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  1. The last thing I need is a cat in this game. It would not be better to focus this effort by fixing: Enemy Hitbox, Invisible/Missing Discovery Points and rebalance wild life in alot islands.
  2. When you say "debuff" are you mentioning the mermaid mini-game?
  3. lol good. when this news comes that devs removed or nerf something I automatically assume that it is true since at the moment I can not test for now. Aome NERF have already happened recently that good that this time was false alarm
  4. I've never seen mermaids out of the golden and there they are always aggressive?
  5. Game development seems to be all focused and based on feedback from a "group / company of developers friends" where only the fedback of them matters. I have not seen anyone here in the forum asking for these bow changes and many others who have come to harm exclusively solo/small groups. if @DEVS both want to get rid of solo players because they do not launch single player mode? Or they prefer with these changes to force that solo/small groups rent their own server. After that Rent Server Button appeared on the server selection screen on game I think I understood what is going on here.
  6. I have a crow lv.70 gearset is the skills right?
  7. The support of the ATLAS team is a joke, they never solve anything. I think they only pay attention to Streamers (if there is still any streamer in this game).
  8. lol .ship has GPS using the sextante right ? so could have a custom radio like GTA
  9. Thanks. How i increase my max crafting bonus ? Using a crow and intelligence right ?
  10. Nice. You play solo too? Yes, I'm trying. I got a tiny mythical shipyard 170% lool I need to find someone to play this game. All the people I met playing ATLAS in pre-wipe on my island neighbors have already leave the game.
  11. What is the maximum quality level of a map?
  12. Before the wipe I stayed the whole week in a golden age sinking SOTD level 26 ~ 56 and never won any mythical item or quarquer shipyard !!! Before it was easier to do this solo but now without the large cannons on the deck, SOTD pack and ramdon crash I will avoid going to fight for the time being. Sometimes playing solo is tiring and frustrating.
  13. lool what I said days ago is fulfilling. They doing the incredible job of bringing more content and challenge to the Megas. Because you would try to ride your bear and venture around when it is easier to carry bear on your back!
  14. I found Mytical bow 219% but I do not intend to use it now . I will try i bit more.
  15. In ARK I was not lucky too. then ATLAS will be impossible for me. I traveled 8 grids and it was hell to face the Army of Damed level 76~98 alone I thought it would be worth it but it was a disappointment. I did not even want gold just some BP from Shipyerd.
  16. I always used vanilla items but after the game changes I thought it would be cool to try the higher quality items. But I never had luck with rare items in any game lol
  17. I have heard that the maximum level of the ship is based on the quality of the shipyard it was built.
  18. since last week I been sailing around world digging up treasures of high quality lv.16+ looking for a mythical or legendary shipyard and I can not find it. The shipyard small or large are found on maps ? also because I only find weapons, clothing and armor. No found part of ship (wall, celing, sails...) or shipyard. Am I doing something wrong or is it just bad luck? See na exemple below:
  19. I think islands with low Island Points like 15~35 should be focused on small groups and solo on the map there are very few islands that a solo can Claim. Mega/Large companies should focus on claiming islands with 56 or more Island Points as they are much more abundant across the map if you as mega come and Claim several small islands where the solo/small will live? This complaint system imposes limits only on the Small/Solo that because of few points (solo has 30 Island Points) can not have an island. In the same way that I do not think it's fair to have a solo players should claim a island with 86 islands points and large should not be able to have several small islands. I know there are some problems such as the distribution of resources that on very large islands was not well developed since most Metal/Gems are very scarce and rare resources and maybe that is what does not attract mega. mainly on most of the islands in the Eastern Tundra biome (M/N/O grids) that even the discovery points do not function properly yet. If people know what the discovery points and sometimes the maps on those islands are not working properly because it would go there? only by whales I think.
  20. Another day another nerf ... Fixing the discovery points devs no cares but NERF things and do what no one asked these devs can do. whenever something goes wrong in PVP even those who have never been there is bound to suffer the consequences and it sucks.
  21. this has happened to me a few times...
  22. Just a bit of sarcasm based on facts of things that are occurring and events that have happened in the past and that no one liked like the nerf in lawless at the time of the pre-wipe.
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