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  1. If you want to see a decent dock being built look up Radioman3's youtube Vids.. He is a fantastic builder..
  2. Horses / Bears can pull the cargo harness.. remember if your using it for cargo put a large cargo box in it .. pigs / cows (are what i have currently) that can't have a saddle
  3. I am playing Blackwood single player and only the island discoveries are registering is there something in the settings?? i have used the map that accid3ent has shown and ran all over the discovery area and nothing? so do I have to discover 25% of the islands before it lets me discover the interesting spots on them??
  4. On the Game I have been playing All Non Freeport islands i have encountered have at least one WPE base.. usually one has a ship near shore.. ... i finally crashed but that was after i tried to start with a Mod that was recommended..
  5. Thats What happens when you forget to Tithe to Neptune .. oh my what a death throws.. are you sure there wasnt a Kraken there?? just tossing your ship around??
  6. yes i did have enough slots .. he finally just followed me instead of me commanding him.. lol Silly Old Bear I made a schooner that he really likes.. so well that means if i want anybody else ( not including tatertot the chicken) i might need to upgrade to a brig finally
  7. @LunarDracos You sir ... are a necromancer. with the amount of times i have died in game, I should pass all the info i have learned before i die again>. A necromancer? hmn. (new concept for a character in a friends RPG) would make it easier and cheaper to man my Cargo ships making the crew all undead
  8. I am playing single player in blackwood.. and well i found out my character is a little tall ( makes it a little wierd in tight spaces) .. is there a way to make a new path finder in the same family?? so i dont have to unclaim and reclaim all my stuff on 8 islands?
  9. There are Treasure maps, you can look at them and try and guess which island they are for (there are I think 8 islands, so not too hard), but do not select them in your hotbar, this will crash the game. If you are playing single player, this will cause a rollback. I've had like 5 minute and just like 1 minute rollbacks so far. It is very easy to accidentally hit a hotbar key even when you know this will crash the game. Takes some practice to not do that, so this one bug sucks pretty big. I did manage to find a lot of treasure though, so not too big of a deal breaker. so far i havent crashed with treasure maps.. and i have been playing for a month now..
  10. I play single player Blackwood and yes they have Wild Pirate Encampments, Yes there is evil nasty Ships of the Damned, and treasure maps with undead protectors at the treasure sights , don't know if the Sea life is Comparable to Vanilla since i haven't play that, But there is a ton of Critters in the sea that i have seen so far including evil nasty shocking jellyfish..
  11. I finally tamed my first bear.. He refuses to get on my sloop .. ( the words are all blacked out) . The sloop has enough weight to carry him and me plus the cart on his back side.. ( already took that off to check) . is it the design of my deck? that he refuses to get on?? any suggestions?
  12. Yes you can now put a Large storage Crate in the back of the cargo cart and it will carry a ton of stuff .. my new bear tame has one on .. and it helps a lot when i am building a brig.
  13. another way i found to get them off that high tower is to flame arrow the ground next them if you can get a few oil jars in there also they burn up really nice.. crispy pirates anybody??
  14. Geez .. that is what i get for losing the Ship's cat.... can i just leave it there until i build another and transfer all cargo to the new shiP and scuttle the bugged one?
  15. Ok i just sank my first undead ship.. (lucky me) i didnt want to because this is my first schooner .. i barely survived and but i lost the ship's cat someplace and now i am stuck after fixing everything where i killed that undead ship.. i can spin around and raise and lower the sails but i can't move forward or backward.. is this a bug? i even tried to dive under the ship to see if i missed fixing a few planks only to glitch into the builge. my ships weight is only 1649.4 out of a possible 11800.0 and the only crew member out of that i lost was the ship's cat. the cow and the sheep and three chickens survived with no problem.. lol
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