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  1. Why is there now a gold cost to building anything larger than a sloop? Players that are just starting out may not have gotten a bear or swivels for maps, many of the sunken ships are glitched where you cannot access the treasure, and general flotsam doesn't yield very much gold. I get the idea is to make use of the gold (especially now that crew gets paid once a day at the soonest unless sailing), and to slow down the super tribes, but that's a bit...tedious and blocks solos from progressing at a decent rate.
  2. That was the original plan that was supposed to be implemented in the "March" update: everything having an enhanced decay rate unless you owned the area with a box you would need to build and put materials in to repair everything in a given radius. It was supposed to stop/reduce pillar/foundation spam, but they never did it. Instead they changed the claim system.
  3. What's the plan for pillar spam on PvE servers? I went to an unclaimed, yet claimable, island last night and tried to do a couple of maps with my bear. When trying to load her back onto my ship, I usually build a quick ramp back up to the stern and then destroy it when she's loaded. I don't usually use the radial wheel to load her because she still glitches into the structures on the ship. Long story short, I couldn't build the ramp because Division FR had pillar spammed the entire western portion of the island and into the shallows. I had more than enough gold to claim the island, and I have no other claims, so I figured I'd claim it, destroy the pillars and revoke my claim afterwards to lose ~350 gold. I couldn't claim it because as a single player company I can only have have up to 30 points and it is 57. So the devs can see what I'm referring to, the location of it is Rossraine Island, western small section, in G12 on EU PvE. The spammer is Division FR.
  4. RE: The devs not caring or paying attention Posted Monday at 05:20 PM Just wanted to chime in here to let you guys know we are actively reading the threads, our discord servers, tweets, reddit posts, etc. We consume feedback from every where and not one place takes a priority over another. Typically we tend to do our big announcement/changes over our Captain's Log, as we're able to funnel people into one location where they can see what we're planning. As for the PvE specific feedback, we are discussing as a team, based on the feedback and suggestions you've provided about our initial proposal and we're open to making changes. So certainly keep it coming as we do appreciate it Edit: Dollie beat me to the punch . I am hoping that we'll be able to share more info with you guys soon, based on what we decide to do but you have all certainly raised some valid concerns over the past few days. Posted Thursday at 05:18 PM We do have plans for more PVE content in the game; from dungeons, quests, missions, the list goes on but right now our focus is on this upcoming mega update and tackling some of our core design problems. However there are some really good ideas in here, keep them coming folks
  5. You should really read the posts that Jat has been making recently.
  6. I have 2 rafts next to my docks that appeared one night and have been there for almost a month now. Just up the coastline there are another four rafts, and then there are numerous sloop and schooners just parked by companies that rarely log in (Lawless server anf their stuff has already decayed over a week ago).
  7. Ok, how would you solve it then? Keep in mind, part of my idea was to allow players that had lost their ships and gear when entering/changing companies to be able to reclaim it.
  8. They already tried that this past weekend and quite a few people lost ships that they were on shortly before the patch. This caused a rollback on both PvE grid servers. The suggestion I made allows the person being griefed to remove it, and possibly any resources. I know one of my crew lost a ship when she joined up (no one really knew to merge at that time) and I'm fairly certain she would like her resources and ship back.
  9. I may have an idea for the abandoned boat griefing on PvE: if a boat has been abandoned (i.e. not used or even boarded) for at least a week, why not allow us to "declare war" on that particular boat and allow us to board it instead of ice skate? This way, if there's no one taking care of the boat/crew/tames for over a week, we can dispose of those boats, and maybe claim (and feed) the tames and crew. We can also move or scuttle the boat so it's no longer a problem. With regards to timers, I would say if it's in a non-claimed area then give it a couple of weeks, if it's in a claim the is not the ship owner's, reduce that timer to a few days.
  10. I noticed I was around half on water and I was about to log off anyway so I went to my stone well array (5 wells connected by straight pipes with a tap on the end) to hydrate. The moment I drink from it I died. It didn't specify the reason or cause, only that I died. Same in the Company Log. I had drank from this array three times before in the past hour or so with no issues, and many times over the past week since I built it.
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