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  1. Tamed 4 in a row just fine.
  2. I like all the current creatures. Add the Jerboa. They are cute and cuddly. They actual comfort the pirate on their long adventures.
  3. Yeah, just wipe and get it over with. You all see the game is dying way fast since the announcement. Wait, it was already dying prior. But this is the largest decline since the release. Look at steam charts and see for yourself. Wipe.... now... please... or more will leave.
  4. Its a bug. I hear about it all over the official servers, and private clusters. And experienced it myself. I just take high level things I care about on ship journeys. ARK had the similar bug for a LONG time. Their are 2 issues: (1) animals just going invisible. You can tell they are still there cause you can run into them and see them poop. (2) animals going poof whether its follow or through the menu. Most of the time (1) can be resolved by reconnecting or moving out of the area and someone else or you come back. Dino normally renders. We had an elephant gone for 5days then one day, back. We just live with the bug.
  5. Its always the easiest to wipe. so wipe away. Its going to happen many more times before the game is fully released. js folks. Its exactly what EA is designed for. Hopefully they get their testers back.
  6. This game ROCKS! Simple. Accept it or move to next game. Even better on your own private server. Plenty of available land. They have changed the game so much on PVE, its a robot game. I loved being a pirate. Kinda hard to do now. Game still rocks!
  7. From what I have seen, if you have another account and a body right there at the flag- dont log in, it will make the flag say upkeep recently. And the timer does not change.
  8. This is what I do and it works for me... Bear = tons of fiber. More than I can weave. Bull (giraffe sucks) = fills with thatch fast, BUT I have it following my bear. When I fill the Bull, I move that thatch to the Bear, then take Bull for more. Keep them together in case an alpha pops around. I can gets tons of Thatch this way in minutes. Now to be fair, our harvest rate is at 4x. 2x we were spoiled on Official, and due to no land to claim, got a 2x2 grid with everything in it. Elephant + tons of wood. Giggles- did he say "wood". mhm, I did. With those 3 I can complete a Brig, w/design in a couple of hours. Now the fun part....Metal: I happen to be on an island with alot of metal. So I take out in a chain the Elephant, 3 bears, 3 horses. Just about 7k. That is so much to have. All works for me. It isnt too fast or too slow. I would be nice to have a Thatch gatherer a tad higher. But I will play with what I got.
  9. They are scaling the game as it is a MMO. They want to make a huge world. With your own server you can create custom grids, and have nearly everything in it. We like this so it does not take hours to sail.
  10. For me, this is my ARK 2 replacement. I find it too close as ARK + ships. I am loving it. And if they dont do SP, folks can always get their own hosted server. And then custom it to their own liking. I was HEAVY ARK player, but when I log into ARK to check on things: bla, back to Atlas I go. Lovin the Atlas.
  11. I have been a long time subscriber of Battlemetrics. Can't wait to see more tracking apps.
  12. mhm, so very true. I laugh cause folks are paranoid on games. Fact is, all games have them. Oh, wait: do they know all social networks are trackable, images have geo coords, tracking virus's can be inserted into images. The future: AI
  13. Fact is, lots and lots of tools exist. The data exists. Even Steam has their own apps. And changing your name? lol: not going to help. Caching data. Folks will continue to use them. Next topic please
  14. I love my bears. They rock. I kill like 5-10 alphas a day.
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