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  1. Back Stabbath

    After 2 Days

    Games to hard for you bro...try checkers maybe..or roblox
  2. Back Stabbath

    PvP MMO?

    Zerg problems...
  3. Back Stabbath

    More love for casual players/small tribes

    Devs listened to the wrong playerbase. Now they are stuck with a dead game. Or maybe they are stupid enough to believe the masses are waiting to play a game tailored for the Ark pve taming zerg. Either way it's pretty much a done deal. IT is going nowhere at this point
  4. Back Stabbath

    Gated content

    No time for leveling up and doing fukin quests and shit to compete. Apparently this is not the game for me. Enjoy peeps.
  5. Back Stabbath

    How about removing boats that are abusing bugs?

    They dont need screenshots the companies doing it have posted fukin videos on the reddit lmao. The devs are incompetent. Exploits are allowed as long as you are in certain companies apparently.
  6. Back Stabbath


    Use the.merge companies option.
  7. Back Stabbath

    Recruitment Section is terrible.

    Can we get a small company server?
  8. Back Stabbath

    Crab nerf WTFrick??

    Or..you know...pvp with weapons. Use player skill instead of chease tame of the month that cant be countered bullshit Ark crap. Make actual weapons viable , make player skill and ability matter , work on fixing bugs, punish exploiters/hackers, and try to repopulate the game.
  9. Back Stabbath

    Crab nerf WTFrick??

    Tames are fuking stupid. I heard Ark is full of tames that do cool shit. Maybe try that game and let them develope a game that has a chance at becoming a success rather than a shit Ark clone failure.
  10. Back Stabbath

    Sea travels....boring

    if you are spending 1 hour sailing 1 grid. The problem is not an in game problem bro. You need to go upstairs and punch your mom in the face . She did a shitty job.
  11. Back Stabbath

    Sunken ships in peace time.

    Prob some other bug/exploit. Or they didnt really fix it... Or they were able to walk onto your ships rather than jump with a crab If they can pull a ship right next to yours they can walk one ship to ship etc Donno what they fixed...its ability to jump or the fact it would sink
  12. Back Stabbath

    Sunken ships in peace time.

    There ya go. Stop mass producing ballistas lol. Although some are def still a good idea hehe
  13. Back Stabbath

    Sunken ships in peace time.

    Karma bro . Hey...ships are easy to make lol just farm up some crabs Not like the devs punish exploiters. If this is even an exploit, for all we know it's an intended feature. Why else would crabs be able to jump overweight?
  14. Back Stabbath

    Sea travels....boring

    No..you dont. You just described wind...
  15. Back Stabbath

    Sunken ships in peace time.

    It's probably a single Chinese guy griefing. Or you pissed someone off. Just make it hard for him with ballistas and hell go somewhere else hopefully.