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    Increase sailing speed

    mythic sail bps? I was told they do nothing. I think that would help but I am pretty sure they don't want to turn on the sails because a guy cruising up on somebody with +30% on all large speed sails would be insane. Just hit and run all day long. Intercept everybody everywhere! I don't know how you would balance something like that to people that don't have access to that level of BP. ~Lotus
  2. Lotus

    Increase sailing speed

    I want them to make it so if you have a lighthouse up on a friendly island NPC's will auto sail to it. Basically it will disappear and then appear near the lighthouse X time later. That way you can prepare attacks and send resources to areas you have some control under. lighthouses would have to be built in anchorable water. you would set up anchor points and be like go to this anchor spot. The lighthouse would be like a larder resource chest holding food and gold for boats and could be set to feed all your ships on the island or just the ones coming to the island. In PvP you blow up a lighthouse and it sinks the boats going to it. This would create wrecks in the area where they roughly would have been. Sailing was meant to feel kinda epic and it does give you a sense of a massive world but once you are used to it sailing does not give challenge or anything it's crap work to go here get X go here get Y sail for an hour bringing it back. ~Lotus
  3. If you can't do those you still struggle soloing the game. A group of 5 makes the PvE simple 15 people can just zerg the content. It also depends on what mega means to people now though. If you perform at 1/2 the level you say you do you will solo the game and be bored of PvE in no more than a week. ~Lotus
  4. I don't take it personal? So what I said is a mega is composed of multiple 500 man companies. This was not my PoV though I thought a mega was a big tribe I was corrected by multiple sources, multiple times, The way it was explained is why would they not just call it a large tribe and I was like oh I see. Megas are actually an alliance of multiple large tribes. So I will use CSTG as an example at one point they were rumored to have 2500-3500 people. That dwarfs a company of 500. I think you need to learn to read better because you have problems comprehending what I write. You also keep trying to point out my PoV is this and that, like you know anything about my PoV. I believe you don't even know your own PoV... I pointed that out in a post already though... now you have a post of... well I fail to see a point you are making, it's just you trying to like puff your chest out at me cause I hurt your feelings or something finished off with some ratios... I got a good laugh out of it though My goal is to see that the game is challenging for people. All content currently can be completed in a 3 day weekend as a solo player if you know what to do. That is 0-100% being the only person in your tribe. This game really only requires 3 skills to make it easy. 1) Ability to perform the tasks required. (more people in your tribe diminishes this.) 2) Ability to find information to achieve a goal. (more people diminish this because they can explain it) 3) Ability to network with other people. (more people will make it so you need less people... duh...) Those things right there make this game way too easy even as a solo. If you are missing 1 of those 3 then this game can be challenging. Time for math so 2500 to 500 is a 5:1. The servers cap around 150 though... so 1/2 of 150 should be the limit to have 2 capped tribes fight... so the limit should be 75... wait a minute.... (This is an actual PoV I have) The tribe limits have nothing to do with what people want but are based on server performance and limitations to hardware. Dude I thought we big with 100 members and I thought we were wealthy prewipe... then I saw the way Dynasty was throwing resources around like they were nothing. It was a humbling experience. Now as a group of 25 how do you feel about the difficulty of the game? ~Lotus
  5. It says it's designed for small to mid-sized groups. When that was released your tribe limit was 500 and the megas were multiple 500 man tribes. So a tribe with 75 is still small based on that. So we got what was promised delivered. The economy in this game doesn't work because there's nothing that is really hard to get. They made everything so easy for everybody. When tames could only be tamed by 1 type of food they were worth a lot more time and energy so you had something that was a precious commodity. You also could not grow everything everywhere which made them even harder to get. The game has nothing that is so hard that you need anything beyond basic weapons/armor in PvE. This makes it so you have no reason to make the crafted gear. 1 week after the wipe we had 100k ready to spend on anything good that came out. The problem is there's nothing hard to get for crafting so you can't really farm things to sell that are specialized. So basically the market in this game is nothing but supply, no demand, no economy. This post is about making it even easier to get stuff which I'm just like this game is already a pinata how much easier do people want it? ~Lotus
  6. Lotus

    You guys already know what to do

    What happens when it's like oh I'm getting raided. *rips down door puts up wall* Phew that was close. ~Lotus
  7. Lotus

    You guys already know what to do

    Unless it changed you can make walls not climbable. Believe me invulnerable buildings would not be something you would get into. ~Lotus
  8. Lotus

    You guys already know what to do

    I can wall in all my boats, tames, players and attack people but they can't attack me, everybody would then wall in and then there would be no reward to PvP which would cost a huge amount of players. ~Lotus
  9. Lotus

    You guys already know what to do

    *Walls off whole island* So I win right? ~Lotus
  10. Lotus

    Admins/Dev Foundation Spamming

    I don't believe many want that old system back it was awful. Which island? ~Lotus
  11. Lotus

    Time to die Fire Elementals!

