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  1. If you want to do it, that im ok with, its your vacation time. What I dont want to see is people bitching about how they took a day off to play and the patch doesnt come till 10pm on the 20th (or whatever day it turns out to be)
  2. Im just saying it now.... I dont want to hear (read) all the people bitching about how they took the day off from work/school/whatever and they are pissed the update didnt drop. Just dont do it. These things frequently slip, or if they do happen on the day, happen very late on the date.
  3. Taking an island on day one just to prevent others building on it is not PvP. Its griefing. Taking an island others are building on, then running around destroying everything on it, even though you do not intend to hold or use the island is not PvP, its griefing. They dont care if they lose it due to upkeep or someone taking it, they just want to cause havok on day one when people are just looking to play.
  4. Umm, if you look where you buy the game it 100% says EA and has the disclaimer. Untrue, the wipes were not always prescheduled, or if they were, only the dev team new about them. We were informed sometimes with advanced warning, like now.
  5. i would be ok with buying it from some big company, but you cant even drive it if you havent killed the kraken
  6. Thats not the issue @Percieval The issue is a griefer will take the island just to prevent others building on it and build nothing on it himself day one just for salty tears. Thankfully you have to build a tax building to build a claim, and it takes 1 hour to effect the claim, but i still see it happening.
  7. I absolutely hate that you need to kill the kraken to get a sub. It penalizes every single solo and small company out there. Especially since they cant even drive it if they were to save up and buy it from someone who did kill the kraken.
  8. Jat said in the stream that claim owner can prevent building on the claim if they want, with the drawback that they have to pay the full upkeep. Also said that the claim owner can destroy anything he wants anytime on the claim.
  9. You realize EA is nothing more than a big long Beta right? (or alpha in some cases).
  10. While i like the idea of the new system and will help test it out, I do worry that on launch post wipe you will have a ton of griefers just go out, drop a flag on an island, and set the whole island to company only. Yes, they cant hold it due to needing upkeep, but for the first couple of days I could see it get very bad. Second type of griefers will be those who go out and find an island with no claim yet, but some building on it, who then proceed to claim and wipe all buildings out of spite. This sounds like a good system if used as intended, but it also sounds like it has HUGE griefing potential, and thats not counting those big companies that just dont want non-company members on their lands. This is a step in the right direction, and this is EA and testing, but this REALLY sounds like griefers will just have a field day with it. They wont care that they lose the island eventually due to upkeep cost or war, they just want the initial tears of all islands being claimed and set to no-build for outside company.
  11. You'll always get the rush at a new start, folks like that initial race for the summit.
  12. so dont play till then. They will wipe when the content is ready. This is EA testing, not play the final game.
  13. Yes, bugs will still be present. Thats what EA is for, testing, wipe, testing, wipe, etc, till release. If they were to wipe post release, then there could be doom and gloom. The number of bugs and exploits they have quashed since release will make this feel totally different this time. What will be fun is people bypassing lawless islands since they dont have alphas on them anymore and alphas were prime levelling tool.
  14. I absolutely refuse to believe that people are so naive that they thought there would not be multiple wipes throughout early access. Its a two year development process. You knew this when signing up. Demanding no wipes, demanding increased rates post wipe, all of it, just stop. This is part of the development and testing process. If it is 10x after every wipe, there is no testing of levelling rates. If you cant handle this, wait for 2 years for launch and then you get to be amazed at what will feel like a totally different game by then.
  15. Wow, you guys bitching about nothing left to do, just wow. 1) Its in development, it has 20 more months to release 2) There are TONS of private servers that are radically different than the official gam 3) Try a RP server, just a HUGE blast when its not all about the pew pew pew
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