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  1. Back Stabbath

    Cannon Cart/Tame Balance

    Like they did withe the bear cannon meta?
  2. Back Stabbath

    Cannon Cart/Tame Balance

    Just watched a video on reddit of the new crab tame in pvp. Was laughably stupid . They are really doing a great job at breaking the game . Making it hard to bother logging in if they are going to continue in the Ark shit direction. It's unfortunate. Rather than focusing on pvp mechanics they are just adding tames at this point .
  3. Back Stabbath

    Cannon Cart/Tame Balance

    Tames should not be involved in pvp in any capacity imo.
  4. My playstyle is very dif than most. All these changes dont affect me. As long as there is a population I can have fun. I'm pure pirate.
  5. Of course it's an assumption. It's just my personal prediction based on my conversations in different forums in different gaming communities. I could be completely wrong. I'll be trying it out with whoever I can convince to come along when it goes live.
  6. Ptr population is pretty much gonna be the population you get for live I think. Except for whatever returning mega players you have in addition to that. Its become too well known in the gaming communities that the devs are pandering to certain guilds. Doesn't fly in a pvp centric game. That coupled with bad descision making and the Ark direction they are heading in , foundation spam, bear cannon shit still the meta for pvp etc. I predict youl have a couple thousand players for a few months . Depending on how much money the company is willing to invest. Maybe another wipe for a revamp.
  7. Back Stabbath

    Not much will change.

    Nobody wants to play Ark 2.0. Perhaps they should add more dinos.
  8. Game is pretty much set on course for Ark 2.0. I dont see a future for it. I am having trouble getting 5 people together to even try the ptr. And I'm a member of multiple gaming communities. At this point I'm probably going to give it a hard pass.
  9. Back Stabbath

    Large company meeting held. Colonies info as of 4/2/19

    Lol what a turd. If the devs are actually giving info to specific groups over others game is already failed, you reek of fail troll tho. Nobody is scared of old zerglings running around pretending they can pvp . stfu. Not even sure anyone besides you guys will be returning anyways. After seeing the last announcement they just keep dropping the ball. Maybe they should just add some more dinos.
  10. Back Stabbath

    Game is old

  11. Back Stabbath

    Game is old

    Looking worse every update tbh. Focus seems to be more on dinosaurs and tames than anything else. Disappointing is an understatement. I guess if Ark didnt already exist, and didnt suck, it might interesting.
  12. Back Stabbath

    Every MEGA is going Colonies

    Maybe they will say fuck it and move to empire server and the population explodes there? Jesus ...maybe fukin Bullet proof is right... I'd be happy with that. As long as one of these fukin servers has people floating around the seas .
  13. Back Stabbath

    Every MEGA is going Colonies

    If every single island has a zerg I'll be happy as fuck. I'll change my toons name to zerg. I just want a population. Hoping the game doesnt turn Into a gost town again. They made a server for large groups..then all they large groups announce they are all going on the server specifically made for smaller groups I'm just pointing out how this may affect the returning smaller groups . How people dont see this...I donno. I'm play9ng on both and will stay where the population is. I can adapt. Pretty sure when smaller groups see all the huge groups are going to colonies server they wont move back. Hope I'm wrong.
  14. Back Stabbath

    Every MEGA is going Colonies

    Except in the Ark community. In the Ark community it is the same thing as skill.