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  1. Just a little tip well know by ark players. I made this little vid for my company members, maybe this can help some people here :
  2. Hi and sorry for my english i'l try to do my best. I play on EU PvE, actually we spend the most of our time on the sea and the sea is really boring. We spend many hours on our ship with nothing to do. Please wilcard try to do something, i do know how (minigame, quest, craft etc...).
  3. Schooner large speed sail and very light structure
  4. Not totally finished yet.
  5. owo

    Eu pve - k10 base

    My little base on EU - PvE server (K10) Not totally finished yet.
  6. Wipe now, play game became useless.
  7. Wipe now ! Because it's useless to play atm.
  8. My boat and me are stuck between H5/G6 since yesterday. When i try to log in game i've this message "you are currently travelling to another server ..." https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2019/05/4/1548934327-20190131122833-1.jpg
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