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  1. DoubleHelix

    Return Craft bonus

    That is my point too. It is about player competence. No matter what other restrictions devs will implement, they cannot make someone a better player if he has no will to become one. The sad truth is that a lot of players disregard basic info, patch notes etc. They just don't care. They want all getting served to them now and on silver plate. Well, its not working like that.
  2. DoubleHelix

    handeling sails

    If we compare basic sails with base stats, speed sails give more speed, handling give wind independence. The big difference comes with crafted sails. While the speed sails have their speed bonus disabled, the handling ones have it. Yes, it is called Acceleration, which is misleading. It is a speed bonus. Currently, the ultimate sail in the game is Large Handling Sail with 130% and above Acceleration post craft.
  3. DoubleHelix

    Return Craft bonus

    And as an addition to this, you get the chance for the AMAZING 20% when you hit lvl 150. GL with that You know very well that celio has hit lvl 145 in mid-summer and he had one of the best Int gears in the server. And he was playing practically solo. Since the spring we were 2-3 active in our company which hasn't stopped us of getting lvl 135 and having the best set on the server. So the dev's excuse "equal chance for the small companies" is one of the bullshittiest excuses possible. Its all about having a clue what you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it, dedication and most of all - understanding the game mechanics.
  4. DoubleHelix

    cannon range Cannon Range

    Yes, they will.
  5. DoubleHelix

    15 sec immune after grid change?

    My zoning lag is about 8-10 seconds. Normal for 2 yrs old rig.
  6. DoubleHelix

    15 sec immune after grid change?

    You will be surprised how many actually DO cross borders in the middle of the grid at 90 degrees. I have spent most of my 3100+ hours in ATLAS sailing. And I witness this every day. Many players are not familiar with the core sailing mechanics cause they spend most of their time in the game on land. And this IS already dev's fault since we still lack enough sea-based content. You can't get good sailing habits if you sail once in two weeks to the neighbor grid and back. No argument over this, but as well - it will significantly decrease your chances to find yourself stuck in SotD while the rest of the group are pounding you. Basic self-preservation. You will be surprised how many people actually are not computer savvy. And this does not stop them to play games. Maybe you should pay attention to the world outside your monitor. So, I guess you and the guy that started this thread play two different games. Cause Its dev's fault that you have 5 sec and he have 1 min zoning lag, right? On this I agree. Some do. In conclusion, cause arguing with a biased person for me is pointless - SotDs and their barrage are part of the game. PC performance is player's issue. And it is survival game. Either you find a way to survive or you die. Simple.
  7. DoubleHelix

    15 sec immune after grid change?

    Angle of border approach. Crossing the border at 90 degrees seriously increases you chance of ramming into SotDs. Especially if you KNOW that you have zoning lag. Here we come to route planning. Route planning and accounting wind direction changes when crossing a grid. FYI - 5 degrees upon crossing East-West direction except for O-A crossing where you have a 75 degrees shift plus power change. That again comes with route planning. And again comes to knowledge of game mechanics. Zoning lag is due to different PC performances. If your PC is weak, you don't choose Ultra settings. You use brain and choose as start Low memory mode, then you lower graphic settings. And as well - you don't run YouTube, PornHub and torrent on background simultaneously. Yet again we come to an issue with customer's property (his OWN computer). Sorry to disappoint you, but this is NOT GS responsibility. They do not sell PCs. They sell a game that have certain requirements. If your PC falls in these, but is still unable to run smoothly, its 2+2 to check for possible issues on your end too. Its common sense. But ofc, its quite easier to sit in the shit and yell - "Waaa, come wipe my ass" Any other questions?
  8. DoubleHelix

    15 sec immune after grid change?

    The difference in the zoning lag duration IS player's problem. Face it. If it was game mechanic issue - we all should have a minute long one, but since some have 5 seconds and others - a minute, well... What are the devs supposed to do - buy the "minute guy" a new PC? Or call a tech to maintain it? People have to take care for their own stuff. Regarding my "customer" approach - sorry to disappoint you, but the customer is not always right. You as a customer have to move your ass too and that is definitely NOT a customer service issue. The CS is not supposed to wipe your ass. Face it. You can deny how much you want that the majority of the players are ignorant about core game mechanics, but this is a fact. Players overload their ships, players have no clue how to plan a route considering the wind, players have no clue how wind mechanics work, players have no clue how different types of sails perform etc. and all this is NOT a Customer Service issue too. GrapeShot are selling a game, but providing brain too is NOT among their prerogatives.
  9. DoubleHelix

    15 sec immune after grid change?

    Well, lets make all grids freeports but without the decay Even then there are going to be enough people that will manage to lose their ships due to <insert random reason>. I think you all forget that ATLAS is a survival game after all. So... survive or die.
  10. DoubleHelix

    15 sec immune after grid change?

    Ok, tell me please how changing a game mechanic will improve someone's PC performance? If its not the SotDs, it will be something else causing him troubles. So, the game have to be changed to one big freeport cause it does not run smoothly on an antique or badly maintained PC? Really? 99% of the issues experienced are not dev's or game fault. But its much easier to blame someone instead of checking your actions for mistakes, get extra information, use the best practices etc.
  11. DoubleHelix

    15 sec immune after grid change?

