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  1. Thx for planing this and thx the devs for the stupid as fuck game that we dont get the submarin when we do v2 (red) kraken. I was my first time in and survive....repair alone, sail alone, and i was everytime in fight. And after this? i get a stupid buff but no submarin. Ok lets group up again, and? AGAIN v2 (red) kraken. Then so much idiots who dont die when they try with 2 people to survive...after 20 minutes watch the died screen my brig is sink. Result = 5 hours waste of time, prepare ship, sail to h8 all for the submarin and at the end we kill the kraken and dont get the submarin. Yeah frustrating but more and more i have no idea why i play further...so stupid...+600hours of playtime and every update makes the game shitty. Since weeks they cant fix the random despawn structures...dont do anything of the stupid water building block range so many player docks are useless now because we block each other. And then this "endgame" stupid content. Sad that i waste so much time in a game with devs who has no idea how games are working. i still think the devs work only at the game and play other games and not they own game. Thank you all for some fun time And still thanks to @Jatheishand @Dolliethey laugh about all of us on forum and twitch streams when we lost our ships because of they dev team issues. Only people who dont play the game can laugh about that :).
  2. Sailing is boring as f.... I was sailing from A8-O8 and a week later A9-O9, visit every island for one stop and go further, only for the damned discovery points. At the same time i watch many old movies and series that im entertaint, because sailing its boring. What could it be more intresting? Merchant NPC Ships, big size, small size, medium size, they sailing around, you can destroy them or not. They have some materials. When you destroy Merchant Ships you get "crime points", NPC Schooner/Brigs/Galleons are on the hunt and sailing around too, i dont know why we have only Ships of the damned as Enemys in PvE. You can loose this points when you visit a dude on Freeport and pay some gold or other things. More weather effects without tornados, maybe only nice rain with lightning and thunder. A bit more sea life. We realy need more "life" on sea, when i see the grid population ~10-15 people per grid, its empty. Filled up with Ships of the damned is boring. And the Important thing, we need some more ideas why we should visit an island. It is ok to visit a island for Discovery Points, but it is useless, you hit the island and go back to your ship. Why should you stay? You have the same ressources. Make the journey more a journey. Im stuck at level 65 because of Discovery Points, and i cant get any motivation to sail again around and visit some island. Why are only the treasure maps are fighting maps? Give us some "trading" maps, go to point X, take the ressource box and sail to xyz and bring it on the island and get some gold. We need much more stuff for visit islands as naturly organic sice and not for you must do that because you need discovery points.
  3. Maybe im in. Is it possible to sail alone with the group? Im scared about the Brig and repair stuff, i cant sail alone and repair xD. Or lost my ship before end and dont get the buff like the othe people from the last youtube video :D. Is there a safety "way" for help and get the skill?? I dont like leeching but i play alone atm. Or maybe i will join a group as alliance and help to repair?!
  4. My nice neighboor remove some foundations from water, now i get a bit more space. The Circle shows the area around i can build, in the circle i cant build, compare with the older screenshots, i get a bit more space, so i can confirm it was the foundations from the first screenshots and from my neighboor. IT IS INSANE. @Jatheish @Dollie i hope something will do, maybe only for pve when you have some points why we need this high range for pvp.
  5. Because of that "heavy block range" im stuck, you can see here: Red is blocked because of the foundation you can see in the first screenshots. Green i still can build in water. Orange shows the spot where i can anchor, more way up i cant because its too deep. And on the right you can see the beginning of a big rock, i cant build around them because no anchor and very deep. So im Stuck at this small position, ONLY because of this damned update. So come on otherwise i have to leave this place and the island i have been since release and after wipe with the same guys as owner. I still cant move any shipyard more left that i have more space for new ships to anchor, no i cant because it is blocked by enemy gate or foundation -.- WE ARE ON PVE, not on PvP or something else, we like to build "nice" and in cooperate with nice neighboors, this is so stupid. Its not Lawless, give the Island Owner the Options to set the Block range from min to max or something like that.
