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  1. I have a similar setup and this happens any time I fire them from too far away or at too much of an angle. Even if it looks like cannons shouldn't hit my nearby structures, they still do. You might have just been in a good enough range that you werent hitting those spots sooner.
  2. Seconding the reporting suggestion. Greifing is specifically against the rules on PvE, so I think they take those reports seriously.
  3. If you fill your trough with your rice, that would work well, too. Basically any grown food will last longer than picked food.
  4. I don't remember what the exact limit is, but I remember hearing about a limit being put in place where any structural pieces that exceed it in a certain radius just disappear. There also used to be a possible bug where you'd need to put in more foundation or pillar supports than necessary (other than to satisfy the "no nearby foundation" warning) or else ceiling tiles would just disappear. I experienced that one a week ago so it seems like that is still an issue.
  5. If I'm understanding your question correctly, yes. Treasure maps are usually rotated to make it slightly more difficult to figure out where the treasure is. I generally look for distinctive shapes on the drawing (odd coastlines or maybe patterns of mountains, etc.) and try to find the island that way. Or if its in a zone where all the islands are actually identical, it become the tedious game of trial and error, visiting each island to find the right one.
  6. If you're maxed out, you should see it from pretty far away. Are you positive you're on the right island and in the right spot? I've done hundreds of maps and I've seen a pillar for all of them, but I've also been convinced I'm in the correct island before finally realizing I was looking at it incorrectly or happened to be in a zone with 3 identical island shapes.
  7. I've actually had the opposite experience on PVE. The sweeping animation is constant, but when fully green anchored, my ships take 0 damage and no resources are spent fixing anything. I have one ship that I've let sit with no crew on it for a week, and all its planks are still at full HP.
  8. Is it possible for you to fill the whole trough with veggies and berries? Bears prefer meat, but it would all spoil in that time. I typically fill my trough with grown food and don't need to refill it for a few days at least. I haven't tried going a week without refilling personally, but I'm pretty sure a full trough could last 6 days if filled with grown stuff.
  9. As someone who builds immersive towns for the fun of it, absolutely agree on #1! For the player shop thing, could you elaborate on what you had in mind? I don't have an issue with current player shops as I have one set up outside my base and I juts fill it with random things I find that I assume others would want to buy. Most of my sales so far have come from people passing by and seeing something rare they want, or others on my island wanting to spend gold on resources quickly rather than farming it themselves. So from my experience, people buying goods from me and hauling it back seems like a normal thing - as if they found those items and had to haul them back regardless.
  10. I think his point is that this probably belongs in the bug report forum, not the General PVE forum. EDIT: And looks like it was moved. Thanks, mods!
  11. Medium cannons do just as well. You have to be more mindful of distance with them, but you can definitely still kite and kill SotDs with that setup.
  12. I think Atlas PVE is a very different game compared to PVP, and the people who play it have a different mindset. Its geared more toward people who like building, who like the monotony of grinding, who just want to explore without worrying about losing their stuff, and probably some role-play aspects. I personally have no interest in PVP as I just love to gather and build, so PVE is the perfect game mode for me. I have a Brig that can kill any SotD so I don't have to really worry about that aspect, and I'm free to sail and explore at my own pace. So far that seems to be a common thing from PVE players I've talked to.
  13. Those look like pre-placed buildings, not player-made ones.
  14. Here are just a few things I've noticed while playing in Single Player mode. Fast travel duplicates player character. I used a bed to travel to a different grid, and when I came back my body as sleeping there. Logged out and back in, and its still there. When on a boat, the character also remains on the ship during grid crossing. Crossing to another grid prevents discoveries. When I travel to a new grid and approach a new island, the name of the island no longer appears in the top right. Standing on it also does nothing. Logging out and back in fixes it. Fleets of the Damned blowing up on their own. Almost every fleet I've seen that I haven't actively engaged has blown up on its own. Sometimes I even see chunks of ships flying in the distance while on islands. Structure pieces disappear. I've noticed this when playing online, as well, but it looks like after bed traveling, some pieces of my structures both on land and on a ship disappear. Some map bottles appear in land. Could just be an issue with their spawn locations, but I've seen a few bottles deeper inland underground (because the glow is visible above ground still) or in the sand on beaches. Seems like my available skill points change when I log in sometimes. Last time I left some unused skill points on my character, and when I logged in later, I had -9 points available. I leveled up again and was back in the positives, but when I relogged another time, it seems like I had gotten more again (maybe those 9+ that it said I didn't have before?).
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