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    Anyone else not able to see custom paints on ship sails of other company members on official? Painted a sail and went to show another member and he just saw the white canvas, he tried painting on another boat and I couldn't see his painting either. Is there a setting I'm missing or is it bugged atm? TiA
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    Okay folks. I am going to post this here and see who salutes it. I of the opinion that the Silo needs to be able to store more than just berries for the crew. If we are able to feed the crews from the food larders whatever we put in there then it should be the same for the Silo. It seems very silly to restrict the silo to ONLY BERRIES. I am curious what everyone else thoughts on this are. I am hoping to hear some feedback from one if not all of the dev's on why they did this.
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    Ok so I know it's fussy but could you make the large handling sail slightly shorter than the large speed sail please, I love designing realistic style ships and the large handling sail just looks wrong no matter where I place it. I end up using the medium sail instead just for the look of it, but it's not as efficient on the ship. I'm sure i'm not the only one who likes a bit of realism in their ship building.
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    Is it stuck in the pipeline ? .......
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    how is "on track" or "hahaha maybe" an ETA? rofl but grab a chair...or a couch, you gonna need it.
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    I really love the day/night cycle of Atlas - there's some seriously beautiful lighting in the game but man - when its transitioning between day to night, or night to day, there's this period where the foreground is super contrasty making it very difficult to actually see anything. An example - as it goes towards evening, things are fine, the sky starts to darken etc. Then there's this short period where the foreground is suddenly SUPER contrasty/dark. After a while it transitions to full night where it's actually quite visible when not under the shadow of trees. Likewise, as night transitions into dawn, there's the same period where the sky is ligtening but the ground remains ridiculously contrastry. When you are in places like Freeports where there's buildings, you can barely see anything around the buildings due to this heavy contrast. Any chance we can get a little more local ambient lightning at ground level or overall reduction of the heavy contrast during these phases? I like the nights being dark, but this contrast not only makes navigating the terrain painful, it's actually unpleasant to look at. Not a game breaker by any means but could be tweaked to be a far more balanced experience.
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    Thing is they designed the silo as a crew payment / feeding item, with a rediculous extension on the spoil timer. if other foods would be allowed to be placed inside, it would change from that role into a longterm storage device for all your foods, rendering the other storage solutions obsolete. They would need to rework all food storage items, changing spoil time increases, who and what they feed, and the fuel needed to power them. As a quick fix they could make it so that you can only put stuff in the silo and not take them out - this would keep it's use as only a crew pay / feed item.
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    Just as the topic says. The rope bed is a bit old speaking as a 1st week player. Can we get a captains double bed for ships and land? The ability to make an actual Pier would be great. I've seen a lot of creativity on Lawless servers for people making do with what's available. Even some variation on storage containers would be great. I've seen desks and nightstands and even wardrobe closets and mods for single player. I do think it's about time that devs make their own to add even more playability to the game. I'm sure their ideas for new enemies in the future but that's another suggestion as well. I've had to start over three times and all the available items now or just becoming a bit generic. Adding more ship classes and whole skins might add even more variation. Even after 3 wipes I still I think this is a good game that could be even greater.
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    I carry a lantern for those periods, it just hangs on your belt so doen't need to be held. Also they are somewhat bright producing a lot of glare, reducing distance vision, but colouring them a dark colour reduces that glare. (I use mud colour - produces quite a realistic coloured glow with enough ambient light to see your suroundings)
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    As of now, the only use of the shipyard is to make ships. What if we can anchor or rather harbor 1 ship to the shipyard? This would work like the hitching post in s+ for Ark or the new breeding thing they added with extinction. This way, the ships would be more protected and shipyards would have a greater use (maybe give them a minor durability buff while harbored). My boats keep getting attacked by crocodiles and such that aggro onto my crewmembers. This would be a nice fix.
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    This suggestion is pretty self explanatory. It isn't too bad on smaller ships, but on Galleons, you can have a lot of structures placed on the ship. It can be pretty annoying having to check all those structures for damage. So I suggest having NPC crew also repair those too.
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    Actually it's my childs school that put him on the computer, and then the homework has to be done on the pc too.
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    Hi, i played atlas at release and then i quit after huge population loss and now i return at this season. I got 900 hours in this game and i feel like game is right on its tracks now i feel like every update make this game greater so good job dev team! First i have to mention the reason i play this game is naval combat. I played various naval games includes Naval action which i like most due to its mechanics. This game lacks naval diversity, i see people are trying different builds with ships but mostly they are getting sinked cuz theres always only 1 build that works for combat . Modules We definetly neeed more modules for ships like rudder, fins, anchor, ammo depot and all should randomly malfunction when they are not repaired fully. A rudder that can be damaged, broken and destroyed. Random malfunction: Stucked rudder. Finns that reduces your drag One use only anchors for fast manuevers that can be deployed from the front of the ship at shallows. Random Malfunction: released anchor due to a lucky shot. Ammo depot that can randomly catch fire slowly burns your ammo till you extinguish. Mast malfunction: Stucked sails. Damage Mechanics and Penetration Right now at naval fights your ultimate aim is to remove enemy ships planks. What if we didnt need to remove them? Cant just one shot creates leaks and damage internals and crew? So repair guys wont get bored? Different Plank types also would be nice to see to add on diversity on waters: Heavy plank: Slows the ship but has ticker armor and canon balls can bounce from it when they shot from certain angles. Medium plank: Average plank, Average penetraition protection, No speed debuff Light plank: Speed buff, low armor, low hp Ammo Types and More Calibers We need different types of cannons right now we have only two options, Medium Canon and Large Canon thats not enough we need more diversity. Long Canon; Deals less damage but has longer range, longer reload time. Medium Canon; Medium range, medium damage. Short Canon; Short range, Fast Reload, High Damage Ammo Types: Grape shots for canons: damages and kills the crew Spike shots: Right now they are useless but would be nice if they have chance to start fire since they explode with a fuse. Canonballs at different calibers for each canon type. All these canons should have exist in different calibers for different ships. SAILING There should be two different sailing modes, 1: Simple sailing mode: Like it is right now. 2: Advaced Sailing mode: Now im about to mention. We talked about modules that can broken and malfunction. Lets say your rudder is damaged and stuck and you cant turn anymore but is rudder the only way to turn ship? No, in real life you can turn the ships by just turning sails only if we were be able use the front sail and back sail seperately. If you move your sails like this the wind should push the front of the ship towards right and makes you turn right. If you move your sails like this the wind should push the back of the ship towards right and makes you turn left. Conclusion Im not gonna mention that we also need more ship types im pretty sure devs are working on it. Thank you for reading my post im gonna add more to the post by time. I also would like to hear what you think about this.
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    Yeah, I've got this, but 12 salt for 1 shovel isn't a right lot, I'd expect more. I'm just trying to improve the rate of salt when you're not in a good enough area that gets it often. I'd even be happy with a node or two been washed up on beaches every now and again.
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    No the project is not dead, I've been overseas working without access to ASC code, I'm back now though
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