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  1. have you ever wondered how to defend yourself from sharks while diving ? is "luring the sharks up fro friends to shoot them" not an option ? someone suggested a speargun. cool idea. new weappon type. lets take it a step further. what about this: I suggest new addons to the piracy / diving part: - a diving cage : protects from sharks.. significantly lowers aggro range. can be lowered / pulled up to adjust for depth of shipwreck. - a NPC diving partner (armed with speargun) -> dedicated crewmember that you can hire to get along on the dive. will stay in he cage (if available) and shoot at, as well as pull aggro from nearby creatures so without a cage he will be at least some form of bait that pulls aggro from you to himself. with a diving cage he can act as a defense system. - shark bait buoy -> can be put into water to actually attract sharks. to prevent others from harvesting YOUR shipwreck. has a decay-timer. can be stored on boat, placed in water. pulled out of water (or destroyed on pvp)
  2. i think losing tames wouldn´t be so bad, if taming itself wasnt such a timesink at all. making it a passive endeavour (like the taming pens in Conan:Exiles) woould ensure you got a steady supply , so losing one tame wouldnt such a big deal. but the way we haver to tame currently just does not offer the same incentive vs time invested.
  3. thinking I made a raft and that was it. i played more than 200 hrs already so please be so kind and refrain from assumptions. and only because "you" or "your company" works this way, please don´t pretend all are doing it like this. what you are describing SHOULD be the norm. but - and according to most forum posts and threads regarding "tribes" (a bad term since Atlas has companies and this is "suppsedly not Ark") - not many companies are working like you describe. I never stated I got it all figured out, yet I think that these kind of features would enhance gameplay for more people . and since this is a public forum where ideas can be exchanged, I woukld also appreciate the notion of not belittling someone only because you disagree. nothing in your post showed any sign of actually reading nor answering or commenting what I wrote, at least not on a level that might suggest you are interested in going through possible pro´s and con´s of that idea. so again; please stop with your personal assumptions. thank you very much.
  4. people keep stating that the game is about "empire building", yet we don´t see much of a real represantation of a government. if your idea of that is the aforementioned mega-tribes, then you are wrong. first off, its supposed to be a sandbox game. please keep that in mind. having stated that: the only way to live / build / explore the game currently is joining a bigger or even a megatribe. without it, you will probably not be able to even test and enjoy most of the features provided. (claim-issue) . thats not sandbox. thats forcing to play some think is the "right way". back to the government and "empire building". empires and nations rely on - trade, commerce and a stable economy -> which we don´t have (yet?). dropping materials in the hope the other guy in front of you does the same is not an economy. trading is not viable at all because there is abolsutely no incentive or reward in doing so. travel times is way too long (with bad wind and full cargo it might take you hours to get from a to be with the only thing happening is either tornadoes or SoTD. and chances are that SoTD will sink you anyways because with full cargo you wont be able to outrun them anyways) - no incentive for empires to protect their shiplanes and areas megatribes dont have the slightest need to protect their areas, since they get taxed automatically. its even easier on them to just force everyone to join them and become a pawn.working for the hive. welcome to the tribe, you have been assimilated. in a sandbox, it would be viable to live on their land, but they would have to actually work for you to keep wanting to live on their land. which means protection some would prefer to work as farmers, hunters, gatherers and that should be viable. its a sandbox.. what this game needs is AI factions. you can join them, be protected by them if you live in their core lands (you get taxed heavily, BUT they will protect you and your stuff) or attack them. the further you move from the core faction areas, the lighter the taxes become, but also protection and response time from that protection increases. you get the chance to get rarer / more expensive stuff (resources not available in core lands). more risk -> more reward. then you have beasically areas which are contested by factions. this means the AI factions are (of course) at war with each other and those are the areas they try to conqer. in this area its pvp and if you are member of faction A, you can attack players and AI from faction B. those areas are hard to live in, and they constantly shift. players actions from faction A might be so concentrated and coordinated, that faction B has to retreatof give up ion the area altogether. this we would see an evershifting landscape of areas of influence. lastly, there are areas so remote that no AI faction dares to go there. this is the areas with the hardest mobs, the rarest and most precious ressources and the highest rewards. here, all land is free and claimable. this is the area where true pirates,m nation builders etc can forge their very own government. players, companies and ships have a reputation towards each faction. so sinking a ship of a faction nets the ship negative points, nets the company sailing it negative points, and each player manning the ship negative points toward that faction. this negative reputation does decline over time. fastest from player to slowest for ships. that way , players from the same company can switch ships and conduct trade with the faction, but only if the company reputation is not too bad. factions are connected by trade routes and transporting stuff from A to B is dangerous but profitable. traders are somewhat protected by AI, IF they are really neutral and havent done any piracy deeds. (attack them, sink AI ships etc..)
  5. someone said it: dedicated alpha areas. alphas should be very rare, very hard to beat and extremely rewarding if you manage to kill them. they should be some kind of endboss-variant without the need to do powerstone and mythical endgame stuff. for a company it would be like "guys, I found one... lets set out to kill it" and then the company gathers together and ssets out for a safari.