    Let me know how it goes cause from my understanding it's a small area on the back that is vulnerable kinda like the cyclops eye. Rest takes major reduced damage. If they are killable now though ~Lotus
  12. (Joke) I want my laws! I will make a law that everybody must have a monkey with a hat or they will be hung by the neck until dead! (Serious face, might also be a joke ) The problem is the viewpoint. We are basically unpaid beta testers. ( @JatheishI wouldn't mind being a paid internal tester I am in Washington ) I look at the game as being a few years for development and the Kraken is the boss for level 1 not some endgame stuff but currently because the game is like 10-20% done it is the endgame for now. Or they could just be the Leeroy Jenkins of gaming companies just like YOLO and see how things turn out (Real serious face) Games have stages and so one department might be ahead of another so they go work on another project. Stabilizing the server is not something a graphic artist would do so they have that guy work on something else. Which is why we can get tames but not boats because right now the boats have a lot of problems the problem isn't the boat itself it's the interaction with the foundation of the game. Which is the same guy that would fix the tiles deleting themselves I think. ~Lotus
  13. Diablo 3... and look at how amazing that game is now... and it's release... .... I made myself sad Tames should be a feature that people can pursue if they want. That is the point of a sandbox game to do things they want with no THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO PLAY!!! I also forgot to add this earlier. ~Lotus
  14. I actually want them to make it so if you die you can't gain exp for 5 minutes or if you use a bed. This will make it so people are less likely to just die to reset vitals. It's a survival game and has turned into oh my vitamin X is low time to go drown myself or punch an elephant in the face to get it back. The bed thing makes it so you don't just port to a food room . ~Lotus
  15. So your source is just a broad article on statistics about gaming? Nothing specific to Atlas yet you speak like you are talking on behalf of a large playerbase within the Atlas community. You realize demographics are attracted to different genre's right? Do you have a relevant source of information? I am always looking for new lines of information to add to my list. ~Lotus
  16. The game is still early access so where should they learn to play with the different settings? Also players are leaving for different reasons. We currently have no content so we are doing different games again. ~Lotus
  17. Ship point system incoming. Like island points but for boats and NPC's. Each player is worth 10 points. Raft =1, Sloop = 2, Schooner = 4, Brig = 8, Galley = 15. Each NPC crew is 1 point.. Small tames are also 1 point, medium tames 2 points, large tames 5 points. Lets also add a cannon and storage point system aswell. Each person is allowed to store 100 things so you can have 100 stacks of 1 thing of 1, or 1 stack of 100 things. Each artillery is 5 points. Building point system! Every person is allowed to have 1 floor, 4 walls, 1 door, 1 ceiling. A roof is worth 2 walls. Bed point system! You are allowed to use .5 beds a day. They will accrue so you can use a bed once every other day. Armor point system, you are allowed to wear 2 pieces of armor at any time. It will still count against your storage though. Alright enough sarcasm or is it? In all fairness we are limited to 300 boats and a render of 15,000ish tiles in render distance. 1,600 tames per grid. It is limited by grapeshot already There's no reward for building a crapload of ships. As for the vast majority... where do you get your statistics from? I would like to check your sources against mine ~Lotus
  18. Did they confirm you have to interact with it? ~Lotus
  19. @Winter Thorne The government system has been declared in 2 instances. The first time I encountered it was with an interview of the lead game designer or something like that can't remember his title basically he explained how you get land and write laws or you build on land and follow them, I especially liked the part if you don't follow the laws you become an outlaw and then live in lawless (Which at that time was an actual penalty). The second time I encountered it is when I read the WHOLE steam page. Basically it's saying you get to build a city and be governor of your territory eventually it evolves into being part of a player ran civilization or they will have some NPC crap we have to follow it's open ended at that point. I am going to trust both those documents as what is officially planned. (Here is some opinion) Tames are something that Wildcard/Grapeshot teams understand more than programming water. They are the safety zone for content when they can't push meaningful content out. Why can't they do that? I believe the unreal engine is not able to handle what they want to do. This puts a huge problem on the table for grapeshot because changing the game from unreal could fix a lot of problems but at that point they are basically scrapping all the work they have done. How do they announce that to the players/employees/shareholders without causing everybody to just bail? Here's content it's a turtle that doubles as a submarine! I mean if the camelphant could bail water out of your boat it would be useful like a super bucket, but then we are focusing on tames which was not supposed to be the point. -_- (Here is more opinion) Grapeshot does infact listen to ideas from it's playerbase (They just don't respond to everything). Listening and doing something is entirely different. There was a guy that wanted us to be able to tame whales... They could do that easily. That does not line up with the vision or does it? (Opinion again) The cats also catch mice that will protect you and I believe animals from the plague. I hate using Ark as a reference but it's basically going to be a machops getting you leeches to prevent swamp fever. ~Lotus
  20. You can tame Tortugars ~Lotus
