I had this issue. attempted a few on the "fixes" this is what worked.1. join a new atlas and select your sever. DO NOT HIT CREATE NEW CHARECTER!! and ignore the connection error message2. you should have no interactions with your environment. u need someone to kill you. upon death your game should crash trying to load the deathscreen and hud.3. restart the game and join new atlas again. select your sever. once you respawn on a bed the battleye glitch loop should be broken and the server should communicate with you again.4. Enjoy having your rejoin button back
  7. Has anyone actually had a ticket answered? How long do they typically hold people hostage in crashed servers? asking for a friend
  8. My mate bought the game again, created another steam account. Then we tribed him up. He fast travelled to the ship and turned it around, sailed out of B1 into B2. We could then log back in. Something is wrong with B1, you can play in it for about 4min then it kickes you and you can't log back in. DONT GO TO B1
  9. Could someone bounce B1 please, Day 2 of being held hostage in that square. Nobody can rejoin, it keeps giving us an error.
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