  6. i seriously dont get why complexity is put on the same page as , for example, harvest rates. the game can be super complex, yet not too grindy to play. its all a level of risk vs reward. if you want the best loot ? go to the most dangerous places. which , right now, is everywhere and it does not scale at all. there is no natural order of progression in the game. you are stuck on lvl 1-8, then get thrown to the wolves,. literally as you will not be able to defeat a lvl 3 wolf if it hits your first, you have no high ground and no water to get it swimming. also, a lvl 36 wolf might be right next to a lvl 1 snake. how is that a natural progression ? if you are lvl 10, you are cannonfodder for every mob out there, except the slow ones. and you keep being cannonfodder, except the ones you can kite or can shoot from away or above. a lvl 40 char with the right weapon is as danerous in battle as a lvl 10 with a flame arrow. sharks in lawless are as deadly as they are in the middle of the map. it all makes no sense whatsoever. trading is not needet at all as there is no incentive of foing it. politics instead of all out warfare will probably never establish because there is no incentive in doing so... griefing is more efficient than real pvp and battles. if it continues like this, the servers will consolidate more and more until theres only two mega tribes left (or alliances) that meet in the middle and battle it out, OR do offline raids as in ark whoever thinks that grinding days for a schooner is fun gameplay needs to wake up. only because somelarge companies can do it and others cannot does not make the game harcode. dieing evere 5 minutes to restart from scratch s not harcore. it is bad game design. any MMO should not be played because you get "the best loot.. highest weapons" but because the content the sandboix allow you to create. I havent met so many players in atlas yet that really want to create content. most just want to see the world burn.
  7. not even that. is a griefer - zerg-tribe "semi-pvp" offline raiding wets dream. no game mechanic thats in it - right now that is - being it freeports - lawless - whatever the rest is has any risk & reward thought or even level and difficulty-scaling in it whatsoveer. you can engage a lvl 200 alpha on any island. its purely random. which is dum in terms of player progression and engagement. the claim system is a hot mess. unlimited claims that cost nothing to setup or maintain and only takes "being there" to make them safe. (at least in theory). thats even bad for a pvp server, let alone a pve server. the latest installment of ressource spawn prevention (bug ? intentional? ) is bad for a game based on ressources to do even the most basic shit. insane amount of dead travel-times which just act as major timesink and offer not even the slightes value for any player doing it. flotsam might be fun, but once you realize it is very tedious and never really worth it, you just ignore it most of the time (blueprints from flotsam are building only and rarely ever worth to actually build) its supposed to be a pvp game, yet the "mot effective" pvp tactic in the game seems to be either low tier weapons (bows + flame arrows) or simply griefing the shit out of others. (weight griefing, which as to be the biggerst oversight ever). a tacked on "eating- and nutrition"- mechanic that is more hassle than benefit. its simply more efficient to just die and respawn as the burden to be able to constantly level everything out is not worth the actual benefits the total reset when you die. its not about loss - in eve you also lose a lot - but if you play smart, you never lose everything. in atlas- as of now, there are simply situations from which you are basically reset to zero. company mechanics that are not thought through,. as well as alliance-mechanics that are visual in nature only and offer no real strategic or gameplay value. the list could go on. but its obvious that there never really was a real long-term vision behind it , except "lets make a game with soo many players on it at the same time and lets make it pirate-themed because we were working on that dlc anyways...." they would have to go back to the drawing board, not being afraid to wipe repeatedly in the process, no matter what the outcome per wipe is.
  8. like the title said: dug up spout with shovel, only get option to drink form it. no other action possible containers in inventory or hotbar makes no difference please fix
  9. yeah just tested it again. not working at all. oh so sweet
  10. lthough pirates stayed on their ships for quiet a long time, they were not LIVING there, as they had bases, outposts or even whole pirate towns to start their journeys and missions from. they also repeatedly returned to land to other ports and cities to sell ships they seized, goods they plundered, restock, etc etc. only because you "live on a ship" for an extended amount of time, there are times even the biggest ships would have to get back to a base- even modern submarines, carriers etc need to get back once in a while. apart from that : we need ways to make bases more useful, as well as more options to open stuff to the public. - taverns and inns for selling of foods, drinks and spawn points (temporary spawns that be used once, for a fee) and to recruit NPC crew - shipyards and drydocks -> to either build ships or repair ships for gold increases usefulness of shipyards and extends itr beyond "building this ship once" - ship traders -> lets you buy and sell used / seized ships for gold incentivizes the seizing of ships instead of sinking them - merchants -> prefab buildings or stands that let you buy weapons, trinkets, biome-specific visual only upgrades to clothes, weapons and even ships. Items cost gold, the claim owner gets a tax cut from each sale. (makes travelling to distant places for visuals a thing maybe) - warehouses and trade-offices to set up "want to buy" - "want to sell" orders from anyone that physically deposits ressources into them. (not talking auction houses here) setting up those orders costs gold - guard houses or sherrifs offices lets you hire NPC´s that patrol the claim and attack predators or enemy players - goverment buildings lets you sign bounties against players and gives you a way to collect the bounties when proof is brought back. -- for all this I would still propose a dedicated skill tree section: "colonization",, that specifically lets you build and improve your claim with prefab buildings, as with skills that improve the performance and ROI of those buildings as well.
  11. what ? I dont have the option to open any spout inventory...
  12. I was transporting a tamed bear and wheile sever transition (from one zone ot the other) it started floating up. It was still listed as weight in the ship status, so I went on, thinking a next zoning might fic it. on the next transition, it was gone forver. hours lost due to travel and taming. please fix this https://imgur.com/73w45g4
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