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  1. sand man

    Vanishing built stuff !!

    My ships and building are vanishing with storage boxes , crew and ship parts all gone bit by bit.........what is going on.
  2. Storage boxes, stairs, ship parts, crew and so on, all gone.........WTF
  3. sand man

    Stop Making PVE Stupid

    Stop moaning, its really boring and alittle sad.
  4. Game is shaping up well, so ill still play it but its not for you to tell us to stop playing , so bugger off.
  5. Go outside and enjoy the Sun then !!!
  6. sand man

    Stop Making PVE Stupid

    Well this snowflake likes the SP mode, its nice not having Toxic prats destroy me stuff and taking up all the islands for themselfs, so stop your moaning and go play call of duty because Atlas is turning into a great game now.
  7. sand man

    Captain's Log #33: Quality Of Life

    Loving the Single player mode but the Heatwave bug is killing my guy all of the time.........plz help.
  8. sand man

    Thank you Devs ( please Read)

    Single player is great, so thankyou Devs.
  9. sand man

    Heatwave bug

    Heatwave killing my guy and theres no way to stop it even under water ??
  10. sand man

    Every day extreme heatwave

    This is happening to me, keep losing my guy even in water, this must be fixed because the game is unplayerable as it is.
  11. Game is unplayerable like this, this heat is stupid and is spoiling the game.
  12. sand man

    @devs. We love you guys for giving us single player!

    Agreed, thankyou Devs for giving us SP mode !! WE LOVE YOU
  13. 1000 s of players Happy more like, you should look up the facks before to talk or maybe just dont talk.
  14. Great news on the Single player option, this is the right thing to do. Thankyou Devs.
  15. sand man

    new map!!!

    Its not a proper map, its just loads of servers joined together !!