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  1. Malfunktion

    Creature Designer

    This is a bug that was never fixed in ARK not sure you guys can here. Carrier Pigeon System so we can send maps across the world or other things.
  2. Malfunktion

    Show 'n Tell #4 Deadline Wednesday 13th Feb

    Crocs around Wild Cow took Refuge.
  3. Malfunktion

    Claim ship in pve ?

    No way to claim now on pve.
  4. Malfunktion

    Breeding is broken. - But I as mad.

    Not disagreeing on the Priority at all lol, but dont make a class dealing with animals if you dont want someone concentrating on animals. Like having a Priest Class in an RPG that cant heal lol
  5. Malfunktion

    Breeding is broken. - But I as mad.

    Except they made an entire Class on breeding and Animal care....
  6. mortars cannot be manned by NPC's
  7. Malfunktion

    Another Chinese Exploit?

    Our Galleon was there lol
  8. Malfunktion

    Honest Company

    Hello looking for any member of Honest Company. You have a foundation in our claim blocking our building. Can one of your people come remove it please. Has a bed on it. Can teleport there and remove it would be awesome thanks.
  9. 2 weeks before they can contest it will be the new standard
  10. Malfunktion

    Claim Help

    This helped alot thank you
  11. Malfunktion

    Claim Help

    A few questions... What do the different color flags mean I see red The Yellow? What does a negative timer mean? I found a Claim that I could Contest. Hasn't had upkeep in a while. I lay down my flag and get the swords. I see no timer and the 10 min thing never starts to count down. I have waited well over 30 mins...... What am I missing here?
  12. Malfunktion

    Show 'n Tell #3! Deadline Monday 28th Jan

    My Grand Hall Please tell me, please tell me why?My car is in the front yardAnd I'm sleepin' with my clothes onI came in through the window last night Wasnt Our Galleon Parked here?