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  1. All Hail the cow cart. Atlas is saved.
  2. There are so many bugs in this game its often hard to know if what your doing is a feature or a bug that that could get your account banned. The total lack of published detailed information on the game features both aggravates this and puts new players wanting to learn to play Atlas at a huge disadvantage.
  3. Another infamous Atlas patch. Is there going to be a role back of all game and player data to pre patch or are they just going to ban everyone for the unintended content?
  4. Has anyone confirmed whether or not these new claim towers on lawless take ownership of floating ships? And if yes, does it matter if it is green anchored? The patch notes only say "May claim Armored Docks and the ships inside them" But people here have been talking about using it to steal ships that are not in an armored dock.
  5. This isn't the first time that new devs have reused a piece of code that was discarded in an earlier season for good reason. Please fix what's broken before trying to change the game. Players are still having their players reset to level 1 and just getting into the game is often broken or unreliable.
  6. So your going back to the early seasons part of the claim system where you can steal other players bases and now even ships. There's a reason it was gotten rid of the first time. I can only suspect that no notes where kept back then, that new devs can learn from.
  7. BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS BARRELS Do something about BARRELS. You obviously see the barrel problem by the 90% damage reduction you made against your new towers damage. Now how about everything else.
  8. Just in case no one has mentioned it yet. === FIX THE BARRELS === Or at least say something about barrels. Your doing nothing about barrels makes me thing you actually don't want players???
  9. == EXPLOSIVE BARRELS == Fix the Barrels
  10. Please say something about Explosive Barrels. Anything at this point......
  11. Unless you remove the barrels from ships and all the other barrel changes made with that update no one is coming back. So many people are waiting for this to be fixed so they can return to Atlas.
  12. Fix the broken Player Spawn. Getting stuck in beds and/or under the floor the bed is on is a PvP game breaker, and general time waster and frustration. Fix the bugs before adding more content.
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