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  1. Shiiiit. I also just picked up Conan. See ya in game!
  2. Its silly to think there wont be TONS of pillar/foundation spam going on after patch. Maybe not like this guys thinking but it will happen.
  3. If this doesn't work out refresh the thread. I can possibly help out also.
  4. Daaaamn. Right in the middle of a SOD battle!!
  5. Yeah AI crew must be able to contest now that sleepers cant .
  6. Same with my experience. It's still possible with the "sweet spot" but much more difficult then is used to be. Thats why ppls will pay 4k+ for them!
  7. Can we look into getting these added as additional attributes then maybe get an extra attribute point per level to further customize range and melee damage?
  8. Gotta have at least 3 days a sleeper can contest a claim.(PVE) No ones staying online 24/7 in small companies. As far someone not logging in for over a week, I agree. As for PVP no reason to change anything really since you have to be a zerg bot to contend and someone will always be on.
  9. Seems a bit obvious but these things need to be different. Just take flame arrows for example. Nerf'd into the ground due to being way overpowered in PVP (Also PVE in the beginning) but came to a comfortable place in PVE to deal with all the alphas. Now they're almost pointless to use with damage vs upkeep. I also think it would be a good idea to have a dex/str stat to further customize/add range vs melee damage.
  10. This is...Unbelievable....Wait no, this team I can believe it.
  11. All the way to O14 for this stupid quest and this thing despawned already. Bravo!
  12. Right, and when we find it it'll be fine cause we know how well the grids do with LOTS of ppls eh.
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