    Some players jump borders for minute, some in 5 seconds. That should point at first place at hardware. If your PC is loading slowly, maybe you should take a look at this first instead of blaming the devs and asking for mechanics change. E.g. try lower graphic settings, low memory mode - there is a room for tweaking. Another frequently met issue is a computer that needs software maintenance. Changing game mechanics because someone is having issues because of obviously non-game design origin I find as absurd. Apart of this, the inability to escape from SotDs points at game-mechanics ignorance. Since they have max speed of 6 knots and their AI is quite simple, it is a piece of cake to loose them even at same speed. Just wiggle your ship left and right and they will start making wider zig-zags than you as they are programmed to follow your ship. Apart from this - receiving some cannonballs IS part of the game. Deal with it. Or go play with Barbies.
  12. DoubleHelix

    Player Trading

    New personal best - 300K in a single sale
  13. 99% of the ship losses in PvE are due to illiteracy in regard of game mechanics, but not the game mechanics. The issues begin with inadequate ship building. Many players tend to overload their ships with bunch of useless elements. Then the disaster continues with inadequate sails choice. Moreover, many players don't give a dime about things as border approach angle, wind speed, wind direction, optimal load percentage etc. The cargo ship is the easiest design in the game. All you need thee is a bare minimum - e.g. on galleon you can place 3 decks in total without any functionality loss. But loading 52 cannons on a gally plus 12 extra ones on the ass plus balistas etc and having this ship as cargo one... A ship like this is like getting married to your sister - you can do it, but its not right... Below I will put a list of FMPs (frequently met problems) which I have witnessed during my 3100 hours in the game. FMP - overload. The maximum load a ship should have is 75% w/o cargo boxes or 50% with cargo boxes. The optimal config is 4 cargo boxes on Gally as you can have low load ratio, good amount of cargo (32k metal/ingots or 100k wood) and still maintain normal speed. FMP - bad sails choice. Currently the best choice in the game are the handling sails as especially with good ones you match speed sails speed-wise and yet - you are practically wind independent due to their effective angle. Ofc, you should place 6 of them on gally - a mix is the worst decision you can take as you gain no benefit, but accumulate the downsides - increased wind dependency due to the low effective angle of the speed sails and lower speed if you don't have top acceleration handling sails. FMP - bad planks choice. Use the highest possible BPs you have. Even generic BP planks crafted with no extra Intel skill will give you extra durability for free. E.g. 110% generic gally BP plank will give you 1200 durability above the base of 12 000 - effectively 13200. Every dura point is useful and increases your survival chances. FMP - incorrect ship leveling. A cargo gally should have resist to 140-148% and all the rest in weight. This allows you to have any incoming damage significantly decreased and as a result - increased survival chance without losing much cargo capacity especially now as cargo boxes decreased the importance of having maxed out load. FMP - REPAIRS and spare parts. Unfortunately, this is widely neglected. It is not a rare occurrence to meet a ship with planks at 30% durability. Mentality "If they are not leaking - then no problem" is a highway to the bottom of the ocean. Another issue is that many players don't carry enough repair resources. I have witnessed how a ship went to the bottom due to a storm because his owner had not enough wood to repair the ship and as well - neglected the repairs in time. As an addition to this - he had no spare planks to replace the leaking ones that remained damaged due to the lack of repair resources. As a golden rule you can accept having extra 10% of the planks count as spare parts - for gally this is 8 rounded up plus a spare Ship Wheel. A spare deck and sail are not a must imho due to their higher durability. But having spares won't kill you. FMP - Neglecting the "Captaineering" skill tree. It is one of the most important ones and mandatory for every ship driver - especially the Ship Maintenance tree. FMP - Border crossing approach angle and correct route planning. When you are about to cross the zone border, you should do it at angle of 25-30 degrees. This will allow you to jump back with minimum maneuvers if you meet storm, 2-3 groups of SotDs etc. That applies if you are jumping grids in the middle of the border. If you have well planned route, then you should sail your cargo ship by the border and there you can cross at 90 deg. With this angle of approach you can easily change the grid again as you will have a border very close to you. FMP - lack of knowledge of core sea based mechanics. Tornadoes do damage ONLY if you pass through them. Because galleons are not very agile, the best option is to stop and wait. Using this tactic, you can get lucky and miss all tornadoes or get hit by one or two - something that any timely repaired galleon can take with no issues. SotDs do not spawn by the border - usually they are there because they followed another player ship and they lost their aggro by the border. Same goes for whales. Now some useful information - SotDs and whales have top speed of 6 knots. If you can maintain higher speed than that, you should have no issues with escaping. This can be easily achieved with proper ship building and load ratio balance. Border crossing load times are not a problem too as your ship keeps sailing even if you don't see it. If you crash at this time - your ship keeps sailing as the game counts you ingame for about 90 seconds. So, with proper speed you will be able to loose the chasing SotDs. But if you cannot run away from a SotD or whale - you are doing it wrong. And devs are not to be blamed here. By avoiding the aforementioned FMPs, my losses in sea are limited to a single plank on a galleon and 3 on brigs since the wipe. I lost a plank on the gally when I was literally stuck in SotD gally due to MY BAD CHOICE of ramming angle and it took me some time to split the ships so I can move on. The brig planks I have lost were again due to bad decisions on my behalf. As a conclusion - learn the core game mechanics, apply the best practices and learn from your own mistakes. And do not blame the devs for your own mistakes, neither cry for more player protection. They sell a game, but not brain. P.S. Ramming a SotD at steep angle is an effective way to disrupt their barrage as you spin them around - especially if you hit them with gally and this gives you precious seconds to set a distance between you and them.
  14. DoubleHelix

    Player Trading

    Erm... Actually selling almost everything possible to be crafted And in good days sales are over 200K.