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  1. sand man

    need this

  2. sand man

    Single PLayer

    Devs never talk about this.......why ??
  3. sand man

    Captain's Log 26: The Hoppening 🐰

    Blackwood Map ??? has it been scrapped or was it all BS ???
  4. sand man

    solo pve

    Why are people soo afraid of a Single player mode ??? why, is it your to scared to play a game on your own ?
  5. sand man

    Devs please read this.

    One day a Dev might answer someone..................maybe
  6. sand man

    Any news on the Blackwood map ??

    Anything Devs ???????????????
  7. sand man

    solo pve

    A single player option would bring many more people to the game, online only games can be very Toxic which puts people off.
  8. sand man

    ONCE AGAIN... bye bye atla

    Dont be such a Fanboy.
  9. ios Blackwood ?? any more info.
  10. sand man

    Single PLayer

    Please Devs add a single player option......PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE
  11. sand man

    Any info on ISO Blackwood ?

    Why is this not being talked about , is it still coming ?????
  12. sand man

    50% off on Steam ??

    Doh !! Guess i might buy it now then and sit onit for a few months before i load it up.At least i wont be paying over £20 for it...he he
  13. sand man

    50% off on Steam ??

    Keep your hair on boy, i was only asking. A good thing then....good.
  14. sand man

    50% off on Steam ??

    Is that a good thing or a bad sign ??
  15. sand man

    region locking the game

    Its not going to happen,,,,,,,,,wish they did lock them out.