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  1. First of all I’ve been playing Atlas on the official PVE server. Here are two ideas that would greatly improve Atlas, at least from my point of view. 1) Add decorations to craft. Decor is greatly needed for PVE 2) Player shops offer deliveries. Now I have not used player shops. Are they still around? But one of the biggest drawbacks is time spent on hauling stuff. If player shops allowed for delivery to your shop it would not only make things easier but also make more players buy from other players.
  2. What they should do in lawless areas on a PVE server is have blocks decay much faster, say two hours, if it is not connected to anything. The spamming of floors on lawless islands is ridiculous. Lawless areas are perfect for solo players or small groups. If you want to own an island, put a flag down on other servers!
  3. I’d say just don’t let ships on a PVE server be skinable when the player or everyone from the company is offline. The ship can decay while offline but not be sunk by others or npc ships of the damned, whatever they are called.
  4. What they should do on the PVE servers —Animals cannot kill offline players —Boats cannot be sunk while company members/players are offline (decay yes, sink, no) i just don’t understand how PVE servers have sooo many trolls.
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