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  1. Need to be done like structures when u online countdown reset.
  2. 3sixtyy

    Cobras behind walls

    Yes today when I came back from treasure huntin i see lvl 14 cobra spawn behind our walls. But we have huge walls for our base+large wood Doors but still cobra came inside .
  3. 3sixtyy

    Cobras behind walls

    U still do nothing about cobra's spawn behind our walls and killing all our tames. I already see post with same problem but devs still don't fix that .
  4. 3sixtyy

    NPC Crew Dying even though they have food.

    Yes happened to me to. Lost 20 crew because of that bug.
  5. 3sixtyy


    Tnx man
  6. 3sixtyy


    But then I keep all my ships animals and bases when do that?
  7. 3sixtyy


    I have a question... I have a friend and we play the game together. We want to join our companies. If we do that do I lose all my ships, tamed animal's and bases or does it all join in one company? Thank you for your help.
  8. 3sixtyy

    Devs. Fix this pls

    I hope the devs will look this post and fix this soon.
  9. 3sixtyy

    Devs. Fix this pls

    Devs pls. remove our tames from crew when they are on ship put them into weight, because of that we can't use more crew. And make our crew more usefull, so we can use them when we gather food and resourcess.
  10. I don't even know if I return to the game anymore. I start playing satisfactory and is fun game and enjoyable
  11. 3sixtyy

    Tamed Animal disappear

  12. 3sixtyy

    Best ingame support in my life

    Try to adress ur problem on their twiter side.
  13. 3sixtyy


    Easy solution devs must add protection to all our land, building's and ship when we are offline this protection stop when we online again. And dissable mobs to spawn in our building's to kill us when we sleep most anoying thing in the game right now for me. I already lost tamed animal's because of that.
  14. 3sixtyy

    new ship types

    1.I think we need new ships in the game like snow, mercury or even batter constitution large ships. 2. They must add repairs which u need craft for repair ur ship, sails for repair sails and rum for batter crew skill's limite time.
  15. Yes but in single player can have all map just for ur self and build where u want and noone destroy ur hardwork. In rented server u must pay again to play the same game