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  1. Jack Shandy

    recent patch notes---

    Yay! now there is definately only one way to do maps. WooHoo!
  2. Jack Shandy

    Abandoned Ship

    You relax, Play at a pace you want to play. Do discovery points in a boat, (hard consept to understand, I know, but a few like myself enjoy it). Tame and breed your animals yourself. make a good looking home and dock, that is actualy a pleasure to reside in. Discover for yourself the best places to gather each of the resources, and then gathering it yourself at your leasure. Make good looking but practical ships for traveling, hauling, hunting SotD with the knowledge they will still be there tomorrow. Someday i'll do the powerstones, but i'm in no hurry, this is a huge game and i've time to burn.
  3. Jack Shandy

    Island owners and island spam

    Thing is you are from a big well known company, that I would suspect most know how to contact. The vast majority of the bed spammers are from unknown companies that you have no idea where they are located, let alone how to contact them. The game also has a turnover of players / companies so waiting it out is pointless as the next bed will be dropping soon enough. I assume "companies doing beds" like yourself, won't be be having there beds despawn anytime soon.
  4. Jack Shandy

    Atlas map is wrong in our island

    I've not come across a rotated island before, but there are plenty of islands slightly out of place, mostly the newer ones, shifted up, down left or right on map and minimap. Makes arriving in bad weather conditions interesting, especialy if they have sand bars.
  5. Jack Shandy

    question about bears

    Riding an animal you imprinted yourself gives a 30% buff to damage and resistence. Mate boost is about the same, but I'm not 100% sure. Having both I do know makes a great difference, then you hit "natures cry". Having imprinted animals you bred yourself means you only require half decent tames as the buff is worth about 20-25 levels in melee and 10-15 levels in health.
  6. Jack Shandy

    Ship diving and jumping without any reason

    Thats a new feature brought out after the last wipe. Your ship if sailing just fine, only it's sailing on rougher seas than you can see. I beleave it comes under the 'Improving game performance', you'll note there is no lag or stuttering on your video.
  7. Jack Shandy

    State of the game, Ships and what we want.

    That BP suggestion has been voiced many times, and I suspect would very much be welcomed if they ever tried it. Typicaly ships carried ballast as an unlaiden ship is too light to be stable, so their should be no penalty until at least 50% weight as ballast is removed when cargo / cannons is added, above that ships would only slow down a little with more weight, what would happen however is that it would take a lot longer to get up to that speed. They already have an acceleration stat so a goodly reduction in linear and angular acceleration when over weight should not be to hard to impliment, You get a choice of capacity or handling like a pig.
  8. Jack Shandy

    Ship Sails, why so slow!

    Certainly better than whats implimented at the moment, so thumbs up from me. If you add that sail points be directly proportional to sail ability, lower sail points per ship and up sail stats to balance. With your suggestions & the above, you would suddenly see a mirriad of differing sail sizes and configurations, rather than the 'all large speed sails' or the 'all large handling sails' for those that have found a good BP.
  9. Jack Shandy

    Cargo harness on a floating bear

    A saddle can be set to belong to no-one as you can't get at it without accesing the creatures inventory. A box however has to belong to some-one so other people can't access or destroy it when it's not theirs. They seem to have a lot of problems when they try to link things, and usualy produce more bugs than fixes. They need to think more outside the box, literaly. like, right clicking any saddle in an inventory has the option to 'destroy saddle'.
  10. Jack Shandy

    Ship wrecks buried under sea floor, can't get treasure

    I know sounds crazy, but less so than anyone working on this problem, let alone any communication regarding it.
  11. Jack Shandy

    So much for the road map.

    that was funny, watching a new to gaming company finding what toxic asshats are attracted to open world PVP, and going "NOPE"
  12. Jack Shandy

    discovery point Discovery point nearly blocked off

    check thier tax rate, if it's not 0% they obviosly want you to get that treasure and if there is no open doors they must want you to use thier tames not yours to kill the AotD. Seems realy nice of them to my way of thinking.
  13. Jack Shandy

    Ship wrecks buried under sea floor, can't get treasure

    It's sad when comments like this make me laugh. Just accept it as "working as intended" and move on.
  14. They have velocity and collision angles already mapped for ships hitting each other with thier relative masses and points of impact. Giving those calculations to two ends of a rope would probably be the place to start.
  15. Jack Shandy

    PvE Ship Decay

    there is suposedly a 21 day hiden timer. but it doen't work properly, at present it's more like a random 1-5 week timer. I had a break over the new year, but jumped on raised and lowered the anchor on each of our 6 ships before I left, you'd think all the timers would be the same length, but no, when we came back two ships had vanished after 2 weeks, one schooner and one brig.
  16. Jack Shandy

    Bad landowner destroying stuff inside buildings?

    Empty it out of valuables, put something in there that looks tempting, screenshot it and lock it up tight. if it gets destroyed / looted screenshot again. Proof positive the owning company is greifing and not just taking down structures. A ticket mgiht work after that.
  17. Jack Shandy

    How many people play this regularly?

    people can only tell you about the official servers they play on, suggest saying where your preference lies. EU PVE, lawless regions are pretty crowded, most other regions are freindly and have space.
  18. Jack Shandy

    Bad landowner destroying stuff inside buildings?

    A posibility, they might have logged off inside your building.
  19. Jack Shandy

    First time tamer

    You don't need to sit with them for the entire time. Once you get the correct number of grills lit, the temp is good day and night, and one stack of wood lasts the 4 hours it takes to reach the juvenile stage. One stack of potatoes (other veggies available) will feed a baby bear for 35-40 minuits, so once it can hold a stack you can do other stuff and come back. and at about 2 hours in a bear can hold 4 stacks, more than enough to feed it untill juvenile and feeding from a trough. One trough full of potatoes (I like potatoes) is enough to feed 2-3 bears to full maturity. So if i'm not imprinting it takes 2 hours, with only the first 10-15 minutes of constant attention, meaning I can breed even on a weekday evening. Pop on at 6pm and mate the bears, set timer, pop back at 10pm and raise them, by midnight they and the troughs are topped up and ready to be left alone. Imprinting is a different matter, and only possible if I have a free weekend.
  20. Jack Shandy

    First time tamer

    Can't help you with the time required, but can give you a bit of advise on the food. Plant some crops, they have two advantages, the spoil time is a lot longer than berries and they provide more food so the animals eat less. A win / win for breeding. P.S. no need for more than the basic skill, they changed crop growth about a year ago making the advanced farming skills virtualy useless.
  21. Jack Shandy

    I clicked on "create new pioneer" by mistake

    the support tab at the top has submit a ticket option. I've not done it myself, but viewing the forum since the game released I've seen a few people post that they needed to start again as they could find no way back after hitting that button. (and I'm dis-inclined to test it )
  22. Jack Shandy

    Surprise, Surprise...

    On the upside, they let the X2 weekend run until patch drops. X2 fortnight now.
  23. Jack Shandy

    Ship can’t be moved

    About that time yes, no timer shows, is why no-one is quite sure. And remember not to board the ship as that might reset the timer.
  24. Jack Shandy

    I clicked on "create new pioneer" by mistake

    Not sure if they will do anything, you can try posting a ticket. It has been said before that placing a delete character button without an "are you sure" pop-up right next to the respawn button is a bit dumb.
  25. Jack Shandy


    " accept that you agreed to play peacefully " In your own words, so did those greifing him. Next!