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  1. Hi guys, I played back in the day, and I would simply put heavies on the back of my schooner, and kite SOTD no problem. Is this still the best method, but with Mediums now? Or is it better to take a Brig with heavies on the gunports, and Mediums on the top deck; broadsiding now. Any help would be appreciated. I wanted to farm Blueprints.
  2. There was a faster reload skill line for NPCs in Captianeering I thought I saw....
  3. Hi guys, can someone help me figure out what impact reload speed has on my calculations? What I did was math out when 240 damage from an additional cannon would be less damage then 4٪ extra damage for all cannons. Long story short, after 6 Heavy Cannons, a 14th Medium Cannon adds less total Damage then leveling 4٪ damage increase. (The 13th Cannon is exactly 4% total damage increase btw) However, I dont know how to adjust this math when factoring in reload speed. If my cannons say reload twice as fast, is leveling a crew slot for a 14th cannon now better DPS then leveling a 4% damage? Any insight yall can provide would help greatly!
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