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    Adding a gold cost to ships made in shipyards is really going to hurt the solos/small groups especially the ones that live in lawless.
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    I just wanted to voice a simple concern. If this trade system as noted in the patch notes is “the new way to make gold” I feel that it will alienate the community from each other. I know the dev primary focus is pvp but consider pve! If you kill off the pve community then half the games population will fall off. Please keep that in consideration before making that the end all for money making. Killing squids, for example, should still drop gold (even if it’s only 100) because it allows me to do a meat run for babies, have fun killing things and make a little cash!
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    Go back to the old map this map sucks
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    So my takeaway is: - Trade System will cause severe lag, and although there's some method of curtailing it, just look at PvE. When things got bad, you have done nothing but looked away. The same will happen here. - I guarantee sea forts will be blockaded 24/7 or someone will find a way to cheese-claim them and ruin their whole purpose within days. - Why bother giving us lip service about wipes when you gave PvE NA less than 24 hours before closing it last season? No one should trust you.
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    Well there is the simple fact that if everything starts costing gold, then they could start selling gold for real game cash on their website. I'm old enough to remember when game developers helped us escape from the real world, for a few hours at least.
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    With each new patch, more and more I want to play the very first version of the game, with one condition 1 player - 1 flag
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    I don't think you devs could come up with worse ideas unless you took huge amounts of mind altering drugs and hung upside down in an oxygen vacuum for a week! Roadmap? by the look of some of your new game ideas you'd need a map to find your own desks!
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    Sorry but this is just dumb. 1. Whoever created that trade fort needs to be sacked. In fact punched in the face then sacked. What are you doing here? You put a lighthouse on top of some gates, gratz. Appreciate its not finished but it better be a HELL of a lot better than that. 0 effort. 2. Why are you making people pay to build their own ships? I get paying for the pre-made at freeports which is fine but paying for a ship in your own shipyard with mats you have farmed makes no sense. Who are you paying and for what? The ship has been hand built with materials you've done yourself? It will hurt single players and smaller companies and make it harder for them to get going.. Unless the new trade routes are going to flood the market with gold. Which if this is the case will have an impact on trading and the economy, prices will get stupid for things if Gold is so easy to find. And then what would be the point in shipwrecks or doing Maps (other than BPs) which in PVE have limited use i.e buildings? 3. Removed XP for bosses? why? So how will players earn XP at higher levels. Past 80 the XP grind is slow AF! The only way to level is end game bosses. It also removes any reason to do them more than once. Once you get the Feat literally no reason to go back. 4. What the hell is the Ramming Ship? Who asked for that? Who even designed that, sorry, think I know ^^... People asked for a ship between Galleon and Brig aka Frigate. No one has a use for this Ramming ship. Please for the love of god just make a Frigate instead.... actually listen to the players! I think you guys need to release a road map to put these changes into context because without seeing the end game these changes make no sense and actually harm the game. People are lining up to leave and everyone I speak to is quitting because the game has no direction with stupid changes and updates. All you need to do is listen to the players...
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    no one needs such a shitty tradingsystem!!! why you guys dot just fix the stuff who is broken instead of bringing crap out who no one needs or wants.and this no gold for digging is just the biggest idiocy you brought up. so you killed alot of funparts with this action!great job!
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    Why is there now a gold cost to building anything larger than a sloop? Players that are just starting out may not have gotten a bear or swivels for maps, many of the sunken ships are glitched where you cannot access the treasure, and general flotsam doesn't yield very much gold. I get the idea is to make use of the gold (especially now that crew gets paid once a day at the soonest unless sailing), and to slow down the super tribes, but that's a bit...tedious and blocks solos from progressing at a decent rate.
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    Please say something about Explosive Barrels. Anything at this point......
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    Suggestion: It would be nice if tickets were actually answered and not automatically marked as "solved".
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