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  1. I wish you would move on, you're getting tiesome.
  2. Jack Shandy

    “Enable Allied Sailing/Use”

    Easy enough to sort out if you're playing with permisions, give permisions on what permisions each rank can allow. Greying out the permisions per rank, with whatever the owner desides. No mind reading required, just a bit of company admin.
  3. larders have the same spoil bonus as feeding troughs that feed you tames, and crew will be fed from a silo before a larder, it is also nicer visualy to have in a cookhouse. Not using a trough and using silo, leaves the larder redundant as a feeding device, making it ideal for bulk storage of crops. Using the silo as berry storage is great for the spoil timer, just watch out for which berries your crew eats! don't want them munching your blackberries when you have many thousands of schisandra in the next stack.
  4. Jack Shandy

    when is the Next update?

    I play at a slow pace, so the content as it is will last me many months. The concept as you say is great, and the visuals are beautiful. But I've lost all faith in the development team, i don't care about missed deadlines, issues they've not figured out yet, they say they listen to people, read the forums but without any indication that they do so, it leaves me feeling that any comment, suggestion, or bug report is just pissing into the wind. When I find a map thats 1/2 behind a cliff and the AotD get stuck, When I see the skin of a mountain ending 10ft above the sea and you can swim under and see the inside, When i find a hole in the mesh you or your mount can fall through, Do I report it? I used to, and I know it would help the game if I did, but I can't be arsed to talk to a dev team that refuse to talk back. If something effects me directly I will still try ( see my latest bug report ), but it was closed within 2 hours without comment. No surprise there. I now post on the forums to talk to you guys, the players, with little expectation that anyone at grapeshot will see it and no expectation of any communication from them.
  5. CAN'T PLACE STRUCTURES IN WATER AT OUR BASE Ticket# 19176 By Jack Shandy 2 hours ago Platform: PC Your Pathfinder First Name: Jack Your Pathfinder Family Name: Shandy Your Company Name: The Lost Trading Co. Network: EU PvE Colonies Ticket Type: Other Server Grid: K4 The date this issue occurred: 11/12/2019 ATLAS Coordinates: cheat TP K4 253495 -270532 275 Hi We have had our base at this location since the day the server opened, and have just noticed that we can no longer place structures in the water anywhere at our base, it says enemy structure nearby. I have looked around but found nothing that would block it, and we can build on land just fine. We would like to at some time to upgrade our shipyards and pretty up the dock area but that seems impossible now we can no longer build here. I am at a loss as to how anyone could build a structure that blocks us building in the centre of our base, surely our structures already being here would block anyone from doing so. The island owners have been helpful and removed a small hut about 40-50 floor lengths away along the beach but that has not helped, I am out of ideas so i'm asking you. Thanks in advance. XXXX (A.K.A.) Jack Shandy VOODOO Posted 41 minutes ago Changed Status to Closed Thanks for submitting a ticket. For technical/bug related issues, your best bet is to submit a bug report at the link below so our QA team can attempt to address the issue you are experiencing. To help address this issue in a more timely manner, please include as many details as possible in the report. https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/forum/75-bug-reports/ This is our base. This is our neighbours base. Island owners hut, a fair ways off down the beach. Me trying to place a pillar roughly in the middle of our base, surrounded by foundations and pillars we placed ages ago. The fact I am surrounded by my own structures which by dint of being there should preclude anyone from placing anything within range that might now block me from placing this pillar. I can't find any structures close by only those shown above. But I can place this pillar on land just outside the base. But inches away, in the water I cannot.
  6. Jack Shandy

    “Enable Allied Sailing/Use”

    there is always a risk of ass-holes, no need to scrap every idea because of them, just don't leave it open for abuse.
  7. Jack Shandy

    “Enable Allied Sailing/Use”

    Depends on how they impliment it, if they do. An allies tab with tick box permissions, crew ships, captain ships, ride tames, access inventories etc. would probably appeal to most people.
  8. Jack Shandy


