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    Am I losing all my work?

    Then don't buy them.......
  2. Gfrannic

    What in the crap.

    Pirate themed
  3. Gfrannic

    Pirate game?

    I also am the playerbase and i don't feel this way. They are trying their best to find a good solution. Maybe you can come up with a good solution and we will see what the "Playerbase" has to say.
  4. I agree with op. This needs to be tested by a lot of people. If people are finally to the point they get the sub and it turns out it is really bugged, then wait for the storm on the forum. Let us test the sub and make it clear it will be unlocked by defeating the kraken in the future.(because there will be another wipe in the future i'm guessing) We are the testers. Let us test. Personally i am going to test on our private server by just spawning the thing in, but i assume you reach a lot more people on official servers to test it.
  5. Gfrannic

    Think I'm done here for now.

    Nope. This thursday is the survival update. They earlier did an overhaul of multiplayer, now the update of survival, and from what understand with this update they are leaving early access. Wich is why i am assuming this is the game that he/she talked about.
  6. Gfrannic

    Think I'm done here for now.

    I am guessing it's space engineers.
  7. *If a npc is placed at the wheel you can give auto pilot commands from anywhere on the ship by looking at the deck or sail and holding E.
  8. Gfrannic

    Real atlas talk

    Ok, i will bite. My 2 cents.(keeping in mind that this is early access) I am having a lot of fun playing atlas. I like to build my own ships and turn them into some kind of little mobile base. I like how i can sail the ship with my friends or solo because the crew ai is pretty good. The way the wind works is cool, the weather changes are nice. The game looks amazing. The fact that i can do anything on my ship while it is sailing amazes me also. I like to go treasure hunting, and the little puzzle mechanic they use is very original. I also like that you can paint almost everything. I play every day, and it is always an adventure. Sure there are a lot of things i would like to see added but these are the things i can comment on right now. I also have to add that i play on a private server. I am not really the person that has hours on hours to spend on a game so the time i do have i would like to play on my own rules (and speed of progression) But that also is the beauty of atlas. You can choose to setup your own server(s) and play the way you like it. The game is still early access and a lot of things could change, and i am really looking forward to the next bigger update with the submarine.
  9. *Hover over an item, shift + T moves half of it. This way you don't have to drag the item. *Holding N behind the wheel makes the npc's behind the cannons unseat them, and go agressive. They will start sweeping if nothing to do and will cost less because they are not manning a cannon. *Pressing shift once (captain order 6) will make them re-seat there cannon.
  10. No, you can not have your money back. You gave money to "play"/test an early access game. You knew what you were getting into.
  11. Spending all that time, on a forum of a game you don't like...... Why?
  12. Another problem is if you use autopilot, you cannot steer yourself anymore because you cannot unseat the npc. You can however use a podium (or the wheel if it is not occupied) to unseat all the cannon npc's by holding N. Edit: I see they fixed it. Well, let's test it.....
  13. Gfrannic

    Lighthouse burns you

    The lighthouse is a re-modeled campfire. So if you light the fire to turn on the lighthouse and stand on the balcony of the light house, you take damage as if you were standing on a campfire.
  14. Gfrannic

    Npc wheel animation not working

    While using a npc for auto pilot, the wheel turns but you do not see the npc steering anymore. Before you would see the npc actually holding the wheel and turning it while changing direction.