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  1. bondbond

    QOL suggestion

    I think most player spend a lot of time to takeing the resources from the resource box to the crafting table to craft My suggestion is all crafting table can draw the resources from the resource box. And make some options in the resource box 1.Make a on/off option for crafting draw resource 2.Make order number to the resource box then all crafting table will draw it by the number 0------>1------->2 to make sure ppl will not use the wrong resource box 3.Anchored ship will draw the resources to repair
  2. bondbond

    thank you for officially breaking the game

    Artillery weapon is so easy to Army of the Damned before I am fine with that nerf to the Army of the Damned immune to Artillery weapon But the problem is why the also immune to the Oil Jar+Flame Arrow and the Grenade (Archery Weapon) They are handheld weapon, we can use that to get in the Ice Dungeon to kill the Snowman Boss but we can't use that to kill Army of the Damned ? It doesn't make sense!
  3. I think this happen after Mortar and Pestle change from 12 slot to 40 slot inventory
  4. I am playing EU PVE server I was build my home in Lawless. I online every day my structure upkeep is fine but my animal was claim by the auto-decay on my fucking ship???? WTF???????? I online every day!!!!!!!