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  1. SirRedHawk

    Still have a Fatal Error

    The game has been updated fully then files have been checked by steam updated again still nothing. I did a complete new install of the game still this error appears. I've updated all drivers including my graphics driver. Im out of ideas......
  2. SirRedHawk

    Crash Report Patch 208.1

    Did both patches still getting the error, checking file integrity now. If i need to do a complete reinstall do i need to worry about saving any files so I don't lose my character or anything like that? Update: After the validation prompted steam to update the game multiple times I finally uninstalled and currently installing it from scratch hopefully I don't lose my character.
  3. just checking to see if anyone else has had this problem 1:30 am central time on the 23 of june. server was having connection issues before booted now i get stuck on the loading screen. Not sure if its an isp issue or game server issue im at E3 atm
  4. This pretty much sums it up. Thinking im going to come back to the game here in the next 48 hours hope it wasn't completely messed up in the last few months.
  5. SirRedHawk

    Giving official server/Atlas a new chance

    Games going to need active players that couldn't really get started the initial launch. GL I will not be playing
  6. Can't speak for all of Without Divide but always willing to trade from E10 Humble Headquarters normally have a surplus of 8k honey lying around. PS: looking for a consistent supply of resources not found on my island. willing to do 1 for 1 trade on resources I have strongwood, lightwood, rushes, hemp, fronds, honey, shale oil, cobalt (not nodes)
  7. Why not change the leader board system entirely? Instead of land claims deciding who is top dog make it quest based. Make it a percentage of people with x power stone. So the company has 5% with power stone 1 and 70% with power stone 2. Just give them a score of 5 and 70 respectively add them together for a total score and a max possible score of 900. If you think about it small companies will have a harder time completing the tasks but getting a decent % would be easier. Larger companies can complete the tasks easier but have more people who need the task done thus making it harder to get a good score. In the end only active companies that have experienced that game as a team can be top dog.
  8. Ikr getting tired of lagging out every time our fleet comes into render range almost sunk my brig cuz i couldn't close my sails ran full speed into our large shipyard and lost a whole plank. Or atlas shrugs fleet just get close to their island and everything starts to lag.
  9. SirRedHawk

    PVE Claim

    Hope you are not talking about us because no such figure was given. I agree that max number of flags should be based on per person. However, where my view point differs is in the top companies listings. Atm it being based on how much land you have is dumb for many reasons most are already away of. Instead I think it should be based on story line completion of each member . This could be done as a percentage within the company 6% have defeated the ship with a company score of 6 and maybe 60% gotten 1 power stone giving a score of 60 making the total score 66 and compare that value to others to determine ranking. This means that top companies will be 1 active and 2 experienced in order to achieve the top 10 list. It will also take pressure off of needing to own lots of land. I do feel many top companies would downsize land claims if this was the case.
  10. Give it a rest already we don't have one main base btw so good luck with that
  11. SirRedHawk

    Attention Paragon company

    I find your response to be pretty toxic and ignorant. To me its the small 1 person companies with claims on an entire island not large companies with many active members that are a problem. You do realize that to declaim and claim land it takes our company over 4 hours? At the vary least upkeep isn't an issue due to how we are set up and our active member base. So we have a lot of land we have a lot of members to use that land. As far as taxes are concerned if you don't own the land then why not pay a tax for taking resources the owners could have used for their own purposes. I only see people living in lawless regions complaining of this mechanic. You talk about ego but you're the one berating top companies without being provoked. Clearly you lack something and wish to have what you don't.
  12. SirRedHawk

    Attention Paragon company

    Most of us "top rank" companies are a bunch of good people. Without Divide uses all our land if not for building its for resources (mostly because those zones are not livable). I would recommend a merge so a top companies land becomes your land. Thats just me doesn't make sense to remain stubborn when top companies are offering it freely to members.
  13. SirRedHawk

    Breeding needs a drastic look at.

    seriously would love to get my hands in breeding but unlike some im not interested in spending 50 hours babysitting. In addition heatwaves kill babies and the pathfinder can do nothing about it. seriously fix this id suggest lowering the breed time to 24 hours at least and fix the heatwave mechanic.
  14. SirRedHawk

    Without Divide rising the ranks!

    If you havn't been contacted yet message AnnaRose#4792 in discord to discuss any business. Without Divide E10 Headquarters captain.
  15. I can understand the reasoning about taking so many ships due to the insta kill mechanics. However, it is amazing that out of 54 ships 3 survived with its crew a 4th survived (2nd from my company) without crew. No matter how you look at it the current kraken fight is broken if thats the expected survival ratio regardless of reason. If you disagree about loot I personally don't understand unless you consider your time to be vary cheap. I value my time and would like to be entertained and get some kind of reward for my hard work.