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  1. Here are just a few things I've noticed while playing in Single Player mode. Fast travel duplicates player character. I used a bed to travel to a different grid, and when I came back my body as sleeping there. Logged out and back in, and its still there. When on a boat, the character also remains on the ship during grid crossing. Crossing to another grid prevents discoveries. When I travel to a new grid and approach a new island, the name of the island no longer appears in the top right. Standing on it also does nothing. Logging out and back in fixes it. Fleets of the Damned blowing up on their own. Almost every fleet I've seen that I haven't actively engaged has blown up on its own. Sometimes I even see chunks of ships flying in the distance while on islands. Structure pieces disappear. I've noticed this when playing online, as well, but it looks like after bed traveling, some pieces of my structures both on land and on a ship disappear. Some map bottles appear in land. Could just be an issue with their spawn locations, but I've seen a few bottles deeper inland underground (because the glow is visible above ground still) or in the sand on beaches. Seems like my available skill points change when I log in sometimes. Last time I left some unused skill points on my character, and when I logged in later, I had -9 points available. I leveled up again and was back in the positives, but when I relogged another time, it seems like I had gotten more again (maybe those 9+ that it said I didn't have before?).
  2. Devlin

    Adventuring in ATLAS

    Paper Street in K8 (Pilnan Island) prior to the March wipe.
  3. I understand the reasoning behind the wipe, especially as so much of the game is going to be altered with the update. I think many people probably also expected a wipe at some point, given Atlas is in early access and all. The issue I see with a total start-from-scratch wipe, though, is that there is now no incentive to keep playing until the update happens. If you're a fan of building, you probably aren't as excited about continuing to build knowing that you'll be losing it in a month. If you're a fan of raiding other players, perhaps the drive to do that diminished because everything you'll earn from it will go away in a month. If you're a fan of exploration or have spent a good number of hours finding discoveries, chances are you're gonna stop doing that since you'll start at 0 again in a month. My suggestion is to instead let discovery points persist. This gives players who wish to keep working toward something an incentive to do so, while still feeling rewarded after the wipe. This still allows everyone to start at level 1 with no skills or experience after the wipe takes place, so you'll still have that even playing field. The only real advantage current players will have is a higher level cap, but even then the grind to level up will have to take place regardless.
  4. Yes, though from my experience of this particular instance, my server was offline the entire time the patch and roll back happened. Other than from Twitter or an outside source, there is no way I could have known this was taking place. I get where you're coming from, and I agree they should be better about timing announcements in-game, but in this case I'm not sure how that is beneficial since servers were offline. Unless I'm missing something here, everyone in the thread on the anti-Twitter side of the spectrum is advocating the use of the in-game announcement for something like a rollback, but I just don't get how that's possible since the servers would have been offline by then. What am I missing here?
  5. Devlin

    unable to tame

    Just tried to tame an elephant with wheat and incapacitated it out in the open. The blue text would appear suggesting I could feed it, but pressing E did nothing regardless of where I was in relation to the elephant. Didn't look like it was clipping anything. Seems like taming them is broken in general now.
  6. We've been having a few issues related to Journeyman bows, but this one seems to be the worst. Currently, our bows are not re-equipping automatically like common bows do, and in some cases they can't be equipped at all unless fully repaired first or dropped and picked up. Pretty annoying. But now with the most recent patch, our Journeyman bows disappear entirely when we die. Haven'tr noticed it happen to other blue gear yet, though.
  7. Devlin

    This Arty Font Needs To Go Away

    The global font mod is great for readability and also makes the box names show as their proper characters. The downside is that the font size is huge, and the only way to change it seems to be by scaling down the UI. I tried scaling it down, but didn't really notice a significant change personally. Just something to consider when going that route.
  8. Devlin

    Cyclone sinking ship almost instantly

    Also confirming they come to shore and sometimes on land in the region I'm in. They've destroyed ships in progress on shipyards, and have done some damage to anyone who built bases near the water. I feel like when I sail through them, the damage is negligible compared to when my ship is anchored or hit by the ones near shore. Not sure why that would be the case.
  9. This is how its been for as long as I've been doing maps with other people. I assumed it was intentional, though that does mean a company can stack up gold pretty quickly if so.
  10. I figured "after patch" was referring to last night's, since everyone has been saying resource spawning is broken after that patch. Didn't see the timestamp before posting, my mistake.
  11. Devlin

    Master Bug/Issue List

    I think some of the things on this list have already been fixed/addressed/worked on, so hopefully that gets updated. Also some of these aren't bugs or issues, just random suggestions and complaints, which probably aren't related to bugs and instead just things people wished were changed. I don't know how helpful it is to include those if you really want this to be a central repository of known issues.
  12. Devlin

    Too many water spouts

    I thought the cyclones were cool at first when I thought they were rare things that happen during rainstorms. Now it just feels comical how common they are. I completely agree that even having giant Perfect Storm or Master and Commander waves would be fun enough to navigate on their own. No need for the constant barrage of tornadoes.
  13. Considering the recent outrage regarding resource spawns on Lawless islands, I think there can be an easy compromise between keeping the spawn-prevention radius in and still making it feel like popular Lawless islands aren't barren anymore. My suggestion would be to reduce the spawn radius to slightly less than whatever the radius is that prevents neighboring companies from building. This way resources will always be able to spawn in some capacity unless one company covers an island in foundation tiles, while still preventing jungles from spawning a foot away from structures. This wont help bring back all the rare nodes that are gone because people decided to place a reminder tile right next to them, but at least some things would come back to make those islands playable again.
  14. I think his point is that there is an assumption that the patch changed Lawless zones to be like normal zones in that foundations now block resource respawns. If that's the case and was intentional, then it is a problem with foundations. If it wasn't intentional or resources aren't spawning at all regardless of how close a foundation is to them, then it is a patch problem.