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  1. The 30 seconds of invincibility sounds like a great idea on paper, but people would just abuse hopping region borders during pursuits to maintain invincibility buff, unless it was 30 second invincibility with a 10min cooldown before it can reoccur
  2. This was on official servers Sirens call pve EU from breeding 2 normal bears, we ended up having an alpha cub from it. was random chance we have tried breeding these bears alot of times and everytime failed.
  3. For real the breeding possibilities too cause it was a female am really gutted lol
  4. We have tried breeding, numerous times under different conditions and not a single one of them actually work in a form that's reliable. We have been breeding bears on and off for awhile now, Western temperate region where the weather conditions are practically perfect for bears all the time par a heatwave, things were special this time around... our bear gave birth to a 172 female alpha baby bear. on official pve EU, have screenshots for anyone that cares to dispute not sure if bug or intended but thats beside the point, Babys health pool was much larger than every other baby bear we have had, we sit hand feeding it for the first couple of hours and first heatwave hits, goes up to 25, bear starts losing hp but its only around .1 or so every second. temp drops back under 19 babys health stabilizes out and all is fine, another 12 hrs goes by everything is fine, 1st imprint done waiting on 2nd now, i wait for 2nd imprint to be needed tell my company mate that they need to click the bear and proceed to log off, within 5 hours after that 2nd imprint, when the baby should've been even more healthy than prior another heatwave hits, this time the baby is rapidly losing HP around 3hp a second. Baby dies at 40% maturation with 2 imprint buffs to a heatwave it survived at 7%. We have about 8 penguins in that room around the bear and still nothing. Enable different building materials to have different insulation values, ex: Thatch is better at shedding heat during heatwaves, stone is better at holding heat during cold fronts, we still have to have these buildings made, we still have to be online to move the tame to them, this doesn't make it stupidly easy nor does it not make sense, buildings made of different materials in real life have different insulation values, or give us some form of an ice pack we need to craft in the tundra and bring back for cooling our tames down since penguins do not function as an A/C unit like they did in Ark. 20+ hours of dicking around with campfires lost to a 5 minute weather event. Im fine with wasting 50 hours of my life baby sitting that little turd over 2+ days. But if i've met every condition for the baby to survive at a weaker stage in its life. it should be able to survive a heatwave when its health pool is more than double than what it was originally. Throwing buckets of water on it or bringing it to the water does nothing in terms of lowering its temp. Please look into changing this, the longevity of breeding right now is looking dim. Photos are from right after birth, didnt screenshot after imprint but melee was 247% and health was 1.4k at juvi stage after 1 imprint. Benson Barberry Potato Company - D5 EU Sirens Call PvE
  5. Everyone on our island just had their brigs sunk by a group of 3 from Woelfe des Rudels, got a message saying brig had sunk went to go check it out, they had a ramp on the front of their boat so they could overweight themselves fall from the ramp die and then overweigh the dead bodies on the boat to sink it, so even with smithys and everything else hidden behind doors, no campfires on deck or any storage, ladders rolled up. they can just build ramps from their boat and drop straight down onto yours. I have screenshots of the group that did it. for 4th most popular clan on PvE they are a bunch of griefers
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