  21. The game is marketed as a sandbox where you claim land and then work to keep it. Which removes Ark's crap pillar spam system. The claims are a stepping stone for the other content. So from what I read this game is basically going to be build a colony. They want you to essentially team up with people and work on making a sandbox colony with pirate themes. If you can't maintain it then your colony dies. Your colony will be part of a civilization. Your colony has a government with it's own set of rules people that break the rules get exiled We will have raid content to go farm for loot. We will have exploration treasure types as well as extremely rare resources. We can go get all kinds of special tames. The game also has survival aspects you have to respect while you are doing all this. Major sea encounters that they will set grids under special rules while this massive event happens (I imagined for PvE and PvP). We will get dailies that we can do for some lucrative rewards. That is what I can think of off the top of my head that I heard of from what I consider a reliable source. So when I see some of the changes I look at what was promised and then look how it would play out. I will use the claim system as an example. If you tried to have a city set up on the old claim system you would run into problems of people taking a piece of the island then it just gets complex on how to sort things out especially if you want events to happen in the city. So with the whole island claim you now have a governed island that you can binary say this is where this island sits as far as a colony that you can then have it be part of a more major form of government system. Not well half the island wants this the other wants it this way. This leads to each island having laws made by players which could add a cool dynamic to the game. Also is that a no on cats? ~Lotus
  22. We still meme about the Polar Dungeon being released in the February update, that was named the March Megaupdate, that was released in April, that didn't have the Polar Dungeon. That was May... The Kraken 2.0 was lackluster it looked cool but was trivial. Polar Dungeon looked awesome but was really underwhelming. We did Polar with 12-15 people on our first kill. When the announce anything they get criticized by the community. So if they announce something then they change their mind they get criticized for no reason. I would release information as little as possible. June update for instance... people are like yay cat or oh stupid cat... so lets say they don't release the cat because people thought it was stupid. Now the people that were excited are mad. I don't forsee them not putting the cat in but they had that bank flag repairhouse that was going to replace claims at one point which some people still think is the best idea ever but because they didn't put it in the people are now like... ~Lotus
  23. 1) 300 ships is more than enough to block out enemy boats, then you put pillars around the island so they can't get tames in and now you have tames and they don't. 2) My agenda is to make the game fair. Yours is to make decisions then want a handicap for them or a penalty for people that made good ones. 3) Actually the smaller companies have less stress if they play their cards right. If you are small and diplomatic it's pretty nice. 4) I think the ladder should count up enemy boats sunk, players killed, flags held, and flags taken. That is how I would quantify strength in PvP. 5a) The upkeep is maintaining all those boats, NPCs, Land, etc. More money more problems type things. Fair would be if every company was treated equal. This system would cause exclusion of casuals from companies if they arn't active daily. Which would hurt the playerbase. You are choosing to not have more people and believe the ones that do it should have a penalty... 5b) The server optimization is something that is being talked about in another thread. Basically too many things in a small area just ruins the user experience. There's a couple possible culprits but the bottom line big battles are not playable imo. As a group of 15 we did not want to field a galley because we could not man the support ships and the galley at the same time to use it effectively. The development team is either winging it or just takes steps towards an ultimate goal. I see tons of flaws in the game. The main flaw I believe is lack of extreme consequences to cheaters. My situation is actually EU-PvE though I jump in and out of different situations in this game to see other ways to play ~Lotus
  24. @Sinappia You talked about how Talono has a valid point. I will show you what I read from this and we can see where our opinions differ Guys (Greeting) i really enjoy my pirate life inside your persistant Atlas world (I like this game) . I just dont like how you absolutely focus on mega patches only for mega tribes. (Belief that the patches are only for large companies, This is not true BTW) I am quite sure that the majority of your players are solos/small tribes/casuals. (State opinion with no basis) Why lock them out from fun stuff like subs and torpedoes ? (False statement) One of the big advantages in Conan Exiles is the ability for everybody to gain anything solo. (Atlas is easier than Conan) Not easily, but with the correct preparation and planning. (Conan would be a like 4/10 for difficulty as a solo, Atlas as a solo a 2/10?) Please consider a similar strategy and i am quite sure that the 50.000 players from game launch in december will be back here soon. (Wild optimism, the game being too easy is actually costing a lot of players on the top end for PvE) Dont let the Atlas galleon crush into the next iceberg. (? Atlas is more like a schooner with 3 small sails, 1 left, 1 right, 1 is on backwards, with 2.5 steering wheels) So now after reading this I get the message that Talono believes Atlas is too hard for the average player. So your first post says that people are not understanding the original poster's message. Your second post says it is possible for smaller groups to do the content which is saying the original post is wrong but your first post says it is right. I'm trying to understand what you are trying to say there. As for Grapeshot, what exactly was promised? The problem is what the definition for Grapeshot and what the definition for each player is different. ~Lotus