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  1. Yeah, this is main reason why i leave. Possible ill back some later when game will be better
  2. Hi All, I planned to leave from game and i want to distribute my property (free) So, Have 90k+ gold and other rss and rare BP's. So all stash have pincode: 1173 Animals: Bear 75 lvl Giraffe 72 lvl elephant 70 lvl Coords: G8 : -10.93\-1.87 PS: PM to me if u want some animal PSS: fck devs
  3. I have no words) you're just a crazy woman. I hope that after your hysterical posts wishing to buy something from you will decrease.
  4. Also please answer - i ordered rinho + jiraffe + deliver at Tuesday at 09:49 AM u say : i have f2 deliver. So U deliver is impossible .... maybe in fryday *This is Trade ? Just look at the topic price* iam- ok - my brig is stuck ill try to be at soon after i travel to d9 what i see ? Several ships owner - Anne. So She just does not want to provide services from her price list. Apparently this is not a women's matter. this is not service tirh is bull shit
  5. Yeah contact me for more details )
  6. Yeah i drunk as week + )) ofc Or maybe ill want to somethink else ? No Bro i have tonn of gold and i want only to bye animals, but she fed me with promises . repeat if u want ill can to public all private messages - no any flirts no anything shit only questions when i can take my order..... if u have some luck with her congradz.. Also ask her why she cancel delivery included to my order. )))))))))))))))))))) Для наших: Остерегайтесь этой бабы она ебанутая
  7. dont reccomend to deal with her. U spend time and broke u brains
  8. Repeat: Warning far all: - if u want to troubles and time spend - contact to that crazy girl )))) Bad company in the eu pve
  9. Are you a health worker for such findings? You seem funny to me. Maybe monthly do not give you peace of mind?
  10. Warning far all: - if u want to troubles and time spend - contact to that crazy girl ))))
  11. Any Proofs ?? Baybe i mared and i only want my order no more. Stop dreaming. Just admit that you as a company are bankrupt. And simply shit
  12. This is the worst company I know. But first things first. Firstly, I ordered two top bears a week or more ago. In response, some promises. Secondly I ordered the Giraffe and the rhino with delivery on Monday (my brigantine was stuck in another sector). As a result, I listened to excuses every day. What is today or tomorrow or later? As a result, when I sailed, I did not wait for Anna and fell asleep, and the next day she say that the giraffe had been sold. And did not even apologize. In general, if someone wants adventure and time-consuming - please contact she ) but ill warnng - crazy wooman crazy company . Want to spend time - just send message to she PS: Have all proofs from disk if comunity wants SO for EU PVE tradars: WTB: 2 top bears 44 wild lvl male and female pay 10k gold for each (if u not to spend levels after tame) WTB 1 rinho 30+ wild lvl
  13. Looks a good but need to add ability to trade: animals treasure maps BPs
  14. Lost fresh tamed bear 44 on O2 EU PVE. Name eeeeee owner Neo. Let me know if u found him and ill pay u 2k gold . thanks
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