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  1. archaegeo

    How to reduce the advantages attackers have.

    Read his post again. As long as your online.... Thats the issue, not profiles or anything else, its offline raiding, it was even addressed in the notes today. yeah, attacking with superior numbers always smart, but when defenders are asleep and cant even get on to defend, it doesnt matter what profile you have loaded if such a thing existed. If # defenders = # attackers, then yes, defenders have a big advantage right now, but that almost never happens
  2. Yes they do want that, and its good. The highest tier gear should be very hard to get and costly to repair, that way you choose to use it, not everyone must have it to "win" Legendary gear, upgraded, is really good. Mythical is for min-maxers with slaves to get them mythos and other ingredients. But even then, mythos is easy to get if you go hunting for it.
  3. archaegeo

    Cyclones now, just really?

    Most people dont know how to sail properly, they are always 100% sails and always full speed sails Even before the change i never got hit by the actual cyclones, they were an annoyance, and thats it, this change is excellent. Drop your sails some to turn faster, keep attention on the changing wind and changing heading, you can slip through them easily, especially if you bother to have a handling sail so that when close on the wind you still get more motion.
  4. archaegeo

    This is not fun!

    Sneak 3 makes taming so much easier, but noone wants to use it. I solo tame bears all the time without a trap, just get up high and shoot em till they go down, use honey and sneak 3 (not really needed on bears but helps), and then right before they wake up run off and shoot them as they break and bolo again.
  5. Necro'ing this a little for new folks
  6. archaegeo

    Wiki link tab

    Retrain your muscles, sheesh If they put it second to last someone would be griping then too.
  7. archaegeo

    Bear still blocked, nobody cares since days...

    You need to submit a support ticket, you know, the process the support team uses to make sure they get to each person in order of their problems and their severity.
  8. Yeah, ocean water freezes at around -2c, so im completely baffled how its -52c down deep.
  9. They have to do something. I hate em.
  10. There is a different between being creative and ships that have 45 cannons all one one side on platforms built above deck.
  11. Ships in Atlas are just getting more and more ugly, and as a matter of fact, unseaworthy. Some of the ships we see going out would "turtle" (roll upside down) at the first strong wind. Others would move at a snails pace due to the surface area being presented to the wind above the deck line. Yes, its awesome we can build interesting designs, but lets keep that to cabins and below deck, not these god awful monstrosities we see on the sea now that would never sail in real life given the technology of the time. At least penalize folks if they want to build a wall 3 high of 30 large cannons all on one side of the ship, all well above the water line.
  12. I dont know of anyone who doesnt hate the current cyclone mechanic. It is not exciting, it is not even dangerous if you choose to play it, its just tedious, and its every single time it rains. There should 100% just be normal big wave storms that reduce visibility, maybe do the cold thing, but most of all, just rain at sea. Suggested fix: Cyclones should be their own uncommon weather event that wanders across a grid and is visible from a long distance. You can choose to sail around them, or if you choose to go through them, then you have to be repairing the entire time you are inside the system.
  13. Just because people provide feedback doesnt mean the devs will implement it if its not part of their vision or if they dont think its balanced. Yet as soon as someones feedback isnt accepted, they stop giving feedback and rage at the devs. Thats not being a good tester
  14. Expressive is only good if its constructive. This sucks, its killing the game, I quit, is expressive, but it helps absolutely noone. A post about: It takes me X min to make 10 stone foundations and Y cannonballs to go through 1 stone foundation, compared to Z min to make 10 wood foundations and W cannonballs to go through it. That would be an expressive post, with numbers to support any reason to remove or alter the change.