    Yes to the elephants. You can tame parrots, crows, seagulls and vultures, there's 4 flying tames for you.
  9. There is something wrong here, as blocking an entire harbour someone would have to place a stucture where your harbour structures should be blocking them. It should work both ways, intentional or not. i wonder if building on land, extend it over the sea with ceilings and then pillaring down (you know exactly like anyone would build a dock) is getting around this restriction.
  10. Ok, let me explain. A storage device should always be better than a delivery device, as it serves only one purpose not two. The more value a food has the more effort you put into storing it, preserving bags and fridges require fuel, but we willingly pay that price for greater storage. Using a delivery device as storage is only viable when storing large quantities, we also accept the faster spoilage to store larger quantities. The silo only works because berries have no, or very little value, so high stack size and long spoil time on a berry does not realy increase it's value. On every other food type the value increse the silo properties convey would obsolete the other methods to some degree. The only other way would be to make anything you put in the silo as worthless as the berries, i.e. a one way transaction. and even this could be abused by destroying the silo to get your items out of this super storage. (they are quite cheap to make). While it would be nice to feed crew with grown vegtables from a silo I can't see any way to do it. Note: do you have every type of storage in your base? I do (except the fridge). If you do as well, it must be a reasonably balanced system of storage and feeding.
  11. Again a huge advantage for me, I store my grown vegtables in larders (preserving bags are not big enough). In a larder I have up to 60 stacks spoiling at the same time. A silo, like a ship resource box, would stack them all together, effectively increasing spoil time by up to 60 times (if silo = larder spoilage) Don't get me wrong I would love to feed my crew with potatoes rather than berries, but can see virtualy no ways of doing it that would not obsolete other storage methods.
  12. For me having cooked meat / fish with unlimited quantity and spoilage would be a huge advantage. Can get rid of the 6 preserving bags saving the salt used as fuel I use to store them currently, as I batch cook crafted foods for our company. I see where you're coming from, but even this is too much. Also there is already one way transactions in the game, I think it's cooked meat and the fireplace, where you can tke it out but not put it back.
  13. Jack Shandy


    Thing is, pirates back then slept on their ships and didn't need to go to work the next day, so stealing it would have taken a lot more effort. If this game continues to cater to no-life gamers then we will see same thing happen this wipe as we did the other two with the majority of players just giving up, leaving all the no-lifers complaining they have to travel 4-5 grids to find any PVP.
  14. Jack Shandy

    Saling very time consuming

    You do realise you are playing a game with 225 sea filled servers, with sailing ships. The scale is supposed to be vast, epic journeys that take days even weeks to complete. build and stock ships to make these journeys, resupply on route and move on to the next adventure without needing to return to base. This is a slow paced game, with bursts of activity every now and then. It is what it is and I like it that way.
  15. Jack Shandy

    Landowner being blocked in

    You can get your co-ord's from the sextant buff. if you cant make one yet, you can go to your atlas map, drag and drop the top icon on the right, (place marker) onto the location and a pop-up box will show the co-ords. Without access to ccc, co-ords should be enough for xbox ussers tickets.
  16. The boat bouncing about above and below the water has happened to me a few times, each time it has been when transitioning from or to a region where it is raining, and realy bad when it's raining both sides, having just half the mast above water is quite disconcerting. (fades over time, anchoring fixes it immediately.) Also getting lag shifting you back to the same spot 3-4 times over a period of 30 seconds or so.
  17. Jack Shandy

    Cobras OP

    We use one animal on passive and all the nearby animals on neutral and following that one, this way all your tames return to roughly were you leave them. In a large pen this works well, we have 3 groups: a rhino on passive with 3 girafes and 3 elephants on follow at one end and 2 horses with our bears following them at the other end.
  18. Jack Shandy

    Discovery points team effort (let’s do this)

    Yep, my experience too. shortly after the wipe someone posted that the new increase was (39.something). and that seems to be the case.
  19. Thing is they designed the silo as a crew payment / feeding item, with a rediculous extension on the spoil timer. if other foods would be allowed to be placed inside, it would change from that role into a longterm storage device for all your foods, rendering the other storage solutions obsolete. They would need to rework all food storage items, changing spoil time increases, who and what they feed, and the fuel needed to power them. As a quick fix they could make it so that you can only put stuff in the silo and not take them out - this would keep it's use as only a crew pay / feed item.
  20. I carry a lantern for those periods, it just hangs on your belt so doen't need to be held. Also they are somewhat bright producing a lot of glare, reducing distance vision, but colouring them a dark colour reduces that glare. (I use mud colour - produces quite a realistic coloured glow with enough ambient light to see your suroundings)
  21. Jack Shandy

    Why can't you fix your game... PLEASE!

    Are you sure it's not your company mates trolling you? as when you put on the dive suit it removes it from the player already using it.
  22. Jack Shandy

    QOL Suggestion: Save our hands

    Not sure wether it's frowned upon, but I use Autohotkey with an auto-clicker script for farming with tames. Saves the hundreds upon hundreds of mouse clicks needed to fill an elephant with wood or girafe with thatch. (Just need to remember to switch it off after, as inventory manipulation with an auto-clicker on is amusing)
  23. They say they do. But it's too much effort for them to post a quick "acknowledged" or hit the thanks icon at the bottom of the post.
  24. Jack Shandy


    There is also something else going on producing lag in the last week or so. (on PC here) It's not just structures / people in the region either. had just as much lag in polar region with just 2 players and little to no structures as in a central lawless region with 46 people and bases every 100 yards.
  25. Jack Shandy

    feeding tamed bears

    Might be easy to farm with a girafe, but traveling half a dozen regions to get there isn't so easy.