  6. Then why not 2 Options for Lawless and Settlemens islands? It is Land Owners choice what they want. On Island the same range? Have fun when you have a pillar spammer, he needs then 80% less pillars for block a whole island. This needs to be investigate, so many docks cant build further because of this range, i cant build a shipyard too because it is blocked now, when i move my ships for shipyard, then i cant anchor them, this is stupid as f... i m with the designer but the block range it is too much.
  7. I do another test, it is the Range from Waterbuildings, rly? Red = Random Neighbor Pillar with ceiling Green = The first place i can build a Buoy Orange = the block range from the neighboor pillar/Ceiling? Black = When i build a pillar on this spot where the buoy is, both of us are blocked to build, this is for PvE way to far i think? Reduce 50%? that is enough
  8. Hy everyone, i build since the restart on this spot and like to build more further, but it looks like since the last updates with the range increase from water buildings im stuck and block. Can anyone confirm this range for water building? In the First screenshot you see: The Orange Circle show the size what i checked a bit where i cant build in water anymore, when i place a pillar on the beach it works, when the pillar hits the water = enemy gate or foundation near, wtf? ~40% of my harbor is now blocked, i cant build and i have no idea why. The Green Arrows show some placere where was buoys from my neighboors, we remove them for a test, maybe buoys are blocking? no it wasnt, so for now no one can place buoys there again and can warn other people for rocks. both of us get the message Enemy foundation/gate near. The Red Arrows show some buoys from my neighboors and the Big arrow on the left shows the end of a harbor from my neighboors, there are foundations in the water, is the block range? On the second Screenshot you see more of my Harbor, the green Arrows show some places where i try to build buoys and it works, when i hit the Orange circle, i cant because of enemy foundations. The Blue arrow shows a spot where i can build a pillar, did the pillar hit the water and the red place its red and again the message block bei enemy foundation. Is this rly a thing because of the Water Foundations from my neighboors? for PvE? Both of us are stuck now with a big harbor. This Range is insane and useless for pve, we are friendly neighboors and block us now, come on :(. Sry for my english, but im a bid "pissed" now because more on the right from my harbor is a big Rock, so i cant build more to the other side, im stuck now.
  9. My complete base has no Floor/Foundation. Build only with ceilings and pillars and all works fine, only the "harbor" has the issue. The funniest thing is here: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/548543389495328789/569576227858415628/BaseBuilding.jpg The quality is a bit bad because i set the brightness up. You see in green the Ceiling is destroyed, the parts are in red. The Red arrow shows the Railing that are removed at the same time, in white you see the dmg parts from the railing. I dont know why, before the wipe i build the same without any problems.
  10. Hy, anyone an idea what happents here? I have a harbor build in stone...every 3 ceilings i build pillars to the ground so all is connected. But when i removed something on my Base, random parts are despawn/Destroyed. In picture you see: Green=The Stairway, i removed some stairs, and in the red circle you see missing Railings. Why? When i destroy something in Green, why are some railings are despawn? Its so expensive to fix this more then once on a day.
  11. You think after wipe we have a "x1" rate? dont think so. They will up it to 2 or 3 for 2 or 3 days, so old "players" will make progress and push the game. How long you need for a ramshakle? ~15 minutes with x1 rate. Do this 2 times for FOY rush. The game give you the option to change the Home Region, so when you level up with the first charackter you can change the Region so you have for island 2 much faster ressources. I still understand your point and yeah it would be hard to do this, but it is possible. And i still think some people will try and do this, because they will leave the game after the wipe. And 5k People do the same? Atlas has (steamcharts) ~25k Players on Peak. ATM 6k Players / 4 Servers = ~ with tollerance 2k Players per Server, 15x15 grid with more then 2 or 3 islands per grid. So for me it looks like, same as now, ~10-20 people per grid.So you will have a lot of time and space to spam your stuff. Dont know many people are in the backline to wait for the wipe and join again. Im still scared about the new system, but ONLY for start, i think 1 or 2 weeks later it will be more balance
  12. I know what you mean, but rly, how long will you need to build ~20 or 30 or 50 pillars? or floors? Ok, you cant spam rly big islands in a short time, but small islands you can. And then think about it will be doing from a "bigger" group of players they do it together. We all know the internet. Rly it is not a hate thread or devs your a stupid, but it looks like...easy to f..the people after the new start. P.S. I was since start at k10, this islands are so "easy" rare lions against you..and a bit rattle snakes. 1 Wolf every 1 hour? i walk naked around the full map since days without any dmg, because all animals friendly.
  13. Hello Everybody, i will give you a "How to" Start Atlas after the Wipe Patch. Open Atlas -> Join "New Server" -> Use PVE NA or PVE EU -> Create a Default Path finder -> Join (we can now use all grid as home zone) A1 -> Run like hell over the map and Build tons of Pillars and floors, maybe there will be other Pathfinders, ignore them. You can't find any more Spots to Spam Floors? Kill your Pathfinder. Create a new Pathfinder, set A2 as Home Server and do this again, after this. Kill your Pathfinder, create a new one and go to A3. Yeah, A1, A2 or other has more islands, but you can full "explorate" the Island you have spawn. Ok what is the Point? You can f**** people up. Ok lets see, the game will be have a "auto repair", dont use it, the structure will be decay after time, how long should it be? 7 days? Because you need a bit protection after you start, otherwise you play 1 Hour and you lost your base because its decay, you cant build a auto repair in this short time. So A1, A2, A3,....have to wait the decay time for the "pillar" and "floor" spam gefore they can use this spot for themself, it sounds like...wait..Claimflags. I still dont get the changes, because this new mechanic can hold up people to f*** other people. Yes, over the time it will be balance because you cant hold a long time all this pillars and floor, but at this time no one can use the Spots, so we are on the same points since the game start. Which design will be against that kind of people? Im realy sure there will be groups of people that leave the game after the wipe and will be as**oles for break the game. It is not a "i hate this wipe" or "i hate the new mechanic" thread. I rly rly try to understand how this should work against all the bad peoples to search and use mechanics to f other people. Anyone know? I see it in my eyes "the wipe is live", many people will join the game and start to build everywhere. It will took a while to rebalance the islands with the decay timer. So many people again will sailing around the World and find nothing. Have to wait days or weeks for decay the spam stuff. Will this rly happen?
  14. I realy like to see a Claim system that has the possibility for empty or low population flag islands. Untouched beaches, no shipyard spams and lots of ships around the beach. You have more fun to explore a new Island, sometimes you find a big building from a player, or nice other stuff...but with this claim system all Islands are Claimed. A lot of ships and shipyards. Big Gates to block people out from a big mountain, its not funny to explore a new island, or you found a completly emtpy of ressources island because massive pillar or foundation spam. I dont get the point from "game design" that they like to see 100% of the Map can be claimed. We need untouched Islands (except Golen Ruins/Freeport)
  15. Hy everyone, since Saturday (the last "bigger" Patch) my Home-Grid K10 on PvE EU ist Crashing all 10-15 MInutes. Sometimes we had a ~10 Minutes rollback, sometimes we are direct on the same spot before the crash. But little by little it sucks hard, because it is constantly since Saturday. You can go on your ship...server crash, wait 5 minutes for server is up again. Set Sail, sail to another Island in the Grid, before you anchor the ship the Server Crash after ~5-15 Minutes, it is Random. Wait for Server is up again, and you stay on your Ship at your Base again because you get a 15 minutes Rollback. Sail again to the Island, Anchor, go on the Island, server crashs. Wait again for the Server is up and you stay on the same spot before the Server is crashing. Farm a little bit, do a treasure, run back to your ship. Server is crashing, wait for Server is up again. This is how we play since Saturday on K10. Sometimes the Server runs more then 1 Hour, other times, yesterday as example, i had 3 Server Crashes in 30 Minutes. I write Multiple Tickets, Tagg in Discord the Team, no one cares or give a feebdack that they see an issue and have to fix this. Other People say, k9 has the same Issues, so now im Intressted which grid runs like k10 with Server Crashes in 1 Hour. Yes, it is EA, yes the game has some other major issues. I dont like to say FIX THIS NOW, i say pls give us informations what is wrong at the moment. I have a new player since Monday and the whole experience this week for him is to see the server crashs and we get massive rollbacks. So tell me, which other Grids are running like this? Like